Should You Workout on The First Day of Your Period?

The menstrual period cycle is a monthly hindrance to every woman. It hampers their everyday life activities and pushes them through an emotional rollercoaster. And it leaves them with the thought of whether they should workout during their period.

In this article, we will give a detailed guide on which exercises to avoid and greenlight the ones you can do.

During these few days, you may think that the best possible thing to do is just lay in the bed with a hot water bag or roll around the bed. But surprisingly. a fitness check is what you should really look forward to during this time.

A light fitness check can actually help with period symptoms, reducing cramps, improving moods, regularise period cycle, and a healthy energy and a better period cycle

should i workout on the first day of my period
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1. Is It Necessary to Consult a Doctor?

Even though there are no scientific reasons to stop exercising during this period, it is always wise to consult your doctor, especially if you have any medical problems.

Also, it is wise to check with your doctor if the intensity of your symptoms increases to an unbearable level after working out.

2. Period Symptoms

2.1. Period Cramps

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Period cramps are the most common symptoms of the menstrual cycle. The cramps can start in the PMS phase (pre-menstrual symptoms) and last until the last day of the period. The intensity of the cramps can range from mild aches to extreme, painful cramps, which can result in a break from your daily activities.

The cramps are felt in the lower abdomen and spread around the lower back and upper thighs. The cramps are caused by uterine contractions, which help shed the inner lining of the uterus (endometrium) when a pregnancy doesn’t take place.

2.2. Tender Breast 

These symptoms can be different for every individual; some may feel tender and sensitive breasts, while others may feel heavy, which can cause extreme discomfort.

2.3. Fatigue 

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During periods, the hormones are shifted and messed up pretty badly, which can lead to mood swings and tiredness. Some can also face a lack of sleep because of other symptoms that can lead to extreme fatigue.

2.4. Mood Swings

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Feeling cranky, snappy, or sensitive before the beginning of your cycle or during your cycle is a common symptom. The period hormones can cause the body to undergo a lot of hormonal clashes and changes, which can lead to emotional rollercoasters.

2.5. Lower Back Pain

women suffering from period back pain
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The uterus contractions that cause the abdominal cramps can also cause extreme lower back pain, and some may also feel a slight discomfort in their lower back.

2.6. Bowel Issues

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During the menstrual cycle, the intensity of the gas in the stomach increases because of the rising hormone changes, which can cause a lot of bowel issues like constipation, loss of motion, and other bowel issues.

3. Why Should You Workout on The First Day of Your Period?

Yes you should and here are 5 reasons why

3.1. Helps with Period Cramps

While many people’s opinions suggest exercise during periods is a big no, it has been seen that mild and light exercise or yoga poses can actually relieve period cramps. Light exercise can improve blood circulation and flow.

3.2. Helps with Pre-Menstrual Syndrome

PMS is a bothersome hindrance in every month of a woman’s life; it doesn’t only affect her physically with Bowels issues, cramps, headaches, and lower back pain but also affects the mental condition with an emotional rollercoaster of hormone changes, which can lead to sensitive emotions, snappiness, concentration issues, and sleep disturbance.

Exercise can help you deal with these; some light exercise can help with period cramps, and it can also be a major help in dealing with fatigue and depression.

3.3. Regularise the Period Cycle

Irregular period cycles are very common, and they can bring many difficulties on important occasions. Exercise during the period and on a regular basis can help maintain a regular period cycle. Light aerobic exercise can be a good solution for this.

3.4. Energies

Feeling low and fatigued during menstruation is very common. Sometimes it gets even difficult to get out of bed, which leaves a bad impact on important work being missed. Exercise or yoga during menstruation can be an energy booster.

Light exercise and yoga can help relax your muscles, which makes your muscles release more energy and leads to a day filled with energy that is different from the depressing raincheck days of your periods.

3.5. Mood Booster

During menstruation, the hormones change at a rapid speed, which causes a rollercoaster of emotions. Exercise during menstruation can help your hormones balance by controlling the cortisol in the blood. Some light exercise can make you feel refreshed and also improve your mood if you are feeling depressed, aggressive, cranky, or grumpy.

4. Best Exercises You Can Try out During Your Period

During the month of the cycle, it is hard to get out of bed, let alone think about hitting the gym or doing yoga poses, but squeezing a few minutes into your routine can actually help you during your period. However, it is important to note that only a few specific exercises and yoga poses are good for your period.

4.1. Walking 

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One of the most simple and basic exercises, walking during your period, can be a great help. This light, low-intensity aerobic exercise can improve your lungs, burn calories, and also refresh your mood for a better day. So just lace up your sneakers and plug in your headphones for a light stroll in your favourite park.

4.2. Swimming

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This aerobic exercise is not a favorite for many, as getting drenched in water in your most irritable moment is not a very desirable wish. However, studies have proven that swimming is the most gentle and relaxing exercise you can do during your period.

4.3. Yoga 

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One of the most therapeutic and effective moves Yoga can uplift your moods and relieve cramps just in a few positions and breathing without any jumping or outdoor activities. It has been scientifically proven that yoga is the most effective exercise for mood lifting and relaxation.

Some effective yoga poses during periods are

4.3.1. Cobra Pose 

a women doing cobra
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4.3.2. Cat-To-Cow Pose

a women doing cat cow pose
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4.3.3. Fish Pose 

a women doing fish pose
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4.4. Dancing

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Nothing is better than shaking your hips to your favorite music, but what’s better is gaining benefits from your fun activity. Dancing can burn extra calories and also set your mood in a better place. So just blast your favorite music and shake the mood swings away.

4.5. Stretching 

a women doing gentle stretching
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If your period pain is unbearable and it stops you from getting out of bed, you can easily just sit on the bed and stretch your muscles with a few deep breaths and gentle movements. This can help the circulation of your muscles and distract you from your damped moods.

4.6. Pilates 

women doing pilates
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Pilates can be a good exercise during your period as it targets a specific set of muscles without straining your whole body. You can also set the intensity of your workout with Pilates. Pilates is good during this period, as it not only helps you relax and stay healthy but also focuses on core strength.

5. Things You Should Take a Raincheck on When You’re on Your Period

Just like certain exercises are beneficial and should be practiced during your period, there are certain exercises that you should definitely avoid during your period.

5.1. Exercise for A Long, Set Time.

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Exercise during your period should be a therapeutic move for you, not a chore you should force yourself into. While exercising for a long set time during normal times of the month, you should definitely remember to forget the routine during your cycle and only focus on your body’s endurance language.

5.2. Hit or Weight Lifting

a women lifting weights
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You should definitely avoid a high-intensity workout during your period, especially on the first few days. It can do some serious damage to your bike.

Weightlifting or any strenuous activity that can have a serious negative impact on your body is best done without messing with your cycle.

5.3. Listen to Your Body, Not Your Routine.

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Even though it is beneficial to exercise during your period, there is no such thing as a requirement that you do it. If your body is feeling extreme fatigue, cramps, or bowel issues, it is better to listen to your body and not force yourself into doing anything that increases your discomfort.

However, always remember that everyone’s symptoms, body, and energy levels are different, and it is always wise to listen to your own body rather than anyone else’s.

6. Conclusion

Exercise during periods is normal, but it is always good to take some measures and listen to your body. While working out with some light aerobic exercise can be beneficial and completely normal, it is always good to consult with your doctor once in a while.

It should also be noted that while light, low-intensity exercise can regularise periods, overexercise can lead to irregular periods, and it is best to stick to the basics till your cycle ends.

Always remember that everyone’s bodies are different; their energy, structure, and endurance levels are also different, along with the symptoms of their periods, and it is always best to listen to your body first.


7.1. Is It Good to Exercise on Your First Period Day?

It is better if you listen to your body, you can try some light exercise without straining or tiring yourself to help ease pain.

7.2. What Exercises Should Be Avoided During Periods?

Strenuous high-intensity cardio and weight lifting should be avoided.

7.3. What Is the Best Time During Periods to Work Out?

Exercise during the morning after some light carb-filled breakfast.

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