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Does Female Masturabation Cause Weakness? – 5 Mind-Blowing Facts

Sex is way more than just a process of sexual intercourse and creating a child out of it. Out of all the mammals present in the world, the human being is the only mammal that masturbates with its genitals and gains sexual pleasure. But does female masturabation cause weakness?

Every living being do have sexual desire and in humans, this desire takes a huge rise when they are horny. During this stage their testosterone level peaks, creating sexual tension.

This process of masturbation is quite normal both in the case of men and women, which provides them relaxation from daily life.

1. Masturbation in Daily Life

Masturbation is quite a normal thing for every human being who wants to attain sexual pleasure all alone. During this process you do not need a partner to attain sexual pleasure, instead here you can help yourself achieve the same.

does female masturabation cause weakness
Female Masturbation. By Womanizer Toys / Unsplash. Copyright 2023.

Researchers say that it is good to masturbate when you are going through a tiresome day. This helps you release the happy and stress-free hormones which can make you feel relaxed.

So, it is a self-pleasure that is much more than just a sexual desire, it also helps not to have mental and physical imbalance. Although a lot of people feel guilty after masturbating, in reality, it is a relaxing therapy that can also help in getting rid of mental health issues.

1.1 Adulting and Sexual Life

When a child plays with his or her genitals during the age of two to six it is quite normal. But if an adult sees this sight of a child playing with genitals, then it can be a very awkward sight for him as he is seeing through the adult’s eyes.

This adult’s eyes are the adolescence hit that we all have gone through and now it is known as masturbation. Just like physical growth, sexual growth or development is also quite a normal process for a human being.

With sexual development, he understands sexual needs and can understand what is right and what is wrong. Hence, sexual education is also essential for a human to understand the sexual drive and overall health.

2. Masturbation as Common Behaviour

Although masturbating is still considered a taboo subject, it is a completely normal process for both men and women. This makes sure you have healthy sexual health, and your emotionally traumatic health gets better with it.

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Sexologists and researchers do recommend that this intensely private sexual matter should also be discussed and talked about. Doing so can help you in making a way towards a better sex life and can understand that masturbation makes a human feel better.

3. Masturbation Being Harmful for Women

This is another presumption that people conceive, which is a wrong notion. People also think that masturbating has a lot of negative effects on sex or even your day-to-day life, but does masturbation lead to a base sex life?

The answer is no, as masturbating is never a harmful process for your body. However, for some people, this can be morally wrong due to their personal choices.

But if we look deep into the thought process, women masturbating is as normal as men masturbating. So, masturbation for women is good for their body and it does not even have any negative side effects.

4. Can Women Masturbate Daily?

When a man masturbates, then they have to ejaculate sperm when they get the orgasm. But when a woman masturbates, there is no ejaculation, rather just a proper orgasm that can release some happy hormones.


But in both cases, there is one common thing, and that is the energy level. Whenever there is a sexual drive, the energy level gets affected. And as long as your energy level is intact, it does not matter how many times you masturbate.

4.1 Women Masturbating and Orgasm

So, masturbating daily for women can be very normal, it just depends on what age they are and how much is their sexual drive. But there are also certain cases where masturbating daily is considered a bit excessive in a normal life.

It is because when you start masturbating daily, it can slowly lead to excessive weakness and can also make you feel fatigued. This can also slowly affect sexual intercourse with your partner, which can hamper your mental and physical imbalance.

When you have sex with your partner, then it is necessary for you to perform better. And if in this case the regular orgasm goes missing while having sex, then it can start hampering your mental health.

This mental health can be added to frustration and unhappiness in general life, which can be caused due to excessive female masturbation. So, women orgasms can also indirectly affect your self-esteem and excessive ejaculation can be very bad for your physical health.

5. What Is a Normal Number of Masturbation in A Week for Women?

There is not a single air-tight concept for how many times one should masturbate in a week. Rather it depends on the general health conditions and also the frequency per week.

Some women do masturbate two to three times a day and it is their horniness that never gets satisfied. Some women do it five or seven times a week, and some do not do it at all.

This however does not affect your sexual health, rather it just depends on how sexual you are and what your physical health is satisfied with. Having a sexual drive-in woman is quite normal, but when this turns out to be excessive, it is something to think about.

When someone is involved in sports, creative arts, or any other interesting hobbies, this energy gets transferred from frequent masturbation to this art. So, somehow this ensures you have a balanced, healthy, and stress-free life.

6. Can Masturbation Be a Replacement to Sex for Women?

When we see the basics of the process of masturbation, it is the process of sexual desire being satisfied by yourself only. It is the same thing that is done with your partner when it comes to having sex.

It is just our sex organs achieve orgasm when we have sex, and the same organs get stimulated when it comes to masturbation. So, this question arises, can masturbation be an easy replacement for sex for women?

Female Masturbation
Woman with a Sex Toy. By Dainis Graveris / Unsplash. Copyright 2023.

So, masturbation itself is a pleasurable activity that provides sexual relief within the body and releases tension. Having regular masturbation can also lead to you having a better experience with your sexual partner, as it enhances the sexual process.

When a woman masturbates on a regular basis, she understands her body better and what are her sexual cravings. But this understanding should also be used in an actual sexual process, through intimacy with your partner.

6.1 Sexual Intimacy and Masturbation

If this proper sexual intimacy is not happening and you are only going on masturbating regularly, then this could be a problem for you. Masturbation can be a replacement for sex life for both men and women in a certain phase of their lives, but not every time.

There are times when your partner’s sexual drive is not that high, and this is a time when you can masturbate to get over your sexual drive. This simplifies the sexual tension between your partner and you and makes the sex life easier.

When your partner is sick or unavailable and you have a strong desire to have sex, it is also one of those times when you can masturbate. Doing so can release sexual tension and the excessive pressure can also be reduced.

7. Is It Not Safe When Women Masturbate?

Masturbation is the safest process through which one can attain their sexual desire without harming anyone or without anyone’s interest. However, anything excessive can be bad and when masturbation is done excessively or aggressively, you can get side effects of masturbation.

There are different ways masturbation can also be not that safe if not attempted properly. When you share your sex toys with someone who is infected with some Sexually Transmitted infections, or any other transmittable disease, then you can also get affected by that.

7.1 Things to Remember While Masturbating

Sometimes touching your genitalia after touching someone else’s genitalia who has some disease can also make you affected by that disease. Apart from that rubbing your vagina aggressively while masturbating can also be very harmful.

It is because the vagina is one of the most sensitive parts of the human body and when it is played with aggressively, even for sexual pleasure, it can be harmful. So, rubbing the vagina smoothly, even if masturbating is a great stress reliever.

8. Benefits of Women Masturbation

8.1 Helps Against Physical Diseases

Masturbating is normally not only a sexual desire to overcome, rather it also helps in preventing certain diseases like cervical infections. Not only this it also relieves urinary tract infections, as while masturbating you play with your vagina it does not let the infection prevail.

Masturbating helps to relieve the pain and the lubrication of the vagina with cervical fluids helps in flushing the harmful bacteria out of the cervix. Through this masturbation leads to a good medical treatment for women which also gives away the side effects of masturbation.

8.2 Helps in Maintaining Mental Health

As we have been talking how masturbation provides a relaxing feeling, and this also adds to mental health. Masturbation leads to good mental health, taking away the depressed feelings when you get aroused with sexual desire.

When we masturbate the mood-lifting hormones secrete which play an important role in boosting the mood after a sulking day. This also somehow helps in relieving the emotional stress, which can also affect your mental health.

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8.3 Keeps Relationships Safe

When you do not have good sexual intimacy then there are high chance your relationship can stumble somewhere in the future. But masturbation leads to a happy relationship as it eradicates sexual desire, which can be the root cause of a lot of problems.

This also boosts your self-confidence which can make you feel self-awarded and with this, you both can grow together. When there is proper stress relief from your life, you can also witness some good sleep, as it will stop you from feeling insomniac.

8.4 Prevents Heart Disease and Others

Through different studies, it is found that women who experience more orgasms are more prevent to heart diseases and also diabetes. They can resist better as they are less stressed and have a better resistance to these diseases.

It is a normal process of blood pressure being higher in the clitoris when a woman orgasms. With this the muscle tone, heart rate, and respiration increase, which goes up from the pelvic floor.

So, increasing pelvic muscle tension and strengthening the entire regimen can be essential to make the pelvic cramps better.

9. Treatment to Excessive Ejaculation

Most of the time we do not get to know when we are masturbating excessively and when we are not. Many women do masturbate a lot and many women do not even masturbate at all, so it is difficult to count what is excessive masturbation.

As masturbation leads to high blood circulation and is a very common behavior when masturbating, it is necessary to understand your bodily needs. One of the side effects of masturbation is that it increases blood flow, and this can also have some adverse effects on the body.

So, when you feel like you are masturbating excessively, then it is better to consult a general doctor. It is necessary to refer to a psychiatrist or even a counselor as they can regulate the energy in some productive way.

10. Conclusion

When a woman masturbates it is necessary to even use water-based lubricant to have a smooth masturbation. It is also better to do it with different positions, and this can eradicate the moisture problems.

So, the clitoris is the one that mostly comes into play, and this should be used in a proper smooth manner. Although this has nothing to do with pregnancy, still it can affect your sexual organs.

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