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Should You Eat Breakfast Before or After Workout?

Fitness freaks, especially the morning exercisers and those who start working out for the first time, will probably agree – it’s difficult to decide whether they should eat before or after a workout.

Different people have different opinions about this thought; while some recommend a pre-breakfast workout, others recommend a post-workout breakfast.

We take a look at what’s the best approach.

1. Many Prefer Working Out While Fasting

should you eat breakfast before or after workout
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A workout without eating anything is very common among many fitness freaks and those who are newly starting to work out. Fasting before a workout or a post-breakfast workout does seem to be beneficial for health and improves physical activity. Some anecdotal evidence and research do suggest that your body burns more calories when on an empty stomach.

But that’s not to say that you shouldn’t exercise after eating.

It is entirely dependent on the person’s own opinions and thinking, as according to some people. Not eating breakfast before a workout can lead to extra fat burning and faster weight loss but it is always wise to look out for symptoms of weakness.

But working out on an empty stomach has its own effect on your health.

2. Foods You Should Avoid Before Exercise:

It’s always best to avoid foods that are on the heavier side and consist of too much fat and fiber, as they are hard to digest and can cause gastric problems which no one looks forward to while starting their day. You should always consider light meals that are easily digestible and can make your day much more refreshing and energetic.

3. Effects of Working out On an Empty Stomach:

Who doesn’t like some extra calories burned and a faster way towards achieving your goals, have you ever thought about the consequences of those faster ways?

While many think that working out on an empty stomach can lead to faster calorie burn, it may lead to several health issues if you aren’t careful.

3.1. Losing Stamina 

Working out on an empty stomach can lead to the burning of healthy fats in your body, which can leave you feeling low in energy, and while it may burn your calories faster, your stamina for a longer time period of workout can be damped by this, for this you should consume light meal like protein shakes or oatmeal to keep you going for the day with fueled energy

3.2. Low Blood Sugar Level

Working out on an empty stomach can lead your body to get used to burning fat reserved for healing muscles and storing energy, but ever thought about what this faster fat burn is doing to your body 

This can cause low blood sugar which can further make you experience lightheadedness, nauseousness, and low blood sugar, Soo it’s important for you to note your health too.

3.3. Losing Healthy Stored Fats

Many people think that losing a high intensity of weight and fat can lead to better weight management or a healthy life, but it should be noted that exercising on an empty stomach can lead to the burning of energy resources and fat, which can severely impact the body and its nutrition, it’s entirely to upto your preference but it is always wise to stick to your body’s health first.

4. Benefits of A Post-Breakfast Workout.

Many people think that a pre-breakfast workout can lead to a faster fat burn, but eating a light amount of carbs can lead to healthy weight management. A light meal before exercise can fuel your stamina for better performance and also help with fatigue, it also helps you in doing a longer time workout, no one wants to experience lightheadedness or fatigue at the beginning of their day.

4.1. Increase Stamina

If 15 minutes into the workout you already feel like giving up, it is because of lack of stamina. Losing stamina before exercise can severely impact your fitness routine. A light breakfast before your workout can increase your energy, as carbs help your body fuel before your exercise and lead to a more energetic performance.

4.2. Builds Muscle Strength

The core objective of exercise depends on muscle strength; weak muscle strength can cause minor injuries and a long healing process. Consuming healthy protein and light carbs before breakfast can lead to muscle development, strengthen the strength of the muscles, prevent minor injuries during workouts, and lead to a healthy workout routine.

4.3. Increase Workout Time

If you are someone who likes a high-intensity cardio workout in the morning, it’s better for you to start with some light carbs., which increase your endurance and stamina and can help you run the last few extra minutes of your routine, nothing is better than few minutes extra in your running,

5. Best Foods to Act as Fuel Before Your Workout.

Arranging a proper breakfast meal before your workout routine is both a tedious and confusing task, as the meal not only consumes your time but also plays a major role in your workout routine. Below,  we have discussed some quick and healthy foods for your breakfast.

5.1. Protein Shakes

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Perfect for every gym freak, A good protein shake not only works as a good breakfast meal but also saves your precious time before running for your work or college. just sip your protein shake 5–6 times before drinking, and voila, get ready to change the dynamic of your workout routine.


5.2. Eggs 

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Working out sheds a great deal of fat and nutrition from our bodies. Eggs are a protein source for building muscle strength, but you can easily avoid the extra fats of eggs by mixing some green vegetables or salads, and voila you have your healthy breakfast ready.

5.3. Oatmeal

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A quick and easy breakfast for every fitness freak, oatmeal is a great source of energy and nutrition. Just mix some oatmeal according to your preference before your workout and start a refreshing day ahead.

5.4. Peanut Butter Sandwich

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Nothing is better than some light toast with delicious peanut butter. The nutrition-filled food not only boosts your energy but also keeps your calories in check, after all, who doesn’t like peanut butter?

5.5. Bananas 

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Feeling pricky and not in the mood for anything, don’t worry a banana can solve your problem, as they not only consist of carbohydrates and potassium but also increase your glycogen and are great for your muscle strength, just pick a banana and start your day with healthy energy and a fitness workout

6. Best Exercises You Can Try in The Morning

6.1. Running/ Walking

a women running outside
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Perfect exercise for you to go out of your home and enjoy the morning freshness along with some calories burned, light running and walking can pump your blood for better cardiovascular health.

6.2. Push-Ups

a man and women doing push ups
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One of the most uncomplicated and easy exercise, push-ups not only strengthen your muscles but it pumps your body with more energy to start your day, and guess what? You don’t need any equipment and don’t have to do jumping.

6.3. Jumping Jacks

Jumping jacks are perfect to start your morning fitness target; the uncomplicated and high intensity of the exercise can easily burn tonnes of calories without any equipment or any complicated moves.

6.4. Squats 

a group of women doing squats outside
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Squats are great for building your lower body and core strength and can be easily done anywhere without any equipment or tools; just start your day with some squats to loosen up.

6.5. Yoga

a women doing yoga outside
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Feeling too tired to try any exercise early in the morning? Yoga is here for your rescue. It’s one of the most calming and effective exercises for your fitness routine, and one of the best things about yoga is it not only benefits your body but also calms your mind and is great for your mental health.

6.6. Swimming

a women swimming ina pool
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One of the best exercises to loosen your muscles in the early morning routine is swimming. Swimming is an effective exercise as it not only burns calories but also has a whole-body workout that helps you reach your goal faster. So just jump into the pool to kick the sleepiness away.

7. Is It Necessary to Consult a Doctor?

Yes, because Even with all the debates and conclusions, it is always best to take direct suggestions from your nutritionist, especially if you have any medical problems or history, Soo it’s best to consult your doctor before jumping to any conclusions.

8. Conclusion

Even with all the debates about whether you should eat breakfast before or after a workout, it depends on what kind of exercise you practice. While some exercises can go without breakfast, others require a light amount of carbs to fuel the energy.

While you can easily do yoga and some light strolling in your garden without breakfast, high-intensity cardio like running and jumping does need some carbs to build your stamina. Eat breakfast before 2-3 hours before your warm-up for a better digestible routine.

Everyone has their own preferences and opinions, and it is entirely up to you to decide what you want to do and whether should you eat breakfast before or after workout. If you are planning a fasted workout for a low-intensity workout, it can work, but it is always best to look for symptoms of weakness and strain like lightheadedness or loss of stamina. For this, you can easily start with some light carbs like granola or protein shakes to keep you going.

9. FAQ’s

19.1. Is It Better to Work Out on an Empty Stomach in The Morning?

Answer: A fasted Workout is a common thing, but working out on an empty stomach can lead to many side effects, that’s why it is better to consume some light carbs before exercise, You Should eat some light carbs to gain energy and healthy diet management.

11.2. Is It Better to Eat Breakfast Before or After Workout for Muscle Gain?

Answer: For better muscle gain it is always better to consume a light meal before 2-3 hours of breakfast for better increase of stamina and energy, healing of muscle.

11.3. Should You Work Out on an Empty Stomach?

Answer: It is possible to work on an empty stomach as an empty stomach workout can lead to faster fat burn, it is good to consume a light meal before a workout to lead a healthy routine, but it is a preference of opinion, to just look out for sign’s of weakness and listen to your body

11.4. Should you Eat Before or After Workout to Lose Belly Fat?

Answer: An empty stomach workout can lead to extra and faster fat burn but light carbs can lead to energy and an increase in stamina, it is entirely up to you to decide but it is always good to look out for symptoms of weakness, you can always eat a light meal before a workout to keep the fatigue and lose of healthy fat away.

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