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12 Tips and Tricks to Design Your Own Workout Program

Exercise has become a major part of the life of people and each one of them has their own way of exercising and following an everyday routine.

The word exercise or fitness is now not foreign to anybody, so many people have involved themselves in gyms or in their home by creating their own workout routine according to their body’s strength and goals.

1. Finding the Right Workout for You

How to design your own workout
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The number of people in today’s time going to gyms and creating their own workout routines is innumerable.

The main reason why people started working out daily is because they understood the importance of being healthy as well and now it is easy to design their own workout plan according to their health.

Proper workout routines allow people who want to learn more about exercise, fitness, and its importance easily.

Having a workout routine not only improves one’s physical health but also helps them in making their mental health stronger and sharper. Work outs are also a great way to take a lot of care of one’s body and understand the importance of self-care.

Designing your own workout plan depends upon people like what part of the body they want to focus on, and what part they want to improve at, and accordingly a strength training program is created.

2. Is Having Your Own Workout Routine Important?

Following a Workout Program Vs. Training Intuitively

Just as we can see the craze of doing a workout every day has increased so much that a lot of people are interested in building their own workout plan shows how much it makes a difference in people’s life.

Every person is different from each other and that means that each one of them has their power to overcome the phase of exercise at their own strength.

When you design your own workout program, understand your body and its strength and how much you can do – to slowly improve.

Having the same routine helps the individual improve their physical health as well as mental health at the speed that they think is required by themselves.

Focus on oneself only which helps an individual understand their own body very well.

3. 12 Tips and Tricks to Design Your Own Workout Routine

There are certain questions that one needs to ask themselves while designing their own workout program.

3.1 Recognize Your Fitness Goals:

How to design your own workout
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Understand the reason why you are doing it.

Recognizing fitness goals is very important as it helps the person in staying motivated and pushes them to continue doing their workout routine perfectly.

Are there any special reasons like building lean muscle mass, or strong muscle groups, or just want to lose weight by doing compound exercises?

Recognizing the goal at the start helps people to focus on their goals with determination which is very important if one wants to continue their workout routine daily and that too happily.

3.2 Create a Balanced Routine:

After recognizing the fitness goal the next step is to create a balanced routine and everyday time for doing the workouts. It is very crucial to do exercises at the same time every day to continue making balanced progress.

Some people prefer the morning while some choose to do it in the evening, it totally depends on the people and the choice of exercise they do.

How to design your own workout
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If one is into outdoor exercises like running, cycling, or many other outdoor exercises then evening time can also work perfectly.

However, if the exercise is yoga or slow-based exercise which is done at only one place then morning time is perfect to start with.

The main balanced time should be that where one focus should be completely on the exercise, not other things so finding out the perfect time is important for people.

3.3 Choose the Target Areas:

How to design your own workout
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Having a target to divide the workout program smoothly and in a slow-paced manner helps the person enjoy it fully. If one wants to do weight training programs, then compound exercises are the best. If it’s just your body weight then with exercise a healthy diet is also important.

Compound and isolation exercises are best like bench press, and exercise ball crunches, or the latter one to build muscle or to just lose body fat.

Choosing the target area is very important for the person to keep their focus perfectly and make them remember to keep making progress at a time.

Create your own workout and that too custom workout program helps people in maintaining their exercise routine and focus on their target areas.

3.4 Start Low and Progress Slowly:

The most important part to keep in mind while exercising is that many muscle group work together in different parts of the body. That is why starting any workout means getting the body ready for the exercise stretches by slowly getting into the process.

Sometimes in excitement, people tend to overwork their bodies by doing many exercises at once which is one of the harmful ways to hurt the body.

While getting into the world of fitness the first and foremost thing to learn is that it takes time and one step at a time to progress in doing a workout routine.

Staring low and slowly getting way through the workout routine is important.

3.5 Find any Activity During the Workout Program:

How to design your own workout
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Sometimes people tend to get bored while working out and they just want to finish it early which leads to not properly focusing on the workout of their body. Therefore it is advised to listen to music or any podcast to keep oneself entertained through the heavy workout session of workout.

At times people love to watch YouTube videos while going on a treadmill or love to watch their favorite shows that helps in motivating people as they get to enjoy other activities as well with their workout which is a plus point from both sides.

Listening to music is one of the most basic activities that people love to include in their workout sessions as it helps them get focused on the exercise and push hard to do better every time.

3.6 Try to Include Different Exercises:

The workout program, even though it is a series that is done regularly but at times includes different activities is a great idea to get the mind refreshed as well as to see the progress of one’s fitness.

How to design your own workout
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Cycling, swimming, or any other exercise of the body that does not need much hard work of the muscles should be included for the people to enjoy some breathiness of other activities also.

If one only focuses on some target areas in a workout routine then doing some other activities helps in knowing more about one’s body and it helps to move other muscles as well. Trying to include different exercises also helps people keep entertained and have fun while performing the workout plan.

3.7 Take a Needed Rest:

How to design your own workout
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Exercise means stretching so many muscles together which is definitely very tiring and that is why workout routines are made because it depends on each person’s stamina and how many times they can do it.

It is mandatory to take a rest if required because taking care of the body should also be a person’s top priority.

Both the mind and the body should be in the discharge mode for better effective results of progress. Taking time and rest helps the body in gaining more power and accordingly, the health of the people improves.

3.8 Eat a Healthy Diet:

How to design your own workout
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While getting into shape two important things that need to be kept in mind are regular exercise and a healthy diet. Having a healthy diet mainly having enough nutrition for the body as exercises are hard and need a lot of energy so having proper nutrition in the body is important for people.

Eating a healthy diet does not mean only salad or leafy vegetables but a three-time fulfill meals every day at the proper time is very important. Also, it is recommended that one should have a light breakfast before exercise to help enhance one performance which results in effective progress.

3.9 Progress Slowly:

How to design your own workout
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Once the people get the rhythm of exercise and finish the basic step of exercise by moving on to their own phase and knowing how much time they require then it’s time to progress to the next step by increasing the muscles work or the timing of the exercise by going a little hard on the body.

It totally depends upon the person how much extra their body can take and people should slowly progress one step at a time. Starting slow by adding a little step to an everyday routine.

Designing a workout program helps people know their capacity which is the major reason for creating their own workout routine and by means of progress slowly one can get the perfect rhythm of exercise they want.

3.10 Exercises That Fit the Body:

There are so many exercises for so many parts of the body which makes people who are following their own workout routine confused about which exercise to do.

Therefore the first step is to understand the body and the target areas, one may have many target areas that one needs to work on however as in every exercise it is recommended to do only how much one’s body allows which leads to finding exercises that fit one body and they are comfortable with it.

The most advisable exercise is one which is very easy and beginner-friendly because exercise can be very hard to deal with so finding exercises that fit one body is very important.

3.11 Time to Recover

Everyone needs time to recover after so many hard stretches that people’s bodies and muscles go through.

Time to recover also helps in maintaining a little distance and then coming out stronger again. Having one own workout program leads to heavy exercise every day makes the body very sore and it needs a little step back for recovery of the sore muscles.

Also, it helps people get the idea of how much having their own workout routine benefits them and what more areas they need to look upon. Time to recover the body due to heavy workout sessions is crucial for more effective results ahead.

3.12 Put it on the Paper

How to design your own workout
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When something is written down it is very easy to keep track of it. Putting down the workout routine on paper helps people measure how much progress they have made as well as a good reminder to keep up the progress the next day as well and start doing it better again.

Writing down also motivates people as it allows them to read their progress which makes them happy to do even better. Also one can write their progress of exercise as well as what new exercise they want to do and start with the next step.

Writing down everything about the workout plan from physical activity guidelines to the time each exercise requires helps people keep track of how well they are doing and what more to do better ahead.

4. Pros and Cons of Having Own Workout Plan:

Pros & Cons of Training Twice A Day


Exercise can be easy but at the same time it can also be very hard so having the proper way to do it is very important because it can cause life-threatening injuries to the body. Certain benefits and drawbacks are there for having their own workout routine that people should learn about.

4.1 Pros of Having Own Workout Plan:

A. Own Speed:

Having their own workout plan helps people distance themselves from others and move forward at their own speed which is comfortable with their bodies.

The main reason why people design their own workouts is to be able to decide their own speed and accordingly move forward in doing better.

B. Time:

People who are really busy in their life and can’t keep following the same routine of doing exercise at the same time find it very helpful to make their own workout routine and do it according to their time.

Being able to have enough time also helps people in enjoying their workout process slowly which keeps the entire focus on working out and making better progress.

C. Accessibility:

People who can’t travel to gyms find it very beneficial to have their own workout routine that they follow in the comfort of their homes.

Sometimes people can’t even make it to their classes or gyms for many days due to work stress so having their own workout routine that they can continue at their home benefits them a lot.

D. Affordable:

Many workout videos and methods are available to watch online which helps people in learning from there and do it at home without paying fees for classes.

If it is affordable that means many people would love to make their own workout program and try to maintain their body health with care.

4.2 Cons of Having Own Workout Plan:

A. Training:

Having their own workout routine means there will be no instructor to help and people who do not have enough knowledge about fitness might not know how well to do training and if they are doing it right or not.

As well as there might be chances of injuries as one does not know when to stop which is one of the biggest cons of having own workout routine. People might not also get the idea of what exercise to do and how much time to do.

B. Too Many Exercises:

In the world of fitness, there are so many exercises for every part of the body. If one is involved with having their own workout routine then it might be hard for them to guess which exercise is best for them and from where they should start.

Choosing the target areas is also very important and for that proper exercise is required to get in shape which many people might not be able to guess which leads to a lot of confusion.

C. Consistency:

If one is paying for workout classes or gyms they will have to go and attend them even when they don’t want to, however, having their own workout routine means there might not be consistency among people as they are doing it by themselves at any time.

Exercise is something whose result shows after regular workouts out and properly focusing on it so consistency is very important. Since people are not bound to any paying classes or gyms there might be a lack of consistency which results in no progress.

D. Equipment:

It is not possible to have much equipment at home as they are huge in size as well as very expensive. If people want to exercise with equipment, then having their own workout routine at home might not be possible.

People have to invest in gyms and even a trainer for proper training with the help of equipment. If one is going to gyms for exercise with the help of equipment then people also get the chance to workout with many other equipment as well which might not be possible at home.

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