How To Stop Periods Immediately: Top 6 Home Remedies

Every woman faces the menstrual cycle for a prolonged period of 6 to 7 days every month. This is something that no woman likes to have but has to naturally go through this blood flow. Even if this is something essential for women to feel to put a stop to their menstrual cycle, the question arises as to how to stop periods immediately and what are the effective home remedies available?

Most women want to end this menstrual cycle soon because of the heavy menstrual bleeding, and the other subsequent factors that come along.

1. Menstrual Cycle and Blood Flow

The menstrual cycle is something that every woman goes through for six to seven days every month, but still, there are some questions yet to be answered. In the initial part of this menstrual cycle, a woman’s estrogen level rises for long.

how to stop periods immediately home remedies
Period Pain. By Jonathan Borba / Unsplash. Copyright 2023.

This rise in estrogen level makes the proper lining of the uterus grow and makes it quite thicken. After this, the ovaries start to mature, as a response to this follicle-stimulating hormone.

Once the cycle completes its regular 14 days, there comes a surge of luteinizing hormone. This surge forces the egg to leave the ovary, and this process is called ovulation.

1.1 How the Second Half Starts

After the first half of the menstrual cycle, the other days carry the egg to travel to the uterus through the fallopian tube. This half of the menstrual cycle has the worst blood flow and that too for a prolonged period.

During this process, when the progesterone level rises, the uterine lining helps to prepare itself for the stage of pregnancy. This process is where the egg tends to be fertilized by a sperm cell, which later gets attached to the uterine wall.

1.1.1 The Process of Period Naturally

If this process goes properly and everything is done, then you become pregnant. When the egg is not fertilized by the sperm in any case, it starts dissolving or is absorbed into the body.

In most cases, this is what happens, when the egg is not fertilized, and it starts dissolving slowly and gradually. As it is meant for pregnancy purpose only, and the pregnancy does not occur, the estrogen and progesterone level drops.

This dropping in the progesterone level makes the lining of the uterus quite thickened, which sheds blood in the menstrual period. This blood flow makes it quite hectic, causing prolonged periods of menstrual discomfort.

2. How Blood Shed and Heavy Bleeding Occur?

It is through your vaginal canal, which helps this thickened uterine lining and extra blood to shed, during your menstrual cycle. However, this blood loss and period cycle in a woman does not necessarily occur at the same time every month.

Period timing can differ from person to person and also the effect. For some women, it can be very light, for some maybe moderate, and for some too heavy.

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Similarly, some women can get rid of these period cramps within a few days, like four to five days. But for some, it can last for around seven to eight days. But in general, this length is mostly within three to four days, which is also considered quite normal menstrual cycle.

3. Causes of Prolonged Periods

Prolonged periods can be very painful, and they can also persist for long enough. The menstrual cramps and also the hormonal imbalance can also be very difficult to go through.

As every time it is not possible for anyone to go for proper treatment, it is better to know the home remedies to stop prolonged periods immediately. Doing so can help you get rid of heavy menstrual bleeding and heavy blood flow.

So, here are some natural remedies to stop prolonged periods, so that you can stop menstrual bleeding and also stop prolonged periods naturally.

3.1 Vitamin C Supplement

It is true that all the vitamins are needed for the betterment of prolonged bleeding. But, taking Vitamin C properly can help a lot in reducing the heavy periods naturally.

In different studies, it has been found that Vitamin C helps the body to treat iron deficiency, and also absorbs iron actively. This makes the menstrual health quite healthy.

For consuming Vitamin C, you can easily consult your doctor immediately, or even you can add it as your home remedy, by involving it in your daily diet.

Consuming Vitamin C supplements can also help you regulate blood circulation providing hormonal balance. Foods such as Guava, Oranges, Papaya, strawberries, or even broccoli are the foods through which you can get enough amount of Vitamin C.

3.2 Eating Tamarind

Tamarind is a very underrated fruit too, which truly helps a lot to regulate hormones, along with proper blood circulation. As every time it is not good to have medications for every small thing, so these home remedies to stop prolonged periods are important.

Tamarind with Leaves
Tamarind Fruit. By Vg Bingi / Unsplash. Copyright 2023.

Tamarind comes out as an effective home remedy, which can also control your hyper-flow of blood. The blood volume can make you feel afraid, but it can be controlled by this procedure.

3.2.1 Helpful During Menstrual Cycles

Not only this, but tamarind can also reduce high cholesterol levels, making it quite comfortable for you to manage. It is the antioxidants present in the tamarind that make it this good for health, and it also helps in controlling heavy bleeding.

During menstrual cycles, you can also use an amalgamation of honey, tamarind, and water as a natural remedy for the treatment to reduce blood flow. You can easily put these ingredients in a blender and once you are done mixing, you can have it once a day.

3.3 Adding Ginger to The Diet

Although this is not valued by a lot, adding ginger to your diet can truly help you get better health and can stop heavy or prolonged periods. Different studies have found that ginger consumption can reduce heavy menstrual flow and irregular blood loss.

Piece of Ginger
Consumption of Ginger. By Mockup Graphics / Unsplash. Copyright 2023.

During the research, this process was used practically on high school girls, who were given ginger capsules, when they were experiencing irregular periods. They were divided into two groups, who were treated in different manners.

3.3.1 Helping Through Prolonged Periods

One group was facilitated with a placebo capsule, while the other was provided with ginger treatment. Surprisingly, they found that the group with ginger treatment showed a better decrease in blood flow, than the other group.

This showed the healthy effect of blood control that ginger can provide and help you fight through prolonged menstrual bleeding. So, ginger can be a good home remedy during prolonged periods, which you can have easily at home.

3.4 Keeping Yourself Hydrated

Out of all the home remedies, water can be a very underrated yet effective way to treat periods. It is the simplest tip that one can follow to manage symptoms of periods.

With all the herbal treatments that you may follow during your prolonged periods, increasing your fluid intake can help you somehow. It can help a lot in reducing the amount of blood flow along with the blood clots.

Not only this, drinking an ample amount of water can also help in shortening the prolonged period. The scientific reason behind this is that drinking ample amounts of water helps thicken the blood, which reduces the menstrual flow.

3.5 Consuming Mustard Seeds

Of all other herbal and nutritional supplements, mustard seeds can add a lot to your home remedies. It is because, they help you regulate the estrogen levels, as they contain omega-3 fatty acids.

This makes mustard seeds quite a great home remedy to keep up the hormone imbalance dysfunction. The consumption of mustard seeds can help in regulating the menstrual flow, reducing so much pain.

You can directly consume this or can also use it like certain medications. If not, you can also use it in the form of mustard seed powder, taking it with your normal diet.

3.6 Having Lemon Juice

Just like a lot of other acidic foods, lemon juice is also one of them, which can be very fruitful during heavy periods. Lemon juice generally helps in delaying the period and period cramps, and this method has been used for so long and is one of the oldest techniques for delaying periods.

Juice of lemon
A Glass of Lemon Juice. By Dhiren Maru / Unsplash. Copyright 2023.

As lemon juice is very generally consumed by human beings, it hardly has any adverse effect on health. We also drink lemon juice regularly to avoid nausea, vomiting, and other gastroesophageal reflux diseases.

However, it is never scientifically proven that it can help in delaying periods, but whoever has used it has got good results. However, some other studies do suggest that this citrus fruit helps in controlling the high blood flow or blood clots.

4. Who Shouldn’t Stop Periods?

The period is a very normal process, which generally starts in the female body after she attains adolescence. This process has nothing to do with your psychological state, and it will happen once you grow to this stage.

As it is a very normal process, basically this process should not be obstacles rudely or forcibly. Doing so can result in hormonal imbalance and uncertain diseases, which can be painful later on.

4.1 The Risk of Stopping Periods

So, girls who are under the age of 15 should avoid the thought of stopping their periods, which happens naturally. They should not stop menstruating, as this process is important for their body to observe the durations that their body needs to adapt.

During this age, the length of the cycle, the volume of blood that flows, the pains that you may feel, and the amount of bloating that happens, are all necessary to know. These are all relevant symptoms, which are necessary to be studied in the first year of menstruation.

By observing the duration and symptoms of the menstrual cycle, one can know the level of preparation she needs. It also helps you to actually judge the problems that you may face later with your reproductive system.

Hence girls who are around the age of 15 should not even have the thought of stopping their periods. They should not even use any home remedies to stop prolonged periods, as they can also hamper sexual health.

5. Tips to Deal with Prolonged Periods

Home remedies to stop prolonged periods are very necessary, but there are also some other ways you can deal smoothly with prolonged periods. If the period becomes unbearable, then you can use these methods to fight them.

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5.1 Menstrual Cups

This is not a natural or home remedy, but in this case, you need to push a small silicone cup inside your vagina. Its job is to absorb all the blood that is coming from your uterus.

Although this is the same job that is performed by sanitary pads, this soaks more blood than the pads. Not only this, but it also makes you feel like you are very comfortable pushing this inside your vagina.

5.2 Period Panties

It is mostly used to avoid leakage, and this is generally an absorbent underwear. You can use them without sanitary pads, moreover, they make you feel more comfortable than general pads during periods.

5.3 Heating Pad

This heating pad is used by a lot of women who feel the cramps more than regular women. It generally loosens the contracted muscles in the abdomen which provides relief from the period cramps, making you feel more relaxed.

6. Conclusion

Periods have always been a taboo subject for human beings. But with the modernization in the thought process, people have started talking about the details of the happenings during a period.

Although there are different remedies which are available in the market, still people are still skeptical about going for them. It is because a lot of them have a lot of side effects, which can be very harmful later.

So, these home remedies to stop prolonged periods are something that people can truly rely on, as they do not harm anyway. For some, they may work, and for some, they do not, but they do not make things worse in any case.

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