Let me stop you right there – before anything, you should know that liking feet is not weird at all!

Really! In fact, surveys among Americans show that at least 1 in 7 people have fantasized about feet. And since the population in the US has grown to 332 million, this means that over 47 million have shared the same fantasies as you.

Prevalence of Foot Fetishes

Moreover, foot fetishes are among the most common types of fetishes. A survey from the International Journal of Impotence shows that this fixation accounts for over 33% of all fetishes associated with body parts.


Foot fetishes are also diverse and not restricted to just feet. For example, even attraction to feet-related objects falls under the umbrella of this fetish. These items may include


  • Footwear like boots, high heels, leather loafers, and more
  • Hosiery items like socks, stockings, garters, and more
  • Accessories and props like chains, rings, anklets, and more


Aside from the foot itself, foot fetishists are aroused by the sight, smell, feel, or taste of these items mentioned above. In fact, over 32% of them have a solid attraction to footwear, usually leather shoes or high heels.

However, if you like just feet and not the associated objects, even that is entirely typical. Feet fetishists are primarily classified based on their attraction to different kinds of feet. So, depending on your preferences, you can like hairy, tiny, dainty, dirty, well-manicured feet, and more.

How Does Sexual Attraction to Feet Develop?

Unlike sexualities, foot fetishes are acquired behavior. Based on this, experts study these fixations as inherited via exposure to various experiences. Instead of being born with it, science proposes that you acquire these inclinations in early childhood.

Imprinting in Early Childhood 

This period is often the most impressionable phase of a human’s life. Any significant episodes during this time can cause your brain to imprint the wrong objects as symbols of sexual congress.

For example, constant fondling of the feet may cause the child to associate them as pleasure areas incorrectly.

In fact, children who have their feet kissed and played with often in childhood are more likely to develop foot fetishes in adulthood. This effect is caused when impressionable minds take the foot as a sex organ.

Experiences in Puberty 

In other cases, the children may also come to see their mother’s foot as a substitute phallus. Prolonged exposure to these appendages during early childhood may cause such an imprint. Aside from this period, foot fetishes may also develop during your puberty.

Like the early developmental phase, this is a highly charged time. During puberty, you may have several experiences that may actively encourage the creation of a foot fetish. This list includes

  1. Sexually experimenting with the feet with peers or partners
  2. Fetishes initiated by exposure to sports and activities like ballet, athletics, swimming, wrestling, and more
  3. Exposure to sexy footwear or hosiery items like socks, stockings, heels, and loafers

Research from The Journal of Sex Research underscores these points very precisely. ⅕ of the participants of this study actually stated that they developed a fixation for feet after seeing their father’s feet or footwear or a similar experience involving a parent figure.

A similarly sized demographic also stated that childhood play with peers may have contributed to their fetish. Under these, various activities were explored, including sexual climax achieved using feet.

Are All Feet Fetishes the Same?

Based on these experiences, the foot preferences of fetishists also differ. Popular foot pic selling websites like Feetfinder are the perfect place to see these demonstrations. On FeetFinder, for instance, you can see every type of foot categorized based on size, length, shape, toe length/size, and more.

As a testament to the popularity of feet, this site reportedly sees more than 350,000 visitors daily. Feetfinder even lets you find more unconventional types of foot pics, such as slippery, leather-clad, and more. You may even find sellers who incorporate bondage elements into their images.

Feet fetishes are also completely manageable in most cases. If you are curious, you can easily visit sites like the ones mentioned above. In most cases, a foot fetishist is a regular person; only they have sexual attraction for feet. Even the experts agree that a foot fetish can make your sex life spicier.

In most cases, you will like looking at feet or related objects. This may include items like heels, lingerie, and more. Painted nails or well-maintained feet are very arousing in most cases. A foot fetishist may also want to play with, caress, massage, or lick the region. Some of the areas they may explore are

  • Soles of the feet
  • Ankles
  • Feet arches
  • Toes



However, aside from clean, shapely feet, some individuals may also prefer dirty or smelly feet. Such cases are 100% natural, as the odor arouses more than 45% of foot fetishists. The olfactory angle to feet fetishes is thus found in almost every second person.

Your early experiences may also influence the type of feet you are attracted to. For example, exposure to your robust, sinewy feet growing up may lead you to develop a liking for this kind of foot. In some cases, you may also enjoy the humiliation factor that goes hand in hand with foot fetishes.

For example, you may be aroused by the idea of being submissive to a specific type of foot. In such cases, you may look into themes of bondage, BDSM, and humiliation play. However, you should establish consent with all your partners before doing so. You can also contact an expert to know more about the risks of such sexual activities.

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