10 Reasons Why You Cough When You Take a Deep Breath


Often, conditions like cough and cold are taken for granted by the people as they are considered to be the most normal illness.

But many times you may wonder why you get a sudden cough when you try to take a deep breath.

The cough may be a reason for acute bronchitis. To know more information about it read further.

Why Do I Cough When I Take A Deep Breath
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Acute Bronchitis: Causes, Symptoms, and Treatment

Acute bronchitis is a kind of regular cold, it is very likely to happen in transitional weather which leads to a weakened immune system. Why do I cough when I take a deep breath? It may be a sign of Acute bronchitis which starts with a cold cough which in a while turns out to be a wet cough.

When the airways of the lungs get inflamed and swollen, the lungs start producing mucus, this condition causes a barrier in the airways and leads to breathing difficulty and cough, which is called acute bronchitis.

Top Causes

One of the most common reasons for acute bronchitis is the bacterial attack. If your immune system is not strong enough to tackle the various bacteria, then it would be harmful to your body as you can get sick easily, and get affected by these bacteria very easily.

Why Do I Cough When I Take A Deep Breath
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Feeling exhausted and fatigued, the feeling of tiredness throughout the body without even much action, coughing and wheezing (with or without mucus), inflammation in the chest, sorry throat, mild headache and body ache, are some symptoms of acute bronchitis.

Without taking any medicine, first you should talk to your doctor about your condition as you can get a precise medication after your checkup.

Symptoms of a Dry Cough

Many times, when you feel like something has stuck in your throat, you try to clear your throat by coughing, which may cause irritation to your throat and airways.

This can lead to a vulnerable condition of dry cough. Although, apart from cold there are other reasons also for a dry cough, as smog, pollution or even sometimes breathing through the mouth can cause the dry cough situation.

In dry cough, a person may suffer chest pain, inflammation, and pain in the throat as the air passage has been swollen.

A person with a dry cough may feel something tickling like a sensation in the throat which may cause them to try to forcefully expel the air through coughing. It may further irritate your throat.

Can a Dry Cough be a Sign of a serious health problem? 

Why Do I Cough When I Take A Deep Breath
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A dry cough may be a consequence of some allergy or bacteria of normal flu and common cold, but there is also a possibility for higher risks of a cough. It may be a sign of more serious and grave health issues than flu, or allergy.

Asthma, heart issues, lung cancer, lung infections, tuberculosis, COVID-19, and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease are some of the most dangerous serious chronic health problems, and dry cough may be a sign of one of them.

You should seek medical assistance and be sure about the actual condition behind your dry cough, don’t take it normally.

Typical Symptoms

These types of typical symptoms may result in a normal cough and condition of cold and flu, the infection occurs after a short span of time.

The cough may seem to become dry in the initial stages and then it may become a productive cough and produce mucus. It can last up to 1 to 2 days to a week, depending on the severity of the situation, and may become a productive cough.

Other symptoms that can be seen are changing colors of the mucus from white to yellow. The cough also may be an indication of a functioning immune system towards the bacteria or pollution that you inhale through nasal passages.

In some serious health conditions you may feel trouble breathing, constant unexplained cough, sudden shortness of breath, chest tightness, high fever, and in severe cases there may be heart failure.

Home Care Tips

Some home care tips can be added to your aid at home by self care.

But it doesn’t mean that you should ignore your symptoms and rely too much on home care tips, you should check your doctor for a precise treatment.

One can get a humidifier to release the tightness of mucus, ginger tea and dark honey are both together work like magic as they are considered to be natural remedy for cough and immunity booster in ayurveda, it will help you feel better faster and might also help you in relief of upper respiratory tract infections.

If you are getting concerned over why do I cough when I take a deep breath and you get headaches or difficulty breathing, take immediate medical help.

Symptoms of Bronchitis

One of the most primary symptoms of acute bronchitis usually include coughs that may cause yellowish grey or green colored mucus in the respiratory tract. In the case of bronchitis it may cause some common colds and sinus infections. On some occasions coughing can lead to a sore throat.

Why Do I Cough When I Take A Deep Breath
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Symptoms of an inflammatory airway include shortness of breath, wheezing and chest pain. Often the problem occurs with long-term bronchitis also known as chronic bronchitis which in nature may be more harmful as a respiratory illness than acute bronchitis. It can also cause chronic coughs.

Treatment with Antibiotics

But there are many failures of the use of antibiotics for chronic respiratory infections.

Many times it has been seen that the condition due to bacterial infections doesn’t not get sorted by antibiotic medicines as it is many times unable to tackle bacterial infections.

However, it may help you in severe bronchitis with pneumonia, in that case you should seek antibiotic treatment but only with the recommendation of your doctor.

This could be because chronic bronchitis could develop into pneumonia and antibiotic therapy would be effective in tackling it.

Beware of Cough Medicines

Take cough syrup or medicine you should know that there are no studies which claim the benefits or dangers of coughing medication.

The MHRA (The Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency) regulates the prescription of coughing medicines for the underaged children, and there are certain age limits over the prescription of these medications.

Why Do I Cough When I Take A Deep Breath
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Children under the age of 6-12 should use these medications only after consultation with their doctors. In a mild condition try to take some home care tips along with medicines.

The honey and lemon blend may help to relieve your sore throat and reduce the inflammation that causes your cough.

Viral and Bacterial Infections

The viral and bacterial infections usually caused by viruses, corona virus is one of the most common examples which we have seen so far.

The problem occurs many times when it comes from bacterial agents as some bacteria gain immunity against antibiotics then the medicine doesn’t work on them.

In most cases, bronchitis occurs because viruses cause common colds and influenza.

The spreading of viruses and bacterias is very easy as they are invisible to our eyes but they are always present around us.

Whenever one sneezes or coughs, there would be a huge amount of bacteria coming through the millions of small droplets.

The droppings usually reach around 2-6 meters, therefore social distancing and mask is must to wear.

They remain in the atmosphere for some time before landing on the surface, and the virus can survive upto for 24 hours.

Touching the surface may also spread the virus, so try to not touch or sanitize your hands regularly after touching an object.

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Symptoms and Treatment

Acute bronchitis has the same symptoms in children and adults irrespective of their age.

Therefore treatment for all also has the same traits. It is suggested that children to drink plenty of water and rest during the night along with the regular medication, as it will help in self healing of the body.

You should never give any OTC drugs or medicine to children under the age of 6 before the suggestion of your doctor.

Can Colds, Flu, and COVID-19 Become a Cause of a Dry Cough?

Why Do I Cough When I Take A Deep Breath
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Common Colds and flu usually can cause dry coughing during illness. In many cases even after recovery dry coughing may remain for some days as it will indicate the working of the immune system.

It takes some time to get proper relief from  stinging and sore throat.

It is possible your throat is tickling or coughing because it has become sensitive because of constant coughing. Most COVID-19 patients suffer dry coughing as it is one the primary symptoms of COVID 19 disease.

In this case the immediate medical help would be necessary and you should better take all the precautions of social distancing and quarantine so that you may not spread it.


Cough may be a normal condition of common cold, flu or allergy but the COVID 19 era has changed our perspective towards it.

As it may be a sign of more serious health issues like chronic bronchitis, asthma or other health problems. If one faces such issues of constant coughing you should better consult your doctor.

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