8 Best Stretching Exercises to Make You Taller

Fitness has been used as a synonym for exercise, it is believed that every exercise one does has some good effect on their body and even the impossible thing can become possible.

Height is genetic but it can also depend upon the surroundings that one has grown up, also many exercises are followed by people to increase their height and sometimes many other factors determine the height of a person.

1. Why is Stretching Important?

The Importance of Squeezing & Stretching the Muscle for Growth

Stretching is the base of every exercise, especially those activities that need intense strength of the people’s physical body without any use of equipment. For even playing sports or any kind of hard physical movement, one can see that before anything starts everyone is busy doing the stretching exercises.

Now why is stretching important and why do people do it? It is because the human body muscles are stiff and it may not have much flexibility that is why stretching is done to loosen up the muscles and increase their flexibility to be able to extend more without causing any harm to the body.

Stretching make you taller and is one of the important reasons why people love doing stretching exercises. Hanging on a rope or a metal rod attached to the ceiling that helps people stretch with both hands every day for a few minutes can help enhance their average height and it is one of the basic things people do to increase their height.

Stretching helps in moving the joints of the body in full motion, and one can easily do many physical activities, with low chances of injuries.

2. How Stretching Helps Your Body

The craze of exercise has emerged a lot in today’s time, for maintaining a good and healthy body one does so many exercises to stay fit.

The basic and foremost exercise that one can do at home or to start some major exercise is stretching exercises to make the body ready for ahead pressure.


Stretching is one of the easier exercises one can do at home easily without equipment. There is a belief among older people that the more stretching one does, the taller one gets.

The knees hip-width and the feet hip-width of an individual can also predict the average height. Stretching makes you taller if it continues for a long time, the person needs to do stretching every day.

Many stretching exercises help the person grow taller even just a few inches. Not only does stretching make you taller but also improves a person’s posture as well as increases flexibility.

Research isn’t definitive when it comes to proving that you can grow taller by stretching exercises. However, it definitely influences the height of the person based on their genetics and growth plates.

3. 5 Factors That Affect Height:

Several factors affect the height potential of a person and because of this factors largely determine how much the average height of the person will be.

3.1 DNA:

The most sensible and valid scientific evidence of height growth is because of the DNA one inherits from the older generation. More than 80% of an individual’s height depends upon their genetic composition.

3.2 Gender:

Another one of the important factors that affect height is the gender of the individual. Males are normally taller than females but the growth potential of females starts first at around the age of 12.5 years.

3.3 Growth Plates:

To grow taller the growth plates of an individual are a very important factor that affects height. In children and teens, a tissue area near the long bones determines the length of the bone structure and its shape.

3.4 Nutrition:

Nutrition also plays an important role in determining the height of the person. A healthy diet and rich foods in the growing teenage years definitely help shape a good posture and gain muscle that will affect the height potential.

3.5 Hormones:

There are several hormones in the body of an individual that also affect height and weight growth. There are thyroid hormones, growth hormones, and sex hormones that are released by the pituitary gland. If the growth of the hormones is stopped then the height of the person will likely have the same effect.

4. 8 Best Stretching Exercises to Increase Height

One can find so many stretching exercises to do and each one of them has some good effects on the body and height potential of the individual. The stretching levels start from easy then it goes to medium and then the hard level.

It’s a process that every individual needs to do daily to reach the desired flexibility. It takes time but it also has a long-lasting good effect on people’s bodies.

4.1 Bar Hanging:

The most basic and known exercise for increasing height by stretching is bar hanging which can be done easily at home without much effort. It is said that if a person stretches from upward with the help of the hands it definitely helps to stretch the whole body which in turn increases the height of the person.

The result of the bar hanging might not instantly happen as it takes quite a time but it is said to be effective.

Steps to Follow:

  • Stand in a straight line by putting both hands up.
  • Hold the bars with both hands.
  • Grip the bar with really pressure from both hands.
  • Lift the legs from the ground and control with both hands for a second or a minute depending upon the strength of the hands.
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4.2 Cobra Stretch:

The cobra stretch exercise is another answer to whether stretching makes you taller. Cobra stretches are done to not only enhance the height but also to loosen up the shoulder blades, neck, and collar bones.

It is one of the best yoga poses to enhance height and maintain a good posture with increased flexibility. It helps to increase the length of the spine which in turn makes the height of the person grow taller.

Steps to Follow:

  • On the yoga mat lie with both hands pressed on the mat on the chest side.
  • Try to keep the legs pressed to each other as lined as possible.
  • Then with the help of both hands try to lift the upper body upwards and look up to the ceiling by pressing the face in between the shoulders.
  • Do the repetition of the cobra stretch three to five times for 30 seconds without any breaks and breathe deeply.
  • Do it after the morning and at night for effective results.
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4.3 Side Stretch:

Side stretches are the best yoga pose to start with as it’s easy and many beginners find it comfortable to begin with.

Steps to Follow:

  • On the yoga mat stand straight with both hands and feet flat joined together in a straight line.
  • Lift the left hand over the head and bend the upper body as much as possible towards the right side by keeping the right hand on the stomach and both legs spread out.
  • Exactly follow the same on the other side.
  • Try to hold each stretch for about 10 seconds and do it in sets of 10 every day.

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4.4 Weight Lifting:

Other than stretching without equipment there are also weight-lifting exercises that help in increasing the height and improving it. Weight lifting and many other factors positively affect the height of the individual.

Steps to Follow:

  • Place the legs at a length from each other and arch down the lower body.
  • Grip the barbell with both hands and lower the body by putting the feet tight on the ground.
  • Then with the hands and feet strength, slowly lift the barbell as much as possible and balance the barbell over the head by standing straight on both feet.

Weight lifting exercise is one of the toughest to do and it takes a lot of time to reach the desired stage and a lot of practice as well.

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4.5 Squat Jump:

Squat Jump is one of the fun and enjoyable exercises. This jumping exercise not only helps to increase the height but also to make the joints and muscles of the body stronger.

In doing the squat jump exercise one needs quite a good stamina. So it helps people to increase their control on maintaining good stamina and it is one of the great ways to grow taller.

Steps to Follow:

  • Stand with a distance between both legs.
  • Bring both hands in front of the stomach and hold in in a fist way.
  • Then slowly bend down the upper body while keeping the hands in a fist.
  • Jump and squat down as much as possible depending upon the stamina.
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4.6 Dry Land Swimming:

Dry land swimming which is a synonym for swimming that takes place on land. Dry land swimming is a great way to help increase the height of an individual and to increase flexibility as well.

Steps to Follow:

  • Lay flat on the plain surface on the chest side with both legs and hands being straight.
  • Lift up the leg one after the other and keep the hands straight while imitating the position similar to swimming.
  • Dry land swimming is like swimming in water the difference is that it takes place on the land.

4.7 Hip Flexor Stretch:

Hip flexor stretches are one of the best ways to increase height as they come in many options depending on the levels one wants to try. Hip flexor stretch helps increase height while enhancing and making the hips and other body parts stronger and healthier.

Due to the enhancement of hips, it also helps in making progress to maintain a good height and a great posture.

Steps to Follow:

  • Keel on the ground with the left foot directly in front and the right foot behind the ground.
  • Then stretch towards the front by bending the right foot at 180 degrees behind and the left foot folds towards the body.
  • The hip flexor stretches should be held for 30 seconds and repeated as much as desired.
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4.8 Seated Forward Bend:

A seated forward bend is one of the easiest stretching exercises. The seated forward bend is that yoga post that stretches the entire back body of the person to help them to make them stronger and in good shape altogether.

Steps to Follow:

  • On the yoga mat sit with both legs straightened out in front.
  • Now slowly bend down the upper body towards the stretched legs.
  • Then bend down the elbows as they are touching the ground and touch the toes with the hands.
  •  Keep doing the exercise as much as possible and try to be in the position for 1 to 3 minutes before returning to the original position.
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5. Final Note

While doing any stretching the burning sensation after it proves that all the exercise one is doing is working. Exercises are those things that need to be handled with patience as it takes time to work on the body and it should be consistent.

Childhood growth matters the most because it’s the growing phase of every individual. So the nutrients to physical activities that take place in childhood contribute towards the height of the individual.

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