What Causes Large Pores on Your Face?

Are you tired of the large pores in your face? Well, everyone has these small holes in their skin, which can be seen clearly through a microscope.

Pores occur mostly in your chin, forehead, and nose. Each pore also has a hair follicle for hair growth. The pore is not a bad sign, it is the one that helps with skin breathing.

And that’s because our skin also needs to breathe like our body and pores help with this. When our body changes with the temperature, something is needed to cool down our body. Here, pores come into play.

The sweat that is released from our skin comes out through pores. All the unwanted dirt comes through pores and it cools down our body. However, having large pores is not a sign of healthy skin. In this article, we will see about the possible causes of large pores and some home remedies to cure it.

1. What Causes Large Pores?

1.1 Collagen Level

Collagen is a natural protein that is present in our body and bones. As you start to age, the collagen production in your skin will start to reduce. Due to this lower collagen level, you get scars, wrinkles, and fine lines. If the collagen level decreases, your skin loses its elasticity properties.

It is a property of the skin which allows the skin to recover from stretches. If your skin loses its property, then the pores in your face get enlarged. This results in enlarged pores.

1.2 Oily Skin

Open pores occur mostly in oily skin people. For people with oily skin, the oil glands will be naturally large. When oil is secreted from the enlarged oil gland, it results in larger pores.

Woman with oily face
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1.3 Large Pores in Clear Skin

Sometimes, people with clear skin also get large pores. The oil, impurities, and dead skin cells that accumulate in the pores will react and this results in pores enlargement. When oil and dirt accumulate on your face? This happens when you don’t wash your face properly. Wash your face regularly with normal or cold water to keep it fresh and healthy.

1.4 Popping Pimples

This is a big, unavoidable mistake that everyone makes at least once in their life. You will regret popping pimples in the future. When you pop or pinch the pimples, you create artificial large pores. Do you think that if you pop a pimple, it is going to disappear soon? Maybe, but the mark that is going to be left can be very difficult to cure. Let it go naturally.

What causes large pores?
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1.5 Sebum Secretion

In your face, you have lots of hair follicles, from which hair starts to grow. Hair follicles can easily accumulate dirt, and dust in your face that causes pimples, skin infections, and so on. The hair follicle contains an oil gland called a sebaceous gland. The excess oil that is released from these sebaceous glands causes large open pores.

1.6 Hormonal Changes

Your body doesn’t function the same at all ages. The hormonal changes in your body, not only change your voice or body structure, it also changes your skin. You get pimples, acne, and scars during hormonal changes. This will also cause large facial skin pores. As you cannot avoid or stop hormonal changes, the only way is to take care of your skin.

1.7 No Proper Skincare

The word skin care is not luxurious anymore. Everyone should start following a skincare routine that suits your skin. Do you know what happens when you don’t follow a skincare routine? When you don’t follow a skincare routine, the dirt and dead cells on your face will not get cleared and your skin will not get moisturized. This results in dull skin and hence results in clogged pores. Start using a good face wash that cleanses your skin well.

Choose a toner; I will suggest rosewater as it is the best natural toner. Pick a moisturizer according to the type of your skin. By following these three steps, you can see a glow in your face.

What Causes Large Pores? Woman Washing Her Face
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1.8 Poor Lifestyle

Large pores also occur due to poor lifestyle. When you don’t follow a healthy diet and eat foods with high hormones such as cheese, milk, and chocolate, you get large pores. You should give utmost importance to drinking water. If you miss it, your skin and body are going to get dehydrated. If you don’t get enough sleep and live under stress, you get large open pores.

1.9 Travelling

Imagine you are traveling on a bus or a flight. If you are not using a scarf or mask, or not applying sunscreen, dust and dirt can damage your skin. It easily settles in your skin and causes large pores. Always cover your face while you are traveling to keep your skin safe from damage.

1.10 Sleeping Without Washing Face

You may have attended a party or event. You just changed your dress and went to bed. This is uncomfortable and disturbing to hear.

The creams or simply the makeup you wear on your face cause pimples and pores overnight. Removing makeup and washing your face is very important before going to sleep. By doing this, it means you are also following a good skincare routine at night.

1.11 Genetic Reasons

Finally, the genetic basis of heredity also plays a major role here. If someone in your family has a large pore and you also have a large pore, there is a lot of chance you inherited the pore from them.

2. Home Remedies for Large Pores

Now after knowing the causes of large pores, let’s see some natural home remedies to minimize large pores.

2.1 Tomato

Take 1 tomato and then blend it in a mixer. Now apply this juice on your face for 30 minutes. After that, using cold water, you can wash your face. Tomato is rich in antioxidants as it controls the excess oil secretion from your face that causes large pores. It also contains anti-aging properties that increase the collagen level in your body.

Tomatoes slices
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2.2 Multani Mitti

Take Multani mitti (fuller’s earth) depending upon your need. Mix it with either water or tomato juice, which will be very effective. Allow this paste to rest on your face for 20 minutes. These ingredients will remove all the dead cells that cause enlarged facial pores.

2.3 Aloe Vera Gel

Aloe Vera gel is a gift for the face. Apply aloe vera gel on your face frequently as a moisturizer. This will clear your skin and give brightness to it. This will minimize your large pores.

Aloe Vera
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2.4 Banana

After eating the banana, don’t throw the peel. Take the peel and massage it in your face for 3 minutes, remember to wash your face before doing any remedy. This will help to minimize the pores and also remove the black spots from your face.

2.5 Cucumber

Take 2 tablespoons of gram flour and add 2 tablespoons of multani mitti. To this add 1 teaspoon of cucumber juice or as needed. After mixing this, apply it to your face and let it rest for 20 minutes. Cucumber will reduce the inflammation that is caused by the oil and dead cells. Gram flour fights acne and removes excess oil from your face.

Cucumber Slice
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2.6 Ice Cubes

Massaging ice cubes in your face will be a great option for pores. Take plain ice cubes or cubes made of cucumber juice or tomato juice. Place the ice cube inside a cloth or towel and massage it on your face. This can reduce excess oil on your face. But before following any remedy, make sure it suits your skin type. If you get any irritation, it’s better to avoid that ingredient and choose alternate options.

3. When to Consult a Doctor?

Sometimes large pores can worsen your face and home remedies can be unreactive. The large pores in your face can cause severe skin infections and problems. If nothing gives you a result, it is better to consult a doctor.

4. Final Words

So now I hope you have got an idea why you got a large pore or what are the reasons that can cause large pores. Large pores are not always a big concern. If you follow a good skincare routine and take care of yourself wherever you go, you can maintain healthy skin. At the same time, you should also take care of your body by sleeping at the correct time, drinking lots of water, and eating healthy foods. Follow these home remedies to minimize your pores and brighten your face.

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