5 Exercises To Stretch Biceps

Bicep stretches are a great way to relax your muscles and keep them flexible. Well if you are someone who concentrates on your upper body workout. Then stretching your biceps is a key thing to do. It will help you with increasing your range of motion and upper body strength. But how to stretch your biceps?

It doesn’t matter if you are warming up before a workout or cooling down. Bicep stretches are a great way to improve your muscle fibers and relax muscle soreness.

how to stretch biceps
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1. Introduction

It is really important to take care of your body while working out. It is not just about doing the workouts properly, but you need to take care of the muscles too. Especially when you are dealing with biceps it is important to stretch your biceps to keep yourself healthy.

While you are doing these stretches you will find the breaking point as in what is the absolute limit up to which you can push yourself and when to stop. The bicep stretches will help you to stay calm and relax from the activities in which you are engaged in.

2. How To Stretch Biceps

There are a lot of stretches that are done by fitness enthusiasts and trainers to take care of their biceps. But you should be really careful while stretching your biceps. Because if you do it wrongly, there is a risk of injury.

Before seeing all the exercises remember to do a gentle warm-up to make sure you are fit in place. And if you have any pre-existing conditions or injuries please consult with a professional before starting any stretching program.

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2.1 Standing Biceps Stretch

For this stretching exercise, you must stand straight and keep your legs parallel to your shoulder width. Now take both of your hands to your backside, interlace it, and try to raise your arms as high as you can.

Now when you do this you will feel a stretch in your biceps, shoulders as well as chest. This is a three-in-one stretching exercise. Do this for up to 1 min until you feel a stretch in your biceps.

Three sets of this do good for you.

Pro tip: Make sure your shoulders don’t go forward as you move your arms back.

Standing Bicep Stretch

2.2 Seated Biceps Stretch

For this exercise, you need to sit on the floor, and keep your knees bent and your feet flat on the floor. This is similar to the one above but seated biceps stretch one needs a little more arm extension.

Move your butt forwards and try to touch the back of your feet. By doing this you are not only giving stretch for your biceps, but also your shoulder and chest. If you anchor this workout properly, then you can really control and progress your bicep stretches.

Hold the position for a minimum of 30 seconds to feel the stretch.

Pro tip: Anchor your neck, spine, and head in a straight line.

How To Do Seated Bicep Stretch | Stretching Demo

2.3 Wall Biceps Stretch

Wall biceps stretch will help you tune different parts of the bicep to stretch as you can change the position of the hand. To do this stretch, you must stand next to the wall and place your palm against it. If you now move one side of your body away from the wall you can feel a stretch both in your bicep and shoulder.

Keep your feet shoulder-width apart during the stretch. Make sure that your hands are straight and not bent. Now continue this for 30 seconds and return to the starting position. After this switch sides to stretch the other hand.

Alternate way: Keep your body close to the wall and your hands sideways attached to the wall which can give you stretch in the upper arm.

Pro tip: Keep your body and axle straight for maximum stretch effect.

How To Do Wall Bicep Stretch | Stretching Demo

2.4 Doorway Biceps Stretch

This stretching exercise will help you make you activate your biceps brachii. For this, you need to stand beside the doorway and place your hand on the door frame at shoulder height. Keep your body away from the door and arms straight.

Bend your front knee a little bit to create balance in your body while stretching and make your upper body straight.

Hold this position for 30 seconds and change the side.

Pro tip: Don’t keep the legs parallel. Keep it front and back.

Flexibility: standing bicep stretch using doorway

2.5 Horizontal Arm Extensions

You can do this exercise in a sitting or standing position. This horizontal arm extension will help your upper arm and cultivate biceps. If you are in a standing position, make sure your legs are shoulder-width apart.

Extend your arms sideways and pull your arm outwards to feel a stretch. This will loosen your tight biceps. Its main function is to create elbow flexion and supination of forearms.

Hold for 30 seconds and do 3 sets a day. Gradually increase your set count as you progress in building bicep muscles.

Pro tip: Keep your thumbs down as the palms facing sideways behind you.

How To Do Horizontal Arm Extensions | Stretching Demo

3. Why Bicep Stretches Is Necessary?

Biceps stretch is really important to cultivate a good upper body, and reduce pain and muscle tightness.

The stretches can make your workout safer and effectively reduce the chance of developing delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS).

This not only helps recover sore muscles but also improves blood flow, shoulder blades and range of motion.

Bicep stretch makes you get lost in your own world of relaxation and relief.

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4. Conclusion

Making these biceps stretches a daily routine helps to groom your muscle fibers and improve your muscles. To make this more effective try to do a combination of static and dynamic stretches. Static and dynamic stretching is a really nice way to work your joint muscles.

With the side extensions, even overhead extensions will target the latissimus dorsi which also helps to work your shoulders. By doing these bicep stretches, you are following the exercise discipline that many people lack. Just concentrating on lifting weights would not do any good for your muscles or biceps.

This is also simple since it doesn’t require any equipment to stretch. Be on a flat surface and make sure you take it slow.

Important Note: If you have any injury complaints, please consult a medical professional before engaging in this activity.

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