Asthma Emergency: What to Do When You Don’t Have an Inhaler?

1. Introduction

Imagine yourself heading on your way to work and getting a sudden asthma attack and not being able to find your inhaler. Asthma is really a concerning chronic disease that can cause a death-like situation.

What to do for Asthma Attack without Inhaler
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An Asthma patient can highly relate to the situation of sudden chest inflammation, breath shortening, breathlessness, and anxiety.

As it is a world with a high density of air pollution, NCD (Non-Communicable Disease) like asthma has become common in every 3 of 5 persons, especially in children. According to the World Health Report, 262 million people got affected by asthma in 2019.

2. What Is an Asthma Attack?

An asthma attack is commonly known as a chronic disease pertaining to lung health conditions. It is a disease that causes swollen airways of lung arteries which lead to inflammation, shortness of breath, and breathlessness.

It can occur on a sudden basis, it is based upon several triggers like certain smells, dirt and pollution, smoke, and anxiety.

3. What are Asthma Attack Symptoms?

Asthma is a breath-related disease therefore its symptoms are related to lung and chest problems. It shows the symptoms of sudden shortness of breath and difficulties in taking a breath, chest pain, cough, fast heartbeats, and wheezing.

Your reaction should be based on the severity level of the situation. If you find it to be a symptom of mild Asthma then you might try some alternative yet temporary ways like those mentioned in this article, though a doctor’s recommendation is suggested. But if the symptoms cause a huge amount of pain and problems to you, you should check out your doctor immediately.

It is highly recommended to get medical assistance from your doctor to prevent Asthma attacks. However, some ways can temporarily help in a sudden asthma attack which you can use until your medical assistance is on its way.

4. What to do for Asthma Attack without Inhaler

4.1. Remove yourself from Asthma Triggers

There are several triggers for asthma, based on your experience of asthma attack triggers, you should avoid the trigger situation which ends up giving you a sudden asthma attack.

Some common triggers lead to a sudden asthma attack, pet danger, smoke, pollution, pollen, smoking, and cold weather are some of them.


These can cause respiratory and lung infections and also can lead to extreme pain and uncomfortableness in the respiratory system.

It would be wise to avoid these triggers as much as possible during your regular life. If in case you get confronted with one of these triggers, then try to be apart in a clean room, away from crowded places in an open space to take a breath.

4.2. Sit Upright

The most suitable position to be in your emergency is to sit straight. It will save the airways from further narrowness and will help in taking breath. Bending and laying down may result in further narrowing down your airways and cause more breath shortness.

4.3. Deep Breathing Practice

The main cause of Asthmatic people’s discomfort in the respiratory system is breath shortening. Exercise is one of the best ways to naturally cure and improve the Asthma problem. By practicing deep breath exercises, there is a good chance to improve your lung health.

4.4. Yoga

What to do for Asthma Attack without Inhaler
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4.4.1. Pranayama

Yoga is an ancient Indian exercise that has proven highly effective in physical health. There are several yogas. Pranayam is one of them which is used to control our respiratory system and enhance its health. It is very effective for lung health and hence helps to a great extent for asthma problems.

4.4.2. Sukhasana

In this yoga, you sit relaxed with a straight back and cross-folding legs. By closing your eyes, you are taking a deep breath through your nose and exhaling all of it through your nose only. It is also very effective in the lungs’ health.

4.5. Drink a warm, Caffeinated Beverage

Warm caffeinated drinks and beverages such as coffee might help in relaxing a little. Though medical assistance is highly recommended, you can try this if it works in your situation.

4.6. Stay Calm

Anxiety is one of the important triggers which can cause asthma attack, for an asthmatic patient, it is highly needed to be calm. You can stay away from anxiety by doing physical activities like Yoga, doing the things which give you happiness and relaxation.

4.7. Prepare for Emergency Situation

If you are an asthma patient then you should be better prepared for such situations. You should keep an extra stock of inhalers in your bag. You should set a SOS for quick and immediate medical assistance.

5. What’s the Best Body Position for an Asthma Attack?

According to a 2017 report, it is found out that during a sudden attack, an asthma patient who is standing has felt less discomfort in comparison of another asthma patient who were bent or lied down.

Standing up helps your airways open to get more breath and relax yourself. Whereas bending and lying down lead the arteries narrow down and blocked the ways of breath which cause breath tightness.

6. How do I Open My Airways during an Asthma Attack?

What to do for Asthma Attack without Inhaler
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You should seek emergency medical attention and meanwhile, try to calm yourself down. Try to take a breath and keep yourself in a standing straight position and look for an open space to breathe.

7. What to do for Asthma Attacks When You Don’t Have an Inhaler?

First of all, dial emergency medical assistance. Try to move away from the trigger in case you get an attack from a certain trigger.

Immediately find an open space away from crowds or narrow places. Get outside if you are in your home to take in the open air. Try to take deep breaths while standing in a straight position to relax yourself.

8. Conclusion

Asthma is not something to be avoided and taken for granted, it is a crucial deadly disease therefore you should be more concerned about it. You should keep on checking your doctor for your health. You should keep doing regular respiratory exercises and yogis for better improvement.

Take immediate emergency medical treatment while required and whenever you witness a sudden asthma attack without an Inhaler. Just be more careful to always be prepared for such situations. You can mitigate the pain and discomfort by taking deep breath in an open place by standing straight.

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