Does Wearing A Bra Cause Sagging? – 6 Useful Bra Styles

Sexual parts are pretty interesting, as they need the most delicate care out of all other body parts. A bra is one of those clothes that a woman wears to have a perfect breast structure. Breasts are one of the most attractive parts of a woman, which can make them look attractive and also sexually appealing. To have good breasts, women do a lot of things and also follow a lot of physical tactics.

But what decides the breast movement is more contextual than just some regular ways of holding them up. The breast size and shape can vary from person to person, but the breast sagging can be prevented with some easy steps.

1. What Is Breast Sagging?

When a woman steps into her adolescence period, she goes through breast development, which starts very subtly and slowly. The breast shape of young women depends on their genetic issues and their health structure.

does wearing a bra cause sagging
A Women in her Bra. By 5022467 / Pixabay. Copyright 2024.

If you have a good gene from your parents of great secondary sexual character, then there are higher chances of you having larger breasts. However, after a certain period, when your breasts are properly elongated, then comes the process of protecting them for a better look.

This is when you see breast sagging, which becomes a very common part of the change in breast appearance. Most women experience saggy breasts when they start getting older, but when you have larger breasts, then at a very young age, you may also witness the same.

1.1 Women Dislike Saggy Breasts

Although this is a very natural process that every woman goes through, women still do not want to have saggy breasts. The medical term for this very natural process of breast sagging is called breast ptosis, which can be studied with breast health.

This is why it is recommended to wear a bra mostly when possible to minimize breast movement. Different types of bras are available to prevent breast movement like sports, supportive, lounge, etc.

Having all the misconceptions that do not affect breast sagging, some ways can prevent sagging breasts. They not only prevent breast sagging but also improve breast health altogether.

1.1.1 Managing Weight Fluctuations

Although this may sound a little weird and out of context, the weight also affects a lot on the sagging of breasts. The muscles beneath the breast are affected by weight fluctuations, which is one of the factors that causes the sagging of the breast.

So, when following this, you do not have to lose weight or even gain weight; instead, you just need to keep it consistent. Keeping your weight consistent at a very healthy level helps keep your breasts in good posture.

If one woman follows this for a more extended period of time regularly and keeps wearing a bra for a long day, it can prevent breast sagging and make breasts firmer.

1.1.2 Wearing A Well-fitting and Comfortable Bra

Being braless does feel quite satisfying, but being braless for a more extended period of time, especially while traveling, can make the breasts sag. While you are working out or even jogging, wearing a bra becomes necessary for large breasts.

Wearing a bra prevents sagging and provides proper support for an extended period. During this, a sports bra works the best and provides an ample amount of support, which helps reduce breast motion.

how important is a comfortable bra
Woman showcasing a Bra. By KlausHausmann / Pixabay. Copyright 2023.

Women’s health experts recommend that if you are not wearing a bra, regular breast motion can cause your breasts to sag and lead to stretch marks. When you stop working out, wearing sports bras is unnecessary. Instead, a supportive bra can be perfect for regular use.

It is also necessary to wear the perfect-sized bra that fits you, as the wrong size bra can affect you very negatively and can also be the reason for the pain in your breasts.

1.1.3 Smoking Affects Breast Health

Smoking is a pretty cool process that not only men but also women are quite acquainted with. We all know that smoking affects the lungs and also creates a lot of health issues.

But very few are aware that smoking can also accelerate the ageing process, which affects your breast health. This gradually helps in the aging of the tissues, which also includes the ligaments of the breasts, and due to this, the breast can also lose their firmness.

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The sagginess returns when these tissues start losing their firmness, and the breast tissue is responsible for this unnatural development. In our skin, a protein named Elastin helps keep the skin supple, but smoking destroys it, making it look aged.

So, if you are an active smoker and you have saggy breasts, then there are chances it could be your smoking which is affecting the process. Hence, it is better to quit smoking for a few days, which can have a positive impact on your breast health.

1.1.4 Doing A Pectoral Muscle Workout

The pectoral muscle is present underneath the breast, as the breast does not carry any muscle of itself. Working out on these muscles helps give a natural lift to your breast, which can also provide you with a perfect-sized breast.

2. Can Someone Fix Saggy Breasts?

Saggy breast is something that no woman wants to have or do, even when it happens naturally with time. Breasts are not only some secondary sexual organs of a woman, but they are also one of those body organs that help in making the look of a woman very attractive.

So, due to a certain reason, when a woman starts having saggy breasts, then she starts dreaming of this idea, if she can reverse these sagging breasts. There are ways like plastic surgery or so which can make your breasts shape very stern and erect, but they are very costly sometimes.

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But if you get your breasts a proper massage every day, and have a healthy lifestyle, being maintained for a longer period, then it can give some positive results. Doing so for a week, you can find some positive results which can make you believe that your breasts can truly be firm again.

2.1 How Bra Protects Your Breasts?

In this process, wearing a bra plays a vital role as the bra helps connective tissue to be its place and the chest area remains quite preserved.

Wearing a bra prevents sagging and makes you feel comfortable if you have larger breasts. Wearing a supportive bra also helps in the chest presses, which can be truly affected by being braless.

During pregnancy also, most of the women are braless, and this is the reason why the breasts start sagging more during this time. While breastfeeding, the muscles around the breasts start loosening making the process too harsh to go through.

3. Best Bra Styles for Sagging Breasts

Through intensive research, we have found that wearing a bra does not cause sagging; rather, it prevents sagging breasts. However, there are also certain ways to prevent earlier sagging of breasts.

This issue can be resolved by wearing different types of bras when going through different situations. Your level of sagging makes you follow the type of bra you need to wear at that time.

3.1 Support Bras

Supportive bras also known as back support bras, are generally designed to improve the sitting posture. This also helps you distribute the breast tissue, which gradually alleviates the back pain, and through this, you can relieve the breast sagging.

Helping prevent bra sagging
A woman wearing Support Bra. By Craventure Media / Unsplash. Copyright 2024.

Although they do become the necessary support for your breasts, they do not protect you from sagging breasts directly. But when your back is stressless and you have a better weight balance, your bust will also improve.

Wearing a supportive bra also relaxes your breasts and gives you comfort in your chest area.

3.2 Padded Bras

Padded bras generally have thicker fabric and extra padding, which makes them the best choice for sagging breasts. Using these bras helps minimize the appearance of sagging and gives your breasts a perkier finish.

Sometimes the cups of the padded bras are molded in such a manner to give comfort to your breasts. But during this, you must ensure that the shape is formed in the natural shape of your breasts, which can help comfort you.

3.3 Underwire Bras

Underwire bras are designed in such a manner that they can make you feel comfortable with the underwire at the bottom of the cup. This wired bra anchors the shape, making you feel more perfect and giving your breasts a better and rounded shape.

If you are very disheartened with the size of your breasts, then there comes the wired bra with some extra padded cups, which can help you with that. It naturally gives a stern look to your breasts and makes your breasts look quite pushed and big enough.

3.4 Strapless Bra

Sometimes, the straps in your bra cause pain in your shoulders and chest area. If you are facing a similar issue, it is necessary and better for you to wear a strapless bra, which can prevent your sagginess and give you enough comfort.


Women’s health experts also suggest that if you are facing any pain in your chest area, then it is better to opt for strapless bras. Strapless bras also give a modern and gorgeous look when you wear them with strapless dresses.

3.5 Balconette Bra

Although every woman does have their breast tissue connected in the middle, near the nipple, some do have their breast tissue connected in the bottom. For these women, wearing the balconette bra is the best option to choose from others.

Unlike regular bras, this type of bra’s cup does not cover the whole breast; rather, the cup size is a little smaller. The cup mainly focuses on the bottom part of the breast, and the straps are also widely spaced.

3.6 Full Coverage Bras

Women who have relatively bigger breasts and start witnessing sagging of breasts initially should enjoy wearing full-coverage bras. These kinds of bras have the widest cups, ensuring you are comfortable with the whole coverage and get a better fit.

The best part about the full-coverage bras is that they provide the needed extra support to the breasts, which you need in a formal situation. This gives you a professional look, with a stern breast size, and takes away the sagginess from your breasts.

The lift of the bust gets better with this bra, and the coverage area ensures neither side of your breast experiences the fall of the breast muscle.

4. Importance of Healthy Breasts

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Just like any other body part, breasts are also a part of the human body, and they play an important role in sexual development. Although it is not necessary every time to keep the breast health intact, still having good breasts and not letting them sag is good to take care of.

5. Conclusion

With everything said and done, breasts are a very attractive part of a woman’s body, which helps in making a woman look bold and beautiful. But when this part falls apart, and the sagginess takes over, it becomes necessary to handle things better. There are a lot of methods which are available at present through which you can make your breasts look way finer.

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