How do Pimple Patches Work?

1. Introduction

A small sticker that can cure pimples is interesting, isn’t it? Who doesn’t like clear skin, pimples is inevitable which also works as obstacles in getting clear skin.

Pimple patches are well known today in the skin care industry. It has become one of the convenient methods of pimple cure. It helps in curing active acne and spot treatment.

2. What are Pimple Patches?

How do Pimple patches work
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Nowadays the skin care industry has taken a great transformation and become precise over time to provide essential and useful products to people. Pimple patches are one of the results of this rapidly changing industry, they are tiny spot-figured patches like small pimple stickers which need to be stuck on the pimple in order to cure or mitigate it.

It sounds as magical as it is, but the modern quest to find ‘better’ has made it possible to have such a type of product for acne treatment that wouldn’t bother you much and you can use it very conveniently.

3. How Do Pimple Patches Work?

Pimple patches are often flipped over by another name Hydrocolloid pimple patches. Pimple patches usually consist of the Hydrocolloid chemical substance which makes them work as a pus sucker.

How do Pimple Patches Work
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Hydrocolloid patches while sticking to the pimple, create a defensive zone for the affected area. The open wounds of the pimple let the pimple patches work effectively as it sucks the pus, and help to reduce the inflammation. The acne patch would work as a wound healing dressings and sooth the inflamed pimple.

3.1. Salicylic acid is a friend of healthy skin

How do Pimple Patches Work
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Best known among all the beneficial products for healthy skin, Salicylic acid also known as beta hydroxy acid, works magically for a clear healthy skin. It has its speciality in reducing oil secretion, which is usually a basic reason for pimples to pop up on the skin.

The excess oil blocks the skin pores by mixing up with dirt and creates a pile of bacteria into the pores which cause inflammation and turn out as a big bump on your skin.

Salicylic acid reduces excessive oil secretion, reduces inflammation and helps in reducing the pimple causing bacteria from your skin cells and thus helps in reducing acne breakouts. Therefore, Salicylic acid can be called a best friend of healthy skin.

Some particular Acne Patches consist of some active ingredients like Salicylic acid which is really going to treat your pimple like magic.

4. How to Use Pimple Patches 

The usage of Pimple patches is as lucid as doing any routine work. As its name suggests the obviousness of its use, patch is meant to be stuck. These Pimple patches also just need to be stuck on your pimple.

How do Pimple Patches work
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There are many types of pimple patches available in the market nowadays, you can bring them accordingly; you are just required to peel out one patch and put it on your skin.

Before use make sure the skin is clear and dry properly because it won’t work on wet skin, use a soft towel for sensitive skin.

5. What is the Best Time to Use Pimple Patches 

Pimple patches can be used at any time of the day, there is no certain time bound for them. However, it is best to leave for a few hours, which can be done at night while you are going to sleep.

At night, the skin rejuvenates itself while your body remains in a state of relaxation. Therefore, a pimple patch would work best while used at night.

6. What are the Benefits of Using a Pimple Patch?

Pimple Patches - 3 AWESOME Benefits!...but STOP and Know These Tips First!

6.1. Convenient to Use 

It is very convenient to use, as you don’t need to put any extra effort but just peel and put the zit sticker on your pimple and wear it overnight, although you can use it in the daytime also.

Some particular pimple patches are infused with specific products like benzoyl peroxide, salicylic acid and tea tree oil, all of these ingredients are best suitable for soothing acne-prone skin.

6.2. Stop you to Pick Up the Pop Up

No matter how hard you try, you always end up making it more scarring by picking up the pimple which the skin specialist and dermatologists highly forbid. Pimple patches will make sure you don’t pick up pimples.

6.3. Can be used without much Appearance of Pimple

Today’s skincare market is full of various transparent and skin-color pimple patches. You can just wear pimple patches without worrying about the appearance of them on your face or skin.

You can also wear your makeup on a pimple patch which would hide them properly. Pimple patches are waterproof so you can just wash your face without worry.

7. Can Pimple Patches Make Acne Worse?

Pimple patches are to be used usually for treating small or medium levels of acne breakouts and some specific zit stickers can be used on whiteheads. Pimple Patches do not work on large-scale breakouts but there are no known facts that say it makes acne worse.

8. Can Pimple Patches Work for Cystic Acne?

How do Pimple Patches Work
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These hydrocolloid bandages would work only on small acne problems. Pimple patches make it convenient to use anytime anywhere and cure active acne.

You should be aware of limits; it can’t work on cystic acne and blemishes, and the acne-fighting ingredients in the patches would work only on small and less often pimples. Hydrocolloid acne patches are not found to reduce acne inflammation on painful pimples but it works on reducing the bump.

9. Are there any Risks to Hydrocolloid Patches?

Acne Patches work to prevent acne, it should be used after removing dirt on your skin. As of now, there is no known risk which is caused by pimple patches. It works only as a spot treatment.

10. Is There Any Possible Downside of Pimple Pathes?

According to Dr. Kassouf’s observation, pimple patches are ineffective on closed lesions, deeper lesions, blackheads or whiteheads. They only work on a small scale.

They are just spot treatments for active acne and can’t help in getting rid of pimples permanently. Furthermore, it is also unable to clear clogged pores.

11. Consider Dermatologist If the Severity Persists

If you are having regular active cystic acne and blemishes then it would be better to seek an official medical treatment from your trusted dermatologist. Most pimple patches would not work for severe acne problems.

How do Pimple Patches work
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Your Dermatologist would better be able to tell you the root cause of the pimple as it can be caused by hormonal imbalance or any other reason also. The severe acne problem can be cured by antibiotic injections by skin experts.

12. Conclusion

Pimple patches or hydrocolloid patches are small stickers that are used for acne treatment. It is a travel-friendly and convenient method of pimple cure as it can just be peeled off and stuck to the skin. Some specific active ingredients such as salicylic acid would help in healing the acne flares. However, it doesn’t work on large-scale breakouts, if the acne breakouts become severe you should definitely check out your dermatologist.


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