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5 Effective Workouts that Burn the Most Fat

Gaining weight in winter is relatively easy. But, losing that extra weight to get ready for summer? No, certainly not easy at all! So, if you’re sick of carrying fat that won’t budge, this will be a good read for you.

The first step is realizing what your body needs. So, if you have already concluded that you need a lighter and more active body, then welcome! The next thing you should know is the types of workouts that suit you perfectly.

1. What Workout Burns the Most Fat? 5 Effective Workouts 

If you want your clothes to be soaked completely after your workouts, then you’re at the right place! The following are some workouts that you can incorporate into your routine to lose that stubborn fat.

1.1 Get in Some Cardio

Cardio is a great way to burn fat
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While people rush to the gyms to lose weight, this is certainly not essential. The key factor is motivation. Moreover, if you feel too overwhelmed to be surrounded by people while you work out, going for the long run is the best alternative! To lose weight, all you have to focus on is physical movement.

Ideally, if you’re a novice, it is better to start small. Start with a 15-minute brisk walk. Once you get the hang of it, gradually increase time or speed. Or you can go for a 30-minute light jog for a week, and then increase time or speed accordingly. If jogging is not your forte, then you can consider brisk walking, but it is imperative to get some movement. 

Moreover, if walking doesn’t motivate you, then you can jump ropes or try cycling. Besides this, skip the elevator and take those stairs! It is vital to seek ways that aid you in getting some movement.

1.2 Strength Training for the Win

Weight lifting helps convert fat into muscles
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Another way to lose most of your fat fast is to go for strength training! If you think lifting weights will only make you look buff, then you couldn’t be more wrong! Strength training comes with an advantage: you can convert your fat into muscles! This is why the scales on your weighing machine may not tip to your satisfaction. However, this doesn’t indicate that you’re not progressing!

Although strength or weight training is best performed in the gym under the guidance of a trainer, you can also consider some home workouts for the same. Nevertheless, maintaining a proper form while performing these workouts is key. If not done correctly, you may be prone to injuries.

Besides going for dumbbells, you can also consider using your body weight or resistance bands. And with a good exercise mat in handy and your favorite playlist set, you’re good to go! 

1.3 Hit That HIIT Workout

Another way to lose that extra flab of fat is to hit that HIIT workout! High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) is the best form of workout for those who cannot afford to devote hours to working out. Promising to lose weight faster than most workouts, HIIT exercises are quite effective. They need to be performed using minimum intervals between two exercises.

HIIT workouts require a lot of energy
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Bear in mind that performing these workouts requires a lot of energy. So, you must have a proper and healthy diet before going for a HIIT workout. Some HIIT workout plans that burn the most fat are as follows.

  1. Sprinting: Since most HIIT workouts incorporate cardio, sprinting and jogging form one of the best of these. One way to go about it is to sprint for 30 seconds, accompanied by a jog for 1 minute. Take a break after 30 minutes. It is essential to know that HIIT workouts use strict intervals. However, if you feel weary or dizzy, it is always good to stop.
  2. Tabata: A category of the HIIT workout, Tabata aims to target every nook and corner of your body! In a typical Tabata workout, there is a 20-second high-intensity workout which is followed by a 10-second rest. Such workouts last anywhere between 5 to 10 minutes. 

1.4 Yoga 

Yoga has been known to help you keep your mind stable. However, contrary to the popular belief that its only benefit is mental stability or spiritual awakening, Yoga helps in weight loss! The very process of losing weight requires you to have mental stability

Yoga helps with metal stability and physical well-being
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Moreover, yoga helps with gradually building strength and garnering balance and flexibility. Once you have a healthy mind, achieving a healthy body will not seem like a distant goal! 

Some great yoga poses that will aid you in weight loss are plank pose, child’s pose, triangle pose, warrior pose, bridge pose, bow pose, and twisted chair pose, among many others. In addition, the sun salutation pose has become quite popular as it aids in successful weight loss!

1.5 Pilates

Incorporating low-impact exercises into your workout routine is not as bad an idea as it seems! Although Pilates has been known to improve posture, build lean muscles, and help you get a toned body, it also assists in weight loss.

Pilates helps bring in balance and flexibility
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Nevertheless, you should bear in mind that Pilates may not be as effective as other types of workouts such as cardio or HIIT. However, Pilates is a must if you’re looking for great balance and flexibility. It is important to know that change takes time; losing weight overnight is not possible!

Some Pilates exercises for weight loss include plank jacks, v-ups, crisscrosss, bridges, and marching ab curls, among many others.

2. Letting Go of Destructive Habits

So, you’re looking for workouts to help you burn fat. However, there are some harmful habits that you need to let go of now! Once you get rid of them, you will remove the biggest hurdles in your fitness journey as these are often connected. Make sure to read the following points to know more.

2.1 Procrastination

With the advent of a sedentary lifestyle, you tend to become lazy. And one of the worst things that accompanies laziness is procrastination. The downside of procrastination is that it keeps you away from doing what you need to do. So, if you spend hours browsing reels on social media, you’re taking that much time out from your workouts!

To let go of this habit, start small. Make sure you start with a 30-minute workout. If you think you have to constantly exercise for an hour or more, chances are you might start delaying it. Thus, establishing realistic goals is key!

2.2 Dysfunctional Sleep Schedule 

A good sleep schedule aids in weight loss
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6-8 hours of sleep is essential. So, whether it’s that intriguing book you can’t keep down or that TV series that seems to end on a cliffhanger, you need to change your priorities! If losing weight is what weighs on your mind 24/7, it is great to start by fixing your sleep schedule.

Once your body is completely rested, you will notice you have enough energy to carry your workout that burns the most fat! Some tips to help you fix your sleep schedule are as follows.

  1. Have your dinner at least 3 hours prior to sleeping.
  2. Make sure your room is dark enough for you to fall asleep.
  3. Avoid caffeine after noon.
  4. Practice meditation to keep overthinking at bay.

2.3 Inconsistency

One of the worst habits to steer clear of is inconsistency. Losing weight is no child’s play! Thus, it is important to be regular to see the desired results. Working out on Monday and then leaving it for the next three days will not do. Moreover, getting those 10k steps is beneficial as well!

Maintaining consistency is key. So, you need to stick to your routine. And no, not just for workouts but for everything! Besides this, make sure you choose workouts that make you happy. While some love strength training, others might enjoy cardio more! 

2.4 Aim for a Balanced Lifestyle 

A balanced diet is essential for weight loss
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The first step toward weight loss includes getting in fewer calories and more workouts! Only consuming fewer calories will not do; you will have to add some workouts into your routine! Nevertheless, eating less does not indicate starving yourself. The key is to go for a healthy diet!

However, saying no to junk food does not mean you can’t ever have it. Finding the right and perfect balance is what is important. Cheat meals are a good option, but it is important to always be observant of your proportions. The aim is to get 80% of healthy meals. The remaining 20% can be anything you like.

However, simply focusing on avoiding junk food is a blunder. Make sure you pay more attention to home-cooked food, get the seasonings that spice up the taste, and go for low-fat meals. And you’re all set! If you’re a novice, you can also consult a professional such as a nutritionist.

3. What Workout Burns the Most Fat? Final Words

Start taking the initial steps! Be it cardio, strength training, or Yoga, it is vital to get in fewer calories and incorporate a good workout regime. Moreover, eating healthy and getting in those steps are equally crucial for your weight loss journey!

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