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Is it a Good Idea to Workout Twice A Day To Gain Muscle?

With the bodybuilding fashion kicking in among youngsters, muscle gains have become resistance without any hamper. Workout routine, which used to be a routine for the betterment of a human both physically and psychologically, has come way around, and become something trendier.

This has grown chiefly among youngsters, who are interested in enhancing their muscles as quickly as possible. This muscle enhancement includes muscle gains and building a stronger and more stable body.

However, this needs to be kept in a proper workout routine to get a better result, that too as effective as possible. If the workout routine gets hampered or disillusioned, then there are also chances of major injuries, which professional athletes should surely avoid.

1. What Are Two-A-Day Workouts?

Everything that has a benefit also has a drawback for sure. This also works with the two-a-day workouts, which are a little difficult to reach.

In a very layman’s terms, two-a-day workouts are workout sessions, that need exercises and workouts to be followed twice a day with a specific intensity, which is strictly necessary for that.

The training volume here gets very juggled with high intensity, making the training session more dignified with a high rate of adrenaline rush.

So, these workouts are generally quite related for world-class athletes, who specifically train, for a specific sport and also sometimes for a competition.

1.1 How Does It Work?

In general, a person who works, out does not hold the capacity to do so in their everyday life. It is strictly due to the intensified routine that one goes through while doing this.

In today’s world, where people are too busy mining money, they hardly get time for one workout session. With the mental pressure and the intensive physical trauma, two-a-day workouts become horrific to attain for a normal human being.

However, that does not make the two-a-day workouts impossible to attain, but just a bit more difficult than the regular ones. It is because it holds a whole together of different concepts of working out.

That being said, do ensure you have a proper schedule to be safe and stay away from any injuries.

2. Benefits of Working Out Twice a Day

Once you start working out, initially it becomes a bit difficult for you to handle the physical pressure that needs to be carried on your body. But with the given training session and training volume, gaining becomes the utmost reach.

However, these two-a-day workouts are quite lethargic for the ones who do not have this efficiency of working out. Hence for them, this may seem like a tiring process, but it has its own benefits.

2.1 Benefits for Everyone?

Apparently, one of the initial benefits of two-a-day workouts is that, the volume of working out doubles, making the process more challenging. This benefit, if given enough amount of protein, can result in waving some good muscles out of you.

Man doing his Workout
Muscle Building Workout. By shevtsovy / Depositphotos. Copyright 2023.

In previous studies, we have found that an increase in heart disease has been found in a person who does not work out efficiently. So, these double training sessions help a lot more than muscle growth, by protecting your heart.

It becomes also another important fact to notice that, increasing your daily workout sessions will not be necessary. With excessive exercise, good food habit is also necessary for muscle mass and muscle growth.

2.2 An Overall Performance Booster

These two-day workouts are really fruitful for the improvement of the overall performance of a person, especially who is an athlete. It is because having two workouts helps in gaining muscle.

Competitive strength athletes love to perform these twice-a-day a day workouts for the extra improvement of their muscle gains.

Different strength and conditioning coaches, along with a lot of sports nutritionists have also agreed to this fact of the better benefits one can get with twice-a-day separate sessions of workout.

It is also believed that this intense workout is responsible for the acceleration of muscle growth, and helps in gaining muscle and strength.

Everyone wants better muscle growth and with this workout and a proper protein intake, it can be achieved, for sure.

2.3 Regressive Training Fitness Goals

More regressive training can also help in adding more efficiency and squeezes in kore volume to increase the metabolic capacity.

Once you start dealing with these two-a-day workout sessions, then you can easily achieve your goals in a better way, and that too quite faster.

Along with that, sometimes it also becomes quite difficult to carry on a single workout session for too long. In such cases, it becomes easy to have an evening workout and two workouts on the same day.

3. Drawbacks of Twice-A-Day Workouts

Like everything that exists in the world has a problem with overpouring, similarly, working out twice a day can also bring certain discomforts.

These discomforts can start gradually with spending more time around the equipment. This makes your body too sweaty and your body starts stinking a certain, regular.

Apart from these minor problems in comparison to others, the increase in training volume is another thing that this high-strength training invites.

Pros & Cons of Training Twice A Day

This is a greater risk that overtraining brings with it, of putting more than necessary pressure physically. This pressure harms you slowly and makes you feel lethargic.

The intensity of lethargicness also depends upon the first workout you are going to have. That certainly determines the quality of your muscle groups and how much they can handle the pressure.

3.1 Deep Dive into Physical Strain

Physical exercise has always been considered as something necessary for stress management. Physical exercise is also considered as physical stress.

This physical stress stimulates physical adaptation, which ensures the all-round development of your health. But too much of it can be very problematic.

With step-by-step process, it is easy to reach the pinnacle of what you dream of but getting it all at once becomes too much sometimes.

3.1.1 Chances of Injury

According to different research, we can find that higher physical strain can be responsible for taxing your neuromuscular system, increasing the chances of injury.

The injuries that you may get from these can be disrupting sleep patterns, having your immune system suppressed, or even other unknown symptoms.

These all can start seeding up if you do not give ample amount of time for the recovery of your muscle groups after intense workouts.

Hence, it becomes necessary for the individual to think before training twice a day. A few hours of rest is truly necessary before the second session starts.

4. Advice for Beginners

Anyone who is an expert in this sector today, once have always started as a beginner. This beginning stage needs to be quite curated, to avoid injuries.

In the beginning stage, it is better to keep shorter workouts, yet multiple workouts. This will help you in understanding your body fat and help you in your strength gains at first.

So, it is strictly advised that everyone who is a beginner or is resuming their workout sessions, should not directly jump into twice-a-day workouts.

Our body adapts to the twice daily sessions quite slowly and gradually we will get to know the way the process works.

Jumping directly into the training twice a day will hamper the overall training volume of a beginner, which ultimately will be able to create a lot of negative impacts on the body.

4.1 Keys to Remember

As a beginner, one may be very keen to work out as fast as possible to get a better body style quickly. But it really does not work like that.

You cannot be guaranteed a great body structure, build a lot of muscle, or burn fat faster by implementing the training twice a day session.

It is because of this, that it is based on the ones who are competing for any competition or event to train in this certain magnitude.

So basically who has been working out before, it becomes easier for them to workout twice a day. This increases their workout, but because they have been working way back, they do not really get affected by the increase in workload.

The increase in workload naturally starts fitting their schedule and they also become consistent in working out twice a day for at least six hours.

It is also true that people who work out twice a day, do it under the guidance of their trainer or fitness coach. This ensures that their injuries and overtraining sessions are being monitored properly, and this will keep them updated with their growth.

5. How to Add More Movement to Your Day

Everything that you need to add to your life, starts from being a habit at first. This habit needs to be put on forcefully before it becomes a habit by itself.

Similarly, if you are willing to put on these two-a-day workouts, then your training plan should start from your regular life schedule.

My Daily Workout Routine (why I train twice a day)

It means you should look forward to increasing your total daily activity level, through which you can be active enough to perform twice-a-day workouts.

This necessarily does not mean strength training and then again going and sweating in the treadmill. But it is much more than that, which involves being physically active all throughout the day, without being lazy and just being in a place.

5.1 Rolling and Relieving

Higher training volumes need a higher amount of stress relievers so that you can have enough time to relax and give enough rest for the muscles.

So, using a foam roller at night can be very useful, if you have performed morning strength training sessions. This helps in relieving the soreness in your muscles.

Relieving the soreness from the muscle can be very relaxing as they help in the reduction of inflammation, and increase the range of your resistance training.

This gives enough amount of relaxation so that you can perform two a day upper body, as well as lower body workouts.

5.2 Relaxing Through Music

Music is always a constant source of relaxation, no matter whatever stress we live in. It is also proven by scientists that, it helps in consuming the stress and provides the needed calmness for our mind.

Similarly, listening to soulful music can be very helpful while doing some regular household chores like regular housekeeping or even dancing.

Performing this regularly helps in keeping the heart rate intact and also provides some healthy cardio for the betterment of heart health.

This can also give the needed relaxation just like yoga, which you can do while performing some other job regularly too.

5.3 Normal Evening Walks

Nature has always blessed us with its beautiful creation and in the same way, spending some time around nature can also heal your physical and mental fatigue through which you can work out more efficiently.

If you are interested in taking a short evening walk with your family after dinner, that can be the cherry on the cake. Here you can also do a bit of stretching and all so that you can feel the much-needed relaxation and get ready for the new high-intensity interval training.

By bringing these small changes into your life, you can start being prepared for the two workouts that you need to build muscle and also for weight training.

Doing so will also allow you to choose the workouts that you may need to do, and what workouts your body really does not support you doing so.

6. How to Plan Workouts of Two Sessions

Planning is essential for everything that we do, and when it comes to something serious about working out, it needs some proper planning.

The more muscle gains we plan, the more calories and proper nutrition will be needed for the betterment. Similarly, shorter sessions also add up to providing a good recovery period.

So, it is quite common that, no one wants to be sick or injured while working out, or even after these workout sessions.

How To Train Twice A Day (Effectively)

It does not matter how long you have been working out, a new day starts with a new plan, and it needs to be safe enough to make your body work out twice a day without getting hampered.

Hence, here are some guidelines that can be very useful for you, to choose the perfect workout session, and have you ready for the second workout.

6.1 Proper Space Between Workout Sessions

A proper resting session helps in providing proper muscle development. Through this one can get their muscle recovery and the growth will be quite fruitful.

Allowing your body for at least six hours of space is much needed, even though you are choosing for moderate-intensity workout sessions.

If you are performing your morning workout at 8 in the morning, then you should at least give your body enough rest up to 2 in the afternoon, before performing any high-intensity exercise.

The more time we provide our body to recover, the more easily our torn muscles get time to be better. Before that, if we start working out again, then, there are chances of high injuries.

6.2 Starting the Day with High Intensity

Even though it feels a little hectic, still it is better to start the two-a-day plan, with the morning being the highly intensified one.

If the strenuous part of the training is done in the morning session, it becomes quite less demanding in the evening session, and you do not have the repeat the same workout.

Another positive you can get from a high-intensity morning workout is that, after the strong morning workout, you can give your body enough rest to make it feel the recovery.

This recovery becomes necessary gradually and makes the challenging routine quite bearable.

6.3 Performing Longer Workouts in the Morning

Performing longer workouts in the morning makes sure that you sweat early in the morning more. So that in the later part of the day, you can truly focus on the weight training and not sweat out.

Doing so can also help in improving mental health and make the day look more productive in comparison to regular days.

6.4 Prioritizing Nutrition and Hydration

Working out will only make the calories burn, but what will help build muscle is providing your body with enough nutrition and the needed hydration.

Without the needed protein and nutrients, it becomes difficult for the body to recover from the losses and makes the body calorie deficit.

Hence, proper hydration and prioritizing nutrition are necessary for the preparation of the body for the second session of the workout.

6.5 Adequate Sleep

Optimal performance can only be obtained with proper rest and adequate sleep to not hamper mental health.

Adding naps to the day helps in facilitating proper rest and recovery of the body. Along with that naps boost creativity, help in reducing stress, and also improve the stamina to perform better, keeping the blood pressure intact.

6.6 Start Slow and Take Proper Nutrition on Rest Days

Holding your body for the best is the treatment your body expects from you. Hence, it is better to start slow and not start doing multiple workouts at first.

As you start doing workouts one after the other, you can gradually increase the workout volume. With that, you should also increase the calorie and nutrient intake on the rest days.

Adding massage therapy or meditation on the recovery days is also better to make your recovery happen faster. This will make the way you grow better.

7. Can You Workout Twice a day To Gain Muscle?

Although everyone wants to build muscle by working out twice a day, there is no single-size workout schedule for everyone.

Everyone has their own way of working and that is determined through how their body supports them. Sometimes it also takes a few weeks to adjust to the schedule of working out twice.

Working out Twice a day: YES or NO?

Hence, you can start by dividing the working process into two bases, which are the cardio workout and the strength workout. It suits better than just putting in all the workouts together and putting harsh pressure on the body.

So, adding the second workout after one workout to the schedule, which is working out twice a day can be achieved through proper ways.

7.1 Heavy Training Followed by Recovery

Adding a second workout after the recovery can be a very good option for expanding the workout routine. Through this, you can ensure, that your first routine consists of typical heavy training, doing some intense cardio sessions, and focusing more on the upper body.

After that, in the second session of working out twice training sessions, you can perform some low-intensity workouts. They can consider cardio, yoga, stretching, or sometimes even foam-rolling.

However, among all this, recovery should be the prime importance as important as strenuous exercises are. They will help in the reduction of swelling and the prevention of injuries.

7.2 Strength Training and Cardio

It is never easy to combine both workouts and then perform them that too on the same day. No matter how much you love working out, this hardly works out for the better.

So, for the betterment of physical strength, you should split the workouts into two separate routines. By that, you can choose to start your day with a more taxing workout.

For example, if you usually lift weights, then you can do your strength training in the morning session. But for competitive athletes, it is better to have their training days start mostly with cardio sessions, making them more effective for them.

7.3 Split Sessions

Splitting sessions actually help in making you train for serious competitions, by exercising in two separate sessions. Through this, you can add more miles to your score, allowing your body to get enough rest between workouts.

These split sessions make the twice-a-day training sessions work the best out of the rest. Through this, you can get enough of what you desire.

8. Boosts Mental Health

Our physical and psychological health, both are well-connected. The way we work out for the physical growth and the muscle gain similarly it also affects our psychological growth.

Our mental health is mostly affected by the secretion of hormones. These hormones are generally responsible for the behavior of our mental health.

So, when we work out excessively, it starts secreting endorphins, which a hormones responsible for boosting mood and improving our wellbeing.

In general, when we are feeling quite low, then there are high chance that, after a good, intensified workout session, we can start feeling quite better than before.

Not only high-intensity workouts, but low-intensity workouts or pieces of training can also decrease the level of cortisol, which is very harmful to our health.

This also apparently calms us down and makes us feel relaxed. Excessive levels of adrenaline can also be responsible for the exertion of intense exercise.

People who are not even able to concentrate properly can also rely on exercise for the improvement of their mental health. It makes them start concentrating on what they are missing.

So, in a nutshell, working out twice a day can help the body gain more energy and help focus in life.

9. Rest Day

How hard you may train, in the end, it all comes down to the development of muscles also prioritising the body’s fitness.

At some point in time if you are not able to do any sort of exercise due to any injury or anything as such, can be very dangerous for you.

There may be athletes training hard for weeks, and days, and that too non-stop, but you also need to understand that they are professional athletes. They hardly get affected by the twice-a-day workout sessions.

Why The Days You Don’t Workout Matter The Most!

But for the general public, it is never easy to cope with working out twice a day. It is for this only, that rest day become this important to have.

And whenever you have a rest day, it is necessary for you to take up the charge and feed yourself with protein synthesis. With that ensuring the calorie intake is high, to recover the torn-out muscle.

The protein synthesis should be consumed as per the body weight and it varies from person to person.

10. Conclusion

As they say, building muscle is quite equal to building a house. It does not only require a lot of mortar and sand and wood, rather it also needs to be taken care of regularly so that it can sustain.

Similarly, working out twice can be very profitable, but working out wrong can be something that can stop you from even working out again.

It is for this only, that it is advised to not do any workouts without the proper instruction of the trainer, or having any guide around.

This will make your working out twice a day look quite valuable, making a way out for even the rest days.

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