6 Tips to Get the Ring off a Swollen Finger

 You could have hurt your finger while outside, and before you know it, you have got a swollen finger – with a ring in it!

And worse, you see that you cannot take it off. What do you do when you find that a ring is stuck on the swollen finger?

1. Why Do Rings Get Stuck?

how to get the ring off a swollen finger?
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Your ring can get stuck for various reasons such as:

  1. The ring was small when you wore it at first. However, while pulling it out it might get stuck as the force while tugging it out pushes all the tissues. This blocks the smooth removal of the ring.

  2. Your finger’s shape and size can change over time. This can be a result of growth or tissue or joint getting inflamed for some reason.

  3. If you dislocate your joint in an unfortunate accident. It is suggested to seek professional assistance and care in this case.

  4. The most common reason for your ring getting stuck can be harmless such as excessive sweating after physical or strenuous exercise or work.

  5. Thus, your fingers are not swollen but they are sweaty. In this case, you need to cool down your body by sitting under a shade or in a well-ventilated or air-conditioned room. The ring will come off easily once you get dry and dandy.

2. 6 Tips to Get the Ring off a Swollen Finger

Coming to the crucial part of this article, let’s go through some quick and effective ways to get the ring off your swollen finger:

2.1. Twist and pull the ring

how to get the ring off a swollen finger?
By Frederick Medina / Unsplash copyrights 2018

Take some oil or lotion to make sure that your fingers and the ring that is stuck are properly lubricated.

This will result in a slippery pulling off of the ring. Take your sweet time and do this gently. You do not want to further agitate your swollen finger.

2.2. Use Soap to “Lather Off” the Ring, Literally

The frothy lather created by rubbing your wet soap between your palms will create bubbles and creamy lubricant to ease the movement of your ring.

Do you know why people slip and fall on soapy surfaces? It is because the foamy residue of the alkaline soapy water results in a lack of friction, causing the person to slip.

This is the principle you want to apply to your stuck ring. Remember to moisturize your hands afterward. You don’t want crusty-dusty skin unless that’s your preference.

2.3. Use Saturated Fats Available at Home

If you have butter or ghee (highly clarified butter) at home, make sure that it is melted. Then use it like a lotion and swirl the ring slowly and it should come off.

Later, you may lick your fingers clean when no one is watching. Did you seriously imagine doing it?

2.4. Use the string-wrap method

How To Remove Ring From Swollen Finger || Ring Removal Swollen Finger


Slip in a string or dental floss under the stuck ring. Now, using the other end, begin tightly folding the string around the finger.

Ensure that the thread or dental floss is wrapped properly and smoothly past the lower knuckle. With the end of the string or dental floss that was slipped under the ring, begin unwrapping it in the same direction.

2.5. Raise Your Hand

Elevation of your arm will ensure that blood flows from your fingers preventing any possible blood clot.

This technique if done for 5-10 minutes should be able to reduce the swelling and thus, allow the ring to slide off.

2.6. Dip Your Paw in Cold Water

Make sure that the water is cool or ice cold. The extremely low temperature will constrict your blood vessels and lessen the swelling. This will make it easier to remove the ring.

You should raise your hand above your head after taking it out of the ice-cold water bath. Thus, this will effectively loosen the ring around your finger.

3. The Don’ts

  1. Do not tug and pull forcibly. This will injure your finger.

  2. If you plan to use a jewelry cutter found in the jeweler’s store, don’t try to cut the ring alone. Ask for help.

  3. Don’t use harsh chemicals as lubricants. Mild soaps, baby oils, lotions, and hand creams can be used as these won’t damage your skin.

  4. If everything fails, seek a doctor immediately. Do not try to take extreme measures.

  5. It is strongly suggested that you do not leave a ring stuck around a swollen finger for too long. This can save you from cutting off blood circulation.

  6. Don’t forget to gently moisturize and massage the area which was strangled by the ring after you successfully remove it. This will ensure smooth blood flow.

  7. Don’t fall into the trap of trying consecutive methods and wasting your time and risking a potential infection or injury. If you can’t get it off, go to someone professional or skilled enough to help you.

4. When should you seek immediate medical Assistance?

If you see your finger turn blue and you still haven’t been able to remove the ring, rush to your nearest ER. Also, if you don’t feel confident enough to remove the ring by yourself, seek professional assistance.

It is advisable to stop all self-help remedies if you see blood or feel any injury or extreme pain. Go to your doctor or any medical professional to seek relief.

Remember, if left too long, there might be a high chance of infection. Also, the blood in your affected finger might stop flowing and this can result in severe consequences. It is advisable to seek medical care in such cases.

5. Final Words

There is no need for embarrassment or hesitance if you ever get your ring stuck around your finger.

Also, remember to seek help not just give it. It is normal to feel the urge to tug and pull the ring, as quickly as possible, but it is better not to do it unless you wish to have a dysfunctional finger… because of your stubbornness. 

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