7 Ways How Sex Relieves Stress

Human beings are essentially driven by pleasure and this pleasure somehow becomes our reason for happiness. When we do not get this pleasure and the pressure situation arises more, we go through the uncertain phase of stress.

does sex relieve stress
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This pleasure is basically either physical or mental. Mental pleasure includes sexual activity, which with given time can also help in relieving stress.

1. Regular Sex Can Help You Ward Off Colds and Flu

Good sex life has always been an underdog in making your life more happening and making you more happy. Different researchers discovered that a healthy sex life also has a lot of health benefits, and also helps in stress relief.

Apart from providing pleasure to your physical health, sex has always been a proper booster to our immune system. Sex helps in boosting our mood when we usually go through flu season.

1.1 Scientifical Reasons Behind This

Scientifically looking into the matter we can find that, having sex releases and creates an antibody in our body, known as immunoglobulin A. This antibody mainly starts building through this satisfying session of sex or through proper orgasm release.

For these obvious reasons, it is believed that sexual activity becomes one of the best reasons for the healing of our body during the toughest times. The secretion of immunoglobulin A helps in preventing sickness from minute diseases and also promotes a good immune system in overall health.

These health benefits of sex are the reason why it is believed that having a sexual frequency of twice a week helps prevent us from getting tough diseases. Doing so also provides good cardiovascular health releasing feel-good hormones and also sexual afterglow.

2. How Does Sex Relieve Stress?

In our everyday life, we do not necessarily feel the urge to have sex. But when it comes to the time, when we get squeezed between our work and getting a lot of jobs done, with ample amount of stress, we crave sexual activity.

Scientists Study The Healing Power Of Sex | Brain Power | TODAY

However, sex and stress are linked in many ways which gives a way out of us from the stressful world. An active sex life also makes sure that our cortisol levels are at an adamant level and do not hamper our lifestyle.

2.1 Some Health Benefits of Sex

In a most instinctive way, sex has always played an important role in stress relief. Sexual satisfaction can help reduce stress and help us deal with anxiety by injecting and triggering hormones like oxytocin and dopamine.

Certain kinds of feel-good hormones help us build our happy space in this absurd world. While having sexual activities, the orgasms release these happy hormones like dopamine or oxytocin, which makes us feel relaxed.

Hence, sex can help in battling mental health issues bringing more positivity and giving away chronic stress. Sex, providing a great physical pleasure also comes with a lot of health benefits.

Therefore, stress not only boosts our hormones and releases other helpful chemicals into our brain, but also sex relieves stress and provides relative health benefits.

3. How Sex Relieves Stress and Anxiety

Having sexual activity as the clouds, orgasms are the rain that truly drenches our sexual pleasure. In this way, sexual health and orgasms go hand in hand in becoming a stress reliever for a person.

However, the science behind this needs to be appropriately studied for the overall development of health and physical as well as mental wellness. Feel-good chemicals such as dopamine release neurotransmitters, which reinforce our feelings of pleasure.

3.1 Increases Oxytocin Level

Out of the different types of hormones that are found in our body, they are divided into different ways to work. Similarly, oxytocin is the happy hormone, whose work is to provide happiness when we get a physical touch.

This becomes one of the reasons why this hormone is also termed a “Love Hormone“. The secretion of this hormone naturally happens when we go through physical intimacy.

Physical intimacy includes affectionate touch between partners, making love, and sex between partners. Apart from these times, oxytocin can also affect pregnancy, giving birth to your child, and breastfeeding.

Having sexual arousal and proper orgasm, along with the physical closeness of sex, helps in delivering oxytocin to our body. This hormone can also help in relieving pain, which can be very stressful mentally.

3.2 Increase in Endorphins

Apart from the regular hormones, certain neurotransmitters get secreted in the human body in response to pain. The work of these neurotransmitters is to help relieve stress and anxiety and, at the same time help in adjusting the betterment of mood.

These are mainly released as a sexual response, while having any sexual activity, or even through any physical activity like running. These hormones also work quite similarly to the regular feel-good hormones and having sex helps in getting less stress.

3.3 Reduction in Cortisol Level

A good sexual session not only manages stress levels but also helps in the reduction of cortisol levels. A decrease in adrenaline and cortisol levels becomes very necessary to get a positive outlook and be stress-free.

These hormones are known as stress hormones and due to the secretion of these hormones, we get a lot of stress. Having productive stress helps in the response to stress and elevates the level to fight against the higher stress hormones.

Having too much cortisol in our bodies all the time can be very harmful to our bodies, increasing sexual problems, and worsening heart health. Indirectly it also starts affecting our brain and affects the blood pressure.

Hence, sexual activity becomes one of the best ways to manage stress management properly and control blood pressure. It is also found that sexually active women have a better heart rate and their cortisol levels are also quite controlled.

Sexual behavior plays an important role in defining the greater sexual desire and also helps to boost mood. The sexual afterglow also becomes inevitable to this extent.

4. Health Benefits of Sex

Pleasure has always been a stake for the betterment of human beings. If we look deep into sexual matters, apart from reproduction, they also serve better purposes like providing pleasure in human life.

Just the way we look into the matter of sexual activity provides hormones in our body to make us feel good, similarly, it also makes us feel less worried, and anxious, and through this maintains our blood pressure.

It becomes important for sexual partners to understand the needs of their partners and define human sexuality accordingly. Here are some more components that sex adds to our life.

4.1 Sex as A Mood Booster

With our minds all juggled with different thoughts and stress all throughout the day, sex helps in relieving them. This can serve to provide a positive distraction from our everyday stressful life, taking out the stressful thoughts.

By doing so, we can see a change in our mood, making way for a better day ahead. This works as a sex med and helps in providing better sleep overall.

With the help of different studies, it has been found that people not have a proper work-life balance, get erectile dysfunction. This makes your mood worse. Hence, you should enlighten your mood with the needed relief from stress, and make sex a mood booster.

4.1.1 Fighting Depression

This becomes quite normal to think that, if sex can boost mood, then it may also help in combating depression. But it becomes a little difficult to answer it, as depression is a little more complex than just having good sex.

However, psychological science suggests that, having frequent ejaculation can oppose the rise of depression symptoms and help in combating harmful stress. Hence, this also helps in boosting the mood.

4.2 Betterment of Brain Function

A better sex helps in the betterment of our body, both physically and mentally. Similarly, it not only makes our blood flow normal, or helps in making our heart health better, but also helps in providing good psychological health.

Proper sex in a regular time interval helps in keeping our mind sharp, making our thought process healthy. With more research on this certain topic, it has also been found that aged people need this the most.

After a certain age, we start losing our memory, Aged people who have good sexual habits and have sex frequently, provide a better performance in memory tests.

Hence, regular sex helps in making our memory power stronger, giving us a good mental space to live.

4.3 Sex Provides Stronger Relationship

Having sex regularly provides a pair-bonded relationship, which helps in squeezing away the stress from our minds and improves our overall mood on a regular basis. Through this, we get a better state of mind, which is utterly necessary for our healthy living.

Hence, positive physical contact is necessary for a better stress response, and gradually it also helps in providing better sleep.

4.4 Sex for Better Cardiovascular Health

Out of all the other benefits that we get from sex, good cardiovascular health is also something that adds up. It is found that people who have sex at least twice a week, have lesser chances of nurturing any cardiovascular disease.

Our heart also gets a lot affected by regular stress and this can be bad for the heart health in the long run. Hence, sex while combating stress, simultaneously also provides good heart health, making a way for good lifestyle.

4.5 Sex as A Workout

This may sound quite unusual, but having sex also works as a good exercise, shedding a lot of energy. As we start to lose a lot of energy and calories when we have sex, this also works best as an exercise.

It depends on our level of enthusiasm, and through this we can burn a lot of calories during sex, making it a good workout, through which we can also get some pleasure.

4.6 Provides Relief from Menstrual Cramps

Our mental health is quite tricky to understand. It can deal with hard times, but sometimes all it needs is just a picture of our partner to soothe our pain.

Similarly, partners play quite an important role in the tough menstrual period of women. They need proper nurturing and pampering for the betterment and this can be obtained with good orgasms, sometimes.

Menstrual cramps are always painful to deal with and these menstrual cramps need to be addressed with affection and enough love to get better. Sometimes sex does that for us, and good physical contact and good orgasms help in smoothening the menstrual cramps.

4.7 Reduces Risk of Prostate Cancer

Cancer has always been a risky disease to deal with. When it comes to prostate cancer, it becomes quite tricky to crack the way to not make it happen.

Dr. David Samadi - Sex Prevents Prostate Cancer &  Is Good For Your Health

However, with different research, it has been found that regular ejaculation can help in combating the risk of prostate cancer in men. It has been proved in certain studies that, men who ejaculate at least 21 times a month have less risk of having prostate cancer than men who do not.

Although this study is quite interesting, needs to be studied more vividly so that we can come to a conclusion about the actual reason behind prostate cancer. However, there are higher chances that a good sex life can ensure you a low risk of prostate cancer.

5. Conclusion

With the growth of the world and transforming into a better world, we all need to accept the world with a hint of more complexity. This complexity includes considering sex more than just a way of reproduction and fun.

Sex has always helped in a better lifestyle, unknowingly, and now it is the time to know its worth. This boosts our mood, helps reduce stress, and reduces the risk of heart disease and other serious illnesses.

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