Easy Foot Care Tips to Get Your Partner to Notice Your Feet

Looking to try foot play but too shy to say anything? If so, upping your feet care regime can be a great solution. Making your feet more appealing can help catch your partner’s attention.

Studies show that 14.28% of the population has an interest in feet. With such a high percentage interested in feet, your significant other is more than likely to have a dormant interest in feet. Taking care of and improving your appendages can help awaken this attraction.

Do-At Home Tips to Improve Your Feet Hygiene 

Foot care treatments are expensive; getting them regularly can drain your income. But you don’t need to invest in costly regimes to get attractive feet. For example, following a simple, at-home routine like the following can get you to get results just as effectively.

Regular Cleaning

A good cleanse is the first step to getting attractive feet. Many people wear open-toed shoes and sandals during the workday. Such footwear allows dust and grime to collect. Letting this build-up is a bad idea as it can lead to 

  • Cracked soles
  • Dry, flaky feet
  • Patch looking toes

Moreover, dirty feet hinder proper moisturization. If your feet are unclean, they will also be unable to absorb the correct nutrients. Letting grime collect also leads to a rise in microbes. Such a situation can lead to fungal infections if left untreated. 

One of the best ways to avoid such situations is to keep your feet dry. If you want your feet to look attractive, you should never wear footwear over wet toes. Moreover, it would help if you were thorough with your cleansing. 

Many people tend to ignore their cuticles and the areas between their toes. Your foot care regimen should cover these neglected regions to ensure a great-looking pair. Additionally, it would help if you made it a point to wash your feet daily. A day outside allows uncountable microbes to collect. Therefore, your feet require a thorough wash before bed daily to eliminate these germs. 

When washing your feet, ensure you use warm water. Excessively hot will make your feet prune and cause them to age faster. You should use warm water and a cleansing soap/gel to wash your feet for the best results. 

Get a Good Scrub In

Let’s face it, sometimes, a cleanse isn’t enough to remove the dirt. Some grime demands a thorough scrubbing to get rid of them. Exfoliating your feet is also necessary as it aids in rejuvenation. In addition, scrubbing helps get rid of stubborn dirt. This process also helps eliminate dead skin cells and rough patches.

If you want your feet to be soft and youthful, you should opt for an exfoliating treatment. Most foot spas offer packages to help remove your dead skin cells. However, you can even opt for an at-home version of the same.

A DIY scrubbing treatment can be done with a few essential skin care tools like

  • Pumice
  • Exfoliating cream

An at-home scrubbing lets you target the rough skin around your heels more effectively. You can use the pumice to rid of the dead skin that accumulates here. 

Moisturize, Moisturize, Moisturize

Proper moisturization is one of the critical steps in getting attractive feet. Previously mentioned steps like cleansing and exfoliating could take a toll on your feet. These treatments can cause them to get dry and flaky. Without proper moisturization, your feet could end up looking worse than before.

Many people make the mistake of using moisturizers only during the winter. However, in contrast, your skin needs moisture all year long. Despite being tough, the areas on your soles, toes, and heels need proper care.

Thus moisturization is vital to avoid cracked heels and dry cuticles. When using your creams/lotions, you will want to ensure maximum absorption. Moreover, you should also use a product that suits your skin beast. 

The cotton sock method is one of the best ways to ensure 100% absorption. Foot moisturizing creams tend to evaporate after application. As a result, the lesser product is absorbed into the skin.

You can avoid such product -loss by putting on a pair of cotton socks over your freshly moisturized feet. Doing this will ensure that your feet retain the moisture. It would be best to moisturize your feet after a thorough exfoliating session for the best results. Your feet will be tender post-scrubbing and more ready to absorb the product.

Damage Control

The area around the feet is generally tougher than the rest of the body. This is because the skin here can take more exposure than your face or even your hands. However, even this area requires protection from time to time.

Therefore you need proper damage control unless you want your partner to notice your feet for the wrong reasons. For example, sunburn can lead to uneven skin tone. Such incidents can make your feet look unappealing. 

You must use the correct products to protect your feet against damage and exposure; this precaution is necessary if you use heels daily. This footwear can cause rough patches to develop quickly. Prolonged heel usage can also lead to the development of prominent veins in your legs. 

You can avoid these by wearing heels only when necessary. Additionally, your footwear should always fit perfectly. Ill-fitting shoes can cause blisters, scabs, and more to develop on your feet. Some of these can cause permanent scars. Moreover, the constant friction from these shoes can cause calluses. You may even suffer injuries like fractures and sprains from ill-fitting shoes. 

Try Nail Paint

Nail polishes are to feet what makeup is to the face. Using intricate or brightly colored varnishes will make your significant other pay attention to your feet. Moreover, you can also try different products to make your feer more appealing. For example, using henna to dye your feet with patterns can be a great option. These intricate patterns can make your partner pay more attention to your feet. 

However, you may be unsure about what patterns or designs to get. You can look up images from professional feet content sellers on Feet Finder for inspiration. 

Additionally, you need to use the right products when decorating your feet. Some nail paint may contain ingredients that damage your nails. Some may cause discoloration. Some products may even lead to allergic reactions in users. 

Before choosing your items, it is therefore recommended that you take a patch test. Simply run a bit of the product onto your bare skin before application. Doing so will reveal whether you are allergic to the substance or not. 


These small foot care steps can go a long way in increasing your feet’s appeal. And with more beautiful feet, your partner will be more likely to experiment with feet play, as per your design!

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