Post-Sex Dilemma: Effective Home Strategies for Pregnancy Prevention

Sex is a natural process. Two bodies feel intimate, compassionate and wanted before or during sexual intercourse. If planned between couples, it often goes smoothly without anything messy. But there remains some risk when it goes unplanned, and couples forget protection. However, certain home remedies can help you avoid pregnancy after sex.

1. Unplanned Pregnancy

Unplanned pregnancy is a severe issue. Even if you have taken protection, there is still a very vague chance that your female partner might get pregnant. There are contraceptive methods to avoid pregnancy, but they either might not be practical or pose a threat to your health.

Unintentional pregnancy most happens among adolescents. They are the ones who are most prone to such pregnancies. But this issue is not only limited to the women or girls themselves. It also affects their families and society.

how to avoid pregnancy after sex home remedies
Pregnant Woman. By Pexels / Pixabay. Copyright 2023.

Unintended pregnancies mainly happen due to the failure of contraceptive devices, non-use of contraceptive devices and unconsented sexual intercourse or rape. If such pregnancies take place that are unintended, they pose a significant threat to the lives of the birth child and mother. This gives rise to attempt of abortion of the unborn child and the fetus.

In many cases, abortion remains the only option left to the woman. However medical abortions can have severe repercussions on a woman. It results in long-term health issues, including infertility and the mother’s death.

1.1 How a Woman Becomes Pregnant?

Generally, it is known to mankind that when a man and a woman have sexual intercourse it is expected that the woman would get pregnant. But it is not a hard and fast rule. As there often remain complications regarding the same.

During intercourse, a man ejaculates the semen inside the vagina of a woman. The semen or sperm then travels through the vagina and uterus till it reaches the egg. There only the sperm will fuse with the egg to form an embryo by which a woman becomes pregnant.

Couples often try the pull-out method to avoid pregnancy naturally, but it is not possible every time. The pull-out method needs focus and accuracy. A single drop of semen can result in an unwanted pregnancy. This withdrawal method to avoid pregnancy naturally is effective only when the intercourse is planned and executed properly.

Partners also use contraceptive methods to avoid pregnancy, but it is feasible all the time. As there is a very rare threat of any malfunction which can cause unintended pregnancy.

2. Avoid Unprotected Sex

Condomless sex is often regarded as unprotected sex. Generally, you can understand it as sexual intercourse without the use of protection or a condom. It can also be referred to as the failure of such protection such as slipping or tearing of a condom. Unprotected sex becomes a greater threat as it poses the danger of unwanted pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases as well.

Sexual Intercourse with a condom helps as a barrier method. It doesn’t allow the sperm to enter the vagina and makes them stay inside the rubber sheet. Nowadays condoms are available both for men and women.

3. Risks of Unprotected Sex

There are numerous risks concerning unprotected sex. Having sex without a condom is the main reason for unwanted pregnancies. Not using protection during intercourses also promotes STIs. STIs pose a threat to your life or lifelong ailment.

3.1 Pregnancy

There is always a risk of pregnancy hovering over you. Use of Condoms, birth control pills and other kinds of contraceptive methods. You can never rest in peace depending upon the withdrawal method or pull-out method, sexual position or menstrual cycle. Without the use of any kind of contraception methods, increases the odds of getting pregnant.

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3.2 Sexually Transmitted Diseases

Sexual Intercourse which is not done without any protection poses the biggest threat to your lives. This unprotected sex can cause STIs like HIV, AIDS, Gonorrhea, Genital Herpes, Chlamydia etc. There are more than 25 bacteria and viruses that cause these STIs.

The potential way of avoiding any kind of transmission is to abstain from indulging in unsafe sexual activity. If you do want to have sex, then go for condoms. Condoms are the most safe and effective method to avoid pregnancy and STIs.

Condoms are made from latex are the pores are too tiny for the sperm to pass through. But avoid using any kind of condom made up of lambskin or sheepskin. They have large pores through which the sperms can pass. The pore of a lambkin is 10 times larger than the diameter of the HIV. It is 25 times larger than the Hepatitis B virus.

According to a global report, 80 out of 100 cases of STIs are due to carelessness and non-use of Condoms. Thus, contraceptive devices like condoms must be used to avoid pregnancy and Sexually Transmitted Infections.

4. Steps to Follow After Unprotected Intercourse

There will always be a great amount of stress after having unprotected sex out of passion and love. But you don’t have to panic rather you should act mature and keep patience. By following the further steps, you may ensure that this unprotected intercourse doesn’t lead you to unwanted pregnancy.

4.1 Keep Calm and Make Out a Plan

Don’t let yourself panic rather first keep calm. First, you must become patient before overthinking or guilt sets in. Due to that, you might experience anxiety attacks which can worsen the case.

If possible, try to contact or get in touch with any doctor you know. Talking to them can help a lot as it can help you in deciding your future steps. You need to tell them everything thing that happened step by step. You also need to follow up they suggest at that moment.

4.2 Contraceptive Pills

So, if you had condomless sex then there are two options to prevent pregnancy. The two ways are Intra Uterine Devices and Contraceptive Pills.

Certain Intra intra-uterine devices can be inserted within five days after having sex without protection. These are considered to be safe contraceptive devices to avoid pregnancy.

Apart from that, an emergency contraceptive pill or morning-after pill is also considered to be a safe option. But there are also two types of morning-after pills. They are Ulipristal Acetate or Ella and Levonorgestrel.

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Ella or Ulipristal Acetate is considered to be one of the most effective and safest birth control pill. But you will need a prescription for it to avail. It must be consumed within 5 days of having intercourse but better be earlier to prevent pregnancy.

Levonorgestrel is another contraception pill that is highly recommended by the doctors. It must be consumed within 3 days of having unprotected sex. These pills don’t need a prescription to purchase them. They can easily be available at any drugstore or chemist.

5. What To Do Immediately After Sex to Prevent Pregnancy Naturally

Pregnancy is a dream come true for many couples who are planning for a family. But they must be ready to have an infant at home and with proper planning they must proceed.

When they are not ready unwanted pregnancy happens. Many female partners go for birth control pills or other family planning methods. But what happens is most of them skip their pills after having intercourse. And the remaining have sex without protection or a condom.

Females can use some home remedies to avoid pregnancy naturally after having condomless sex. These home remedies have always proved to be highly effective. But there is no 100% guarantee that it will prevent pregnancy.

5.1 Effectiveness of Natural Family Planning Methods

It is always important to know the effectiveness of a thing before diving into it. We must have proper knowledge regarding the effectiveness of these family planning methods.

It is usually believed that these natural family planning methods are not very reliable. They are not much accepted in comparison to the hormonal or barrier methods. But it is also said that if these natural methods are used properly then they can also prove to be most effective.

The WHAT and HOW of natural family planning

The effectiveness of these natural family planning methods varies from person to person. It heavily depends on various factors such as the consistency and circumstances of respective individuals. It is very important to choose a particular method that will suit your lifestyle and body.

So better be careful and have enough about your body and lifestyle. These natural methods require mindful monitoring to be safe or effective for you.

5.2 By Whom Natural Family Planning Method Be Used?

There is no hard and fast rule as to using a natural family planning method. Any individual belonging to any age group can use these methods. These natural methods mostly help those people who are allergic to synthetic hormones, and they act as an alternative. Apart from that any female having any kind of health issue which disallows any hormonal contraception can use it.

More importantly, it will mostly help married couples who planning for a family in the future. These natural methods are considered to be safe in such cases. However, it is highly recommended to consult with a medical practitioner or a natural family planning instructor regarding it. This helps in a better understanding of how to approach such methods.

6. Effective Natural Ways to Avoid Pregnancy at Home

6.1 Fertility Awareness Methods

6.1.1 Basal Body Temperature Method

The Basal Body Temperature Method helps in knowing the BB Temperature. Keeping track of Basal Body Temperature helps in knowing about the fertile days. During ovulation, the Basal Body Temperature of your body rises from 0.5 to 1 degrees Fahrenheit. This implies that you are no longer fertile.

Try to record your body temperature three times every day to find out when the ovulation occurs. Through these recordings over various menstrual cycles, you can predict the fertile days and avoid sex with your male partner. You can also use barrier methods to avoid conceiving during your fertile days.

However, it is very crucial to keep track of your body temperature regularly. This Basal body temperature method may prove ineffective for those having disturbed sleep patterns. This was considered to be one of the effective methods to avoid pregnancy naturally before oral contraception pills were invented.

6.1.2 Cervical Mucus Method

The Cervical Mucus Method helps in tracking the changes taking place in cervical mucus. This helps in identifying the fertile and infertile days. When the day advances towards ovulation, a female body releases a jelly-like fluid known as cervical mucus.

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With the progress in the menstrual cycle, the appearance and consistency of the cervical mucus keep changing. By keeping track of this you can expect when you are likely to be fertile. This is the most sensitive time as you have to abstain from having sex before 5 days.

As it is the fertile period, it becomes quite important to not have sex avoiding pregnancy. Thus, Monitoring the cervical mucus helps a lot as one of the effective natural birth control methods.

6.1.3 Try the Calendar Method or Rhythm Method

The Calendar Method is an effective Fertility awareness method. In case you have protection during sex, then the Calendar method or rhythm method adds more security to it.

The fertile period or the ovulation which normally occurs two weeks ahead of your menstruation, can be avoided. It mainly works as monitoring the woman’s menstrual cycle to know about the ovulation days. It requires a detailed study of your menstrual cycle over months to determine the fertile days.

If required, take the help of a healthcare provider to monitor your fertile days and plan your intercourse accordingly. Not having sex during this period or using any other birth control measures prevents pregnancy. But you need to be completely cautious while practicing it. You can’t completely rely upon it due to the uncertain chances of variation in fertile days and menstrual cycles.

6.1.4 Lactational Amenorrhea Method

The Lactational amenorrhea method is one of the natural remedies that is ideal for breastfeeding mothers whose menstruation period has not started. The science behind this is that due to breastfeeding certain hormone releases obstruct ovulation.

The Lactational Amenorrhea Method can be used only as a temporary natural contraception method that can prevent unwanted pregnancy. However, some conditions need to be fulfilled for LAM to work.

6.1.5 Standard Days Method

The Standard Days Method is considered to be an ideal method for women to follow. Women with regular menstrual cycles between 26 to 32 days time intervals are suitable for the Standard Days Method. With the help of this method, a woman can get fertility signs.

This method keeps track of the 8 to 19 days during which there are high chances of getting pregnant if you have sex naturally. And if you avoid having sex during this period then you avoid unwanted pregnancy. However, it is important to know that this method is ineffective for women having irregular cycles.

6.1.6 Symptothermal Method

The Symtothermal Method consists of various fertility signs. These include changes in cervical mucus, Basal body temperature and other physical symptoms. This helps in knowing the fertile and non-fertile days.

By vividly monitoring these things you can assume your ovulation days and abstain from having intercourse and preventing pregnancy. It has an effective approach as natural contraceptives. It also gives you an upper hand with its combined methodology.

6.2 Herbal Birth Control Methods

6.2.1 Queen Anne’s Lace

Queen Anne’s Lace which is widely known as wild carrot is an effective way to avoid pregnancy naturally. It is believed to prevent the production of eggs by disturbing progesterone synthesis. It is advised to consume the wild carrot seeds regularly for seven consecutive days. It must be finished right after unprotected sex.

Queen Anne's Lace
Queen Anne’s Lace Plant. By matthiasboeckel / Pixabay. Copyright 2023.

You can consume Queen Anne’s Lace through tea or concoction. You may experience mild side effects like constipation but it’s okay. The natural properties of Wild Carrot help you in not conceiving.

6.2.2 Papaya

Papaya is considered to be the best home remedy to avoid pregnancy naturally. It contains a special enzyme known as Papain. Papain is quite helpful in suppressing progesterone which is considered to be essential for conception.

Consumption of unripe Papaya after having unprotected sex might help in preventing pregnancy. It is believed that papaya doesn’t let fertilization happen and acts as a birth control aid. But be very cautious as if the pregnancy test comes positive then it can lead to abortion and other problems related to mental health.

6.2.3 Vitamin C

Vitamin C supplements are another home remedy to prevent pregnancy. It obstructs the process of the Progesterone hormone which helps in conception.

For effective results, it is advised to consume 1500mg of Vitamin C tablets twice a day for a couple of days. But be cautious while consuming as overuse of such tablets can be risky and have adverse effects on your health. Women suffering from anemia and anticoagulant medication are advised not to take Vitamin C tablets.

In comparison to other methods of contraception, it is highly advised to consult with a healthcare provider before consuming them. It may be an effective natural contraception method to prevent pregnancy but is risky.

6.2.4 Cotton Root Bark

Cotton Root Bark is dried to make a special herb that helps in preventing pregnancy. It is mainly consumed as a tea or in boiled water. Consumption of these Cotton Root Bark helps in stipulating the release of Oxytocin hormone which prevents pregnancy naturally.

6.2.5 Neem

Neem is a significant herb found in India. It has been used traditionally as an effective as an effective to prevent pregnancy. Neem can be consumed either as a supplement or be applied as contraceptive oil or cream.

Neem Leaves
Neem Leaves. By punnamjai / Pixabay. Copyright 2023.

Neem has some special kind of natural properties that act as an effective contraceptive that stops the egg from fertilizing. This helps in preventing pregnancy. However, it is very important to know that there is very limited scientific knowledge to corroborate the effectiveness of this home remedy.

Consultation with a doctor will help a lot in understanding the usage of Neem as a natural contraception method. If consumed without any consultation can pose a potential threat to your health.

6.2.6 Pineapple

Pineapple is considered to be a home remedy to avoid unwanted pregnancy. The natural property of pineapple prevents the fertilization of the egg which prevents unplanned pregnancy.

It is believed that consuming 2 to 3 ripe pineapples regularly after having unsafe sex may prevent pregnancy naturally. But keep in note that only a limited amount would help. Excessive amounts of consumption will only lead to diarrhea or stomach infection.

6.2.7 Ginger

Ginger is believed to have natural properties that help in contraception. The contraceptive properties of ginger trigger a period within which it prevents unplanned pregnancy.

Ginger is to be consumed in the form of tea. To make Ginger Tea, add smashed ginger to boiling water. Leave the tea to boil for 4 to 5 minutes. After that, you can bring the tea into a cup and have it. Consume ginger tea twice a day to avoid pregnancy naturally.

The best thing about ginger as a home remedy to prevent pregnancy is that it doesn’t have any harmful side effects on your health. As a plus point, ginger also improves skin, helps in weight loss, and regulates the menstrual cycle.

6.2.8 Cinnamon

Cinnamon is considered to prevent pregnancy due to its natural properties. It causes contractions in the uterus which avoids unplanned pregnancy. Cinnamon is used as a spice. So, there will be no harm if you consume it as a spice or you can also take it as a supplement.

Cinnamon Spice
Cinnamon Spice Sticks. By Daria-Yakovleva / Pixabay. Copyright 2023.

It is advised to consume cinnamon every day till your period. You can start it after you had unprotected intercourse. For consumption of Cinnamon every day you can add a little amount to boiled water and have it as your tea.

6.2.9 Parsley, Smartweed and Mugwort

These are another three home remedies you can try to prevent pregnancy after having unsafe sex.

Parsley is considered to have natural contraceptive properties. Parsley is used as a spice. So, there is no harm if you consume it as spice or you can also take it as a supplement.

Smartweed also has natural contraceptive properties that avoid pregnancy. It is also known as knotweed. It is mostly consumed as a tea or can be taken as a supplement.

Mugwort is a special kind of herb used in traditional times as medicine. It is believed to have certain contraceptive properties to prevent unwanted pregnancy. Mugwort can also be consumed as tea or can be taken as a supplement.

But the use of all the above home remedies must be done cautiously. Always remember to consult a specialist doctor before consuming such home remedies as your body may not take them positively.

7. Conclusion

Unprotected Sex or unplanned sex is always a burden on partners. As a result, such intercourse couldn’t be handled by either of them. Always know that the withdrawal method or pull-out method won’t be successful. So, to avoid pregnancy there must be proper communication between the partners to just enjoy the sex and intimacy.

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