5 Effective Ways To Reduce Pain During Intercourse

A couple invested in a relationship is quite prone to have their relationships built through various pillars, among which sexual intercourse is believed to be quite an important one. The sexual intimacy of the couple helps to build trust and belief in each other, which makes them a better couple in days.

But the more significant the satisfaction, the bigger the risk of problems within it, among which painful intercourse is one. Although many couples go through this situation, and this is considered quite a regular happening in this field. No one addresses it openly how to deal with it or how to reduce pain during intercourse home remedies.

1. Painful Intercourse

Almost everyone who goes through this painful sex never really understands the true reason behind it and all they do is live in self-guilt or no sharing with their partner. But this is nothing to hide and this painful intercourse needs to be addressed more often to come out with its treatment.

Pain during sex? What women need to know

However, this layman’s term of painful sex is termed Dyspareunia in medical terms, and this is a certain condition where your partner may feel consistent and recurring pain. This can be felt while having sex, or before or even after sex.

2. Pleasure and Pain During Intercourse

Sex has always been a pleasurable experience for the human being and that is the reason why they do perform it even when its prior need of reproducing is not necessary.

It is also believed by certain researchers that, having healthy sex not only provides you pleasure but also treats your mental health giving you a healthy mind to think and increasing productivity in life.

But all this is happening when the sex pleasures both partners and not pain. Rather than experiencing deep pain having this pleasurable experience creates chaos and doubt in your mind, which confuses you.

3. Talking Out Pain

With this pain, while having sexual intercourse, or even vaginal penetration, the body starts ignoring the pain, eventually shying away from it. This shying away from the pain slowly starts building that barrier within the couple and that starts affecting the sexual intimacy among them.

This is the reason why it becomes important to talk about this painful process with your sexual partner. If the pain persists after several thrusts, then it becomes important to consult a doctor about your painful experience.

Although this seems quite regular to avoid, this treatment for the pain during sex helps you and your partner get the underlying cause of this issue, and significantly this will treat in relieving from this common problem.

4. Causes of Dyspareunia

When your sexual pleasure starts becoming painful, gradually you may stop taking interest in that, as it will become difficult for you to hold on to that pain for long. That is the reason why it becomes necessary for you to know the very cause of the dyspareunia as soon as possible and treat it well.

It is considered that, during this phase of your body, the pelvic muscles are used to support pelvic organs that surround and support your vaginal wall. It is because your vaginal wall is quite a sensitive part that needs proper lubrication before penetration.

3.1 How It Happens

At this part, the muscles in this area start becoming stiff as well as start forming painless knots, which are medically known as trigger points. By studying deeply, we can get that, the pelvis sometimes gets swollen mainly due to physical injuries or poor posture during sexual intercourse.

In this condition, the pelvis gets tensed through an unconscious force and tightly gets clenched. It is due to this, that the treatment of this dyspareunia is important for a pleasurable sexual life.

4. Enjoying A Healthy Sex Life

With all the stress that life has been throwing upon us, a good sexual intimacy can heal most of it, through its therapeutic nature. Having a good sexual relationship can benefit the entire body.

Sexual Intercourse
Intimate Moment between a Couple. By AlessandroBiascioli / Depositphotos. Copyright 2023.

It is believed by researchers that, having pleasurable sexual intercourse can help any human in reducing stress levels and can also boost your happiness level, along with your immune system.

Moreover, to that, sexual stimulation often accompanied by orgasm can also act as a natural pain relief which can make your day a little better. And all of this gets bamboozled when the pain of having sex barges in.

5. Painful Sex Drives Women Away

This pain of sex not only drives women away, but the male partner who is involved with this also gets quite horrified seeing the situation. However, as a woman is the one who is more involved in this painful intercourse, it is she, who gets afraid.

This fear of having sexual discomfort prevents women from living their lives safely as this becomes a horrific experience. During the process, the vaginal tissue tightens up and stops the penis from entering, which can also start making things quite rough and difficult.

The vaginal dryness and the lack of energy while having sex, can also be some reasons for making the intercourse painful as well as not a pleasurable experience. When this pain gets attached to your anxiety level, it becomes difficult for women to deal with the pain.

6. Diagnosis For Treatment

The diagnosis of the problem needs to be done as fast as possible so that one can suggest a proper solution accordingly. Some of the proper ways to diagnose the correct are:

6.1 Checking Medical History

When you will check your problem with a professional doctor, you may get asked about your pain. They also may ask about when your pain grew, how your pain increased gradually, or where it hurts the most when the penetration happens.

Your sexual positions and your multiple sexual partners can also matter about your pain. Your sexual history can also be about your previous childbirth, sexual history, or even surgical history.

Answering these questions can gradually lead you to better treatment. Through this, you can get a reduction in your intercourse pain.

6.2 A Pelvic Exam

A pelvic exam generally consists of certain examinations, which check signs of skin irritation, infection, or even anatomical problems. While examining your vagina, it may also be needed to check by applying gentle pressure on your genitals and also sometimes on pelvic muscles.

Some professionals also use instruments such as a speculum, which is used to separate your vaginal walls. By doing so, they can get a proper visual exam of your vagina.

Pelvic Pain During Sex Dyspareunia   Causes, Symptoms, and Treatments   Pelvic Rehabilitation Medici

It should also be noted that, if you are having severe dyspareunia while having sex, then there are chances that you may also feel pain while this vaginal examination. So, it is necessary to keep an eye on that and stop the process if the pain persists.

6.3 Miscellaneous Tests

There are also times when your problem does not get diagnosed with these certain examinations. So, it is when the professional can ask to have a pelvic ultrasound, or some more tests to diagnose. During this, the cause of the pain becomes necessary to understand.

7. Treatment Options

With different diagnoses, the treatments also vary, through which you may be provided with different medications. However, these are some treatments that you can follow for painless sexual health.

7.1 Betterment Through Medication

A sensual topic like this needs proper treatment to resolve the problem. Any infection or medical condition as such adds a lot to your pain. This is the reason why a change in the medications, which includes lubrication problems can also put hands together in eliminating your vaginal infections.

Apart from this, another thing that plays an important role in pleasurable sexual intercourse is proper publication before penetration. However, many women who have obtained menopause, experience pain due to insufficient lubrication. It happens because of low estrogen levels in the women.

When this kind of situation appears, professionals often prescribe you to treat it with topical estrogen level directly on the vagina, to get over vaginal dryness. Apart from this, another drug named ospemifene or commonly known as Osphena is also advised to treat problems with vaginal lubrication. This acts on the vaginal lining, just like a natural estrogen.

7.1.1 Precautions

Although not a lot of people use it, still before using it becomes better to consult a doctor. It is because, with different people, there are also some side effects such as the risk of stroke, blood clotting, or even cancer in the uterus.

Still, if you feel anytime that this drug is not working, then you should stop using it immediately.

7.2 Other Treatments Beyond Medications

Not every time proper medication is necessary for the treatment. Sometimes it is in the mind, playing a psychological game and that too needs to be addressed.

7.2.1 Desensitization Therapy

Although it is often asked by professionals to have pelvic surgery to reduce the pain while having sex, there are also other methods. Desensitization therapy includes vaginal relaxation exercises, on the vagina, through the fingers, or even with different fingers and poses.

With this you can provide some comfort and calmness to the vagina, creating enough time to again penetrate. Most of the time, this works best for this sensitive part.

7.2.2 Counselling Session or Sex Therapy

Having painful sex results in creating a negative and pessimistic mindset and emotional response towards sexual stimulation. This psyche of a woman may even stay after the treatment.

how to reduce pain during intercourse home remedies
A Sex Counselling Session. By deagreez1 / Depositphotos. Copyright 2023

This is the reason if your partner is avoiding sexual intimacy due to pain, you should start improving your communication with your partner and restore the lost sexual intimacy. While things may not work by penetrating inside the vagina, you can also have some oral sex to maintain the sensibility.

Apart from this, you can also talk to a proper counsellor or even a therapist to resolve the issue. With these positive problem-solving methods, your partner can also start having an optimistic mindset gradually.

8. Lifestyle Changes and Home Remedies

Sexual intercourse has always been a private intimacy between two partners, and it is due to this that the partners need to resolve any issue related to this. To help the pain during sex, you and your partner could try out some home remedies for betterment.

It is mostly during the initial thrusting; your partner may face sharp pain. To avoid this pain in the first place, you can try different positions, which can also make your sex interesting. You should let your partner be on top, where she can regulate the penetration according to her pleasure.

8.1 Talking About Sex

Secondly, sexual intimacy holds a lot more than just sex. Talking about sex also makes your sexual life much better. Through this, you both get to know what feels good and what is not about each other.

While having sex if you find out your partner wants you to go slow, then you should certainly work on it. This works best as a behavioural therapy in creating a proper understanding between each other.

Sex and Intimacy: Communicating Your Needs

Another thing that should be learned is that longer foreplay can result in lubricating your sex more naturally. When you get more lubrication, you will also feel less pain while having sex. It is mostly due to inadequate lubrication, that we feel pain while having sex.

Hence, by delaying the penetration, and making your foreplay longer, you can easily achieve a better and pleasurable sexual life moreover.

8.2 Using Lubricants

Although it is always believed to slide with some natural lubricants like saliva, other artificial lubricants can be helpful. These lubricants make your sex more comfortable and help in reducing the pain. Hence, you should try different brands of lubricants, before settling down for one.

9.  Conclusion

Sex has always been a sensual topic to play with and when it comes to talking about the pain while we want to have pleasure, it becomes worse. However, things can be seen from the very symptoms of how worse the thing has become, and it needs to be treated easily, without delaying things.

Having pain during sex is not something new but it just needs to be treated more effectively. Most of the time it is just the inadequate lubrication that causes the painful intercourse. However, sometimes it is also the vaginal dryness and dyspareunia which become the reason for the pain.

Hence, it is advised to have a lifestyle change, change in sex positions, and also use some home remedies, to have better sexual intimacy with your partner.

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