Does your Body Detox when you Start Eating Healthy?

Detox is the buzzword that is so common these days that almost everyone you know has done some sort of detox diet. You have seen detox diets so much that you are now intrigued to know how soon your body can start detoxing when you start eating healthy.  Well, it’s not that simple. And, how soon you start seeing changes can vary depending on what the changes are – and how ‘healthy’ you actually are eating.

1. What Is Healthy Eating?

Does Your Body Detox When You Start Eating Healthy
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Healthy eating not only helps with weight loss but also has overall health benefits as well. When we think of healthy food, we only think of bland foods, but this is a common misconception. 

Even when you are having a large bowl of salad, it does not have to be only lettuce and tasteless leaves all over. Add in some protein, carbs, fruits, and vegetables, and guess what you can even add cheese to it. Because cheese not only gives you protein but also healthy fats and other good things. Voila! You’ve got a tasty bowl of salad. 

Thus healthy eating consists of fruits, vegetables, protein, fiber, minerals, vitamins, and fats. Therefore a healthy diet is a balance of all these items. But the most important thing you should remember while you are on a healthy diet is that you should have a cheat diet to indulge in all those foods you love.

1.2 Common Misconceptions About Eating Healthy

Without understanding the misconceptions about detox, you might take the wrong steps that could be harmful to your health.

  • Following an eating plan means that you can not eat what you like.
  • Multivitamins should be taken daily.
  • Eating everything considered organic.
  • Drinking 8 Cups of Water daily.
  • You cannot eat late at night.
  • Purchase foods that only claim to be natural.
  • You can never eat junk food.
  • Only eating flax seeds to get Omega 3 Fatty acids.

2. Common Ways To Detox

There are various ways through which you can detox your body and it is not only limited to healthy eating. 

Adopting other habits along with eating healthy, can help accelerate the detox process and give you added skin, health, and hair benefits. 

2.1 Limit Alcohol

Does Your Body Detox When You Start Eating Healthy
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Consuming excessive quantities of alcohol can cause scarring, fat buildup, and inflammation, which in turn will hamper the important functions that the liver has to offer like filtering water and other toxins from your body.

2.2 Focus on Sleep

Does Your Body Detox When You Start Eating Healthy
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Sleep keeps up the body’s health and natural detoxification system. Sleeping helps the body reorganize and recharge. Poor sleep can cause short and long-term problems like stress, anxiety, high blood pressure, heart disease, type 2 diabetes, and obesity. 

2.3 Drink More Water

Does Your Body Detox When You Start Eating Healthy
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Water detoxifies your body by flushing out toxins from your body in the form of urine and sweat. Drinking less water can result in the mixing of these toxins into the blood which will cause you harm.

2.4 Reduce Sugar and Processed Foods

Does Your Body Detox When You Start Eating Healthy
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High sugar and processed foods hamper the natural detoxifying process of the body, so leave the junk on the shelves to keep up the detoxifying process. 

2.5 Eat More Antioxidant Foods

Does Your Body Detox When You Start Eating Healthy
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Tobacco, a low-nutrient diet, and exposure to pollutants and free radicals cause oxidative stress and toxins in the body. Eating an antioxidant-rich diet will counter this, accelerating the process of detoxification in the body. 

2.6 Eat More Foods That Are High In Prebiotics

Does Your Body Detox When You Start Eating Healthy
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Gut health is important when keeping up the detoxifying process of the body. So eat more prebiotics which are a type of fiber that helps produce good bacteria that help keep your body in good shape and detoxify it.

2.7 Decrease Salt Intake

Does Your Body Detox When You Start Eating Healthy
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Salt causes water retention in your body and affects kidney and liver health, causing bloating and hampering the detoxification of the body. Consume less salt to counterattack this. 

2.8 Stay Active

Does Your Body Detox When You Start Eating Healthy
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Exercising daily not only helps you lose weight but also reduces inflammation, increases detoxification, and less the occurrence of diseases in the body.

3. How Does Your Body Detox When You Start Eating Healthy?

If you are still concerned about does your body detox when you start eating healthy, then the answer is that your body will not only detox but also provide way more benefits than you didn’t even imagine. 

Following is a detailed description of what will happen to your body when you start your healthy eating journey, and this is also helpful in knowing does your body detox when you start eating healthy.

3.1.1 Day After Starting

Day one can be hard but bear with it as this is the starting point of your quest. On the first day, you will have fewer food cravings and have better control over the food choices that you make. 

Any sort of brain fog or low concentration that you have been facing will clear out, and you will have more clarity. You may even feel full throughout the day. Even if you do not feel the changes immediately, don’t worry as detoxification is different in different people. 

3.2.1 Week After Starting

In the first week of experiencing your does body detox when you start eating healthy, you will feel more energized, and you will look forward to exercising more. 

You will feel lighter on the scale as you lose water weight, due to less sodium intake. You will look slimmer in the mirror, and moods will be stable as well and your food cravings will be directed more toward healthy food. Some additional experiences that you will have include

  • Blood Sugar Fluctuations
  • Sleep Fluctuations
  • More mental Clarity
  • The natural Detoxification process starts

3.3 1 Month After Starting

So after a month, your skin will get radiant, and you will get compliments from people as well. You would also have a considerable amount of weight reduced if you have been taking up the calorie deficit rule and exercising.

Eating healthy has now become habitual for you, and you have started declining unhealthy food options. Pre-existing conditions like migraines, joint pains, irritable bowel issues, etc., would be better and you would feel much healthier. Since your metabolism rates have increased, you may also feel hungrier. Other changes that you will notice include:

  • Muscle Gain
  • Better Hormonal Balance and Cognition
  • Energized Mindset
  • Improved Digestion

3.4 6 Months After Starting

It’s been six months since you started the process; great job for continuing this long. After six months, your cholesterol, blood glucose, and blood pressure levels would have declined, if you were on the greater side. 

You will also look noticeably thinner if you are in a caloric deficit. Your bones will also get stronger due to regular exercise. And guess what any sort of mental health issues like stress and anxiety would be much more controlled as exercising releases dopamine, or happy hormones. 

3.5 1 Year After Staring

If you continue for a year, you will be experiencing all the benefits given above but in a persisting long-term way. You will be reaching your targeted goal, which will provide you with confidence, and make you feel positive, strong, and healthy. 

You are now more willing to try out new exercises and are against going back to your old lifestyle. Your food choices are more conscious, as you evaluate what you put into your body and the nutrient density of foods. At this point, you are going to feel great and probably at your optimal level as well.

4. Conclusion

Although detox is different for different people, your body may react differently. That’s why throughout the process, you have to be patient and persistent.

It may be difficult to stay motivated throughout the process, so you might encourage your friends to join you. Also don’t divert too far away from your previous food choices as this might create an aversion towards healthy eating.

Always remember that the journey to eating healthy is for you to feel better, and positive and reach your highest potential. 


1. Which Toxins Are Eliminated During Detox?

It is unclear as to which toxins are particularly eliminated in the detox process. The body itself is capable of eliminating toxins from your body through sweat, urine, and feces. But some toxins like persistent organic pollutants, bisphenol A, and heavy metals take years to be eliminated from your body.

2. Do You Need To Fast When Trying Out a Detox Diet?

There are many types of detox diets some are dependent on intermittent fasting, others rely on juices, while some others may only consist of healthy eating. Choose a diet that is better suited for your body and food preferences.

3. Does Eating Healthy Means Eating All That Is Natural?

It is better to eat those foods that are natural and organic. We know that organic eating is more costly than that cheeseburger you like, but if you still want to continue eating healthy, visit your local farmer’s market once a week to get fresh produce at a very low price to continue your healthy eating journey. 

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