6 Simple and Effective Ways to Stretch Out Jeans

Can’t fit into your old and comfy pair of denim? Or maybe it is that brand-new pair of blue denim you could not resist buying in a sale. After all, everyone knows that wearing a new pair of jeans is a literal pain in the butt. It leaves you sweating and gasping for breath – not the best look before going out.

Not to mention, no one likes to wear something threatening to cut off your circulation. So learning how to stretch out jeans is undoubtedly an important skill and knowledge if you are about fashion and comfort.

1. 6 Ways to Stretch Out Jeans

Before starting this lesson on stretching out jeans, let’s clarify one crucial thing. Our bodies change with time, and that’s perfectly normal and okay. You can wear whatever size makes you comfortable and feel good about yourself. Only you can be the best judge of what kind and size of denim you want to wear.

Finding the perfect pair of jeans that fits, looks good, and is comfortable is practically a quest. There are jeans for every shape and size – but finding them is difficult.

Let’s say you saw this incredible blue pair of denim at a shopping mall or an online site that you must buy. Sadly, the only products left are one size smaller than what you wear. Or maybe one of your old and cozy pair have shrunk a little. Or perhaps you have put on a bit of weight and can slip into a pair of pants with the same ease.

Types of Jeans
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No matter the reason, the situation is that you need a particular pair of jeans to fit but don’t know how to get a crucial inch.

These tips and tricks will work on any jeans – skinny jeans, boyfriend jeans, mom jeans; you name it.

1.1) Wetting and Stretching

The Wet and Stretch method is one of the simplest yet most effective ways of stretching denim.

First, lay a towel or a bag on smooth ground to avoid getting any paint smears or stains on the place. After that, spread the jeans on a flat surface.

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Use a spray bottle filled with lukewarm water and moisten the jeans at all places, even the back and front.

Once done, pull and drag the specific part that you want to stretch by using both hands. If the fabric is not extending, you can use more water to soften the cloth.

Lastly, air-dry the jeans once you have stretched the fabric to the desired length. Remember never to put the jeans in the dryer because they shrink back.

1.2) Wetting and Wearing

Follow the same steps of wetting the jeans till the part about trying with your hands.

Instead, wear those damp jeans and try basic movements such as walking, stretching, sitting, and bending your legs. These moves will help in loosening the pants.

Stretching Jeans
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Again, for the final step, you must repeat the same method used in the previous one. Use the air dryer, and you will have a pair of stretched jeans.

1.3) Removing the Waistband

The process name is self-explanatory – you must remove the jeans’ waistband.

You will need to do a little sewing for this one. After measuring the required length you need to add, cut the side seams of the pants for about 2 to 4 inches. Do the same for the waistband, then adjust and align with the seam rip.

Cut the precise volume of cloth and stitch it in place. It should resemble a triangle and a long waist.

Tuck the new material to match the old fabric and iron it over for alignment. Complete the method by topstitching the band closed, and you will have a pair of jeans with your desired amount of extra wiggle room.

Stretching Jean's Waist
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This method is only in case you only want to stretch the waist of the jeans. There are many ways to stretch a jean’s waist, like using a waistband stretcher or a wooden hanger.

1.4) Heating and Stretching

You already know how to stretch out jeans by wetting and wearing or stretching. This process is similar, except that you must apply the heat of an iron or a hair dryer instead of water.

Heating Jeans
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Spread out the jeans and use an iron to heat the area you want to stretch. You can also use an air dryer but remember to hold it 6 inches from the fabric.

Once the part of the jeans is warm and toasty, use your hands to pull and tug until it has stretched to your satisfaction. You can also wear and move around to try them as you can do after the wetting method. And that way, you might get the perfect fit!

1.5) Taking a Bath While Wearing It

Wear the denim and sit in a bathtub filled with lukewarm water for around ten minutes. Once that is done, come out of the bath and move around as much as the pants allow. Do that for about half an hour, remove the jeans, and air-dry the pants.

Stretched Jeans
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1.6) Doing Squats

All you have to do is squats while wearing the jeans you want to stretch. There are multiple health benefits of squats, and you can also pull your jeans.

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2. FAQs

2.1) Which Method is the Best?

As you can see, many effective methods can stretch jeans. While it depends on a lot of things like the quality of the fabric, you can only try it for around one inch or, at best, one and a half inches.

There are a lot of areas in the jeans that might need stretching – thighs, butt, hips, waist, and more.

The most used methods for stretching out jeans include removing the waistband, wetting and wearing or stretching them, wearing them in a warm bath, trying after heating, and doing some squats.

2.2) Is it possible to make jeans bigger?

It is possible to make a pair of too-tight jeans bigger. Tricks like heating, using water and stretching, bathing in warm water while wearing them, and doing squats can stretch jeans.

However, you can only stretch the jeans by 1 inch or, at most, 1.5 inches.

2.3) What is the best way to break in new jeans?

The ideal way to break in a pair of new denim is to soak the pants in cold water and let them dry until they are damp. After that, wear it and move it around for a day to make it perfectly fit your body.

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Endnotes: In the Final Stretch

So now that you know all the best and most straightforward ways to change the size of your blue denim, you are ready to wear the perfect outfit.

You don’t need to squeeze into a pair of tight denim unless you want to. Every shape and size of your body is beautiful, and there is no need to change if you are happy and healthy.

Stretching Jeans
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But if there is an old pair of denim that you can’t part with or if you have fallen in love with a particular piece of blue beauties that is just a bit small for you and there are no other sizes available, this is just the guide!

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