8 Home Remedies to Make Nails Stronger

Many women care greatly about the beauty of their hands. Especially their nails in particular and having well-groomed, polished nails makes a woman’s day. Home remedies will help to achieve strong and perfect nails along with patience. Growing nails and losing them is upsetting sometimes. But how do you prevent the breakage?

1. 8 Ways to Make Nails Stronger

To make your weak and brittle nails stronger try out the natural remedies that help promote nail growth. To have shiny, beautiful and stronger nails you should also have a nail care routine too. It takes a lot of effort to maintain the healthiness of your nails while using so many nail products.

So, let us find some ways to make nails stronger in home remedies.

1.1. Natural Home Remedies for Healthy Nails

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We know nature is best. So, everything we use for our nail health must be natural products and not harsh chemicals. To strengthen the brittle nails you can try the mentioned home remedies. Nail health is also equally vital as other parts not only for girls but also, for boys too. Because nails can also become home for bacteria and fungi.

The way people follow care routine for their hair and skin. Do the same for nail health too.

1.1.1. Nails Must Remain Clean and Dry

how to make nails stronger home remedy
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Keeping nails dry is very important as they become fragile after being soaked in water for long. Also, it helps in preventing bacterial growth and makes your nails stronger. So, to keep your nails safe and not brittle try your best to keep your nails dry and clean.

1.1.2. Biotin Supplement Intake

Taking supplements is always dangerous if taken without a prescription so make sure to consult your doctor first. Moreover, Biotin contains Vitamin B7 which is helpful in making your hair and nails strong. It not only keeps your body’s nervous system working properly but also maintains blood circulation.

1.1.3. Use Natural Products

It has become the greatest issue recently because chemical products are available all over the marketplace. These products such as nail polish removers use harsh chemicals which directly affect not only your nails but cuticles too. They make your nails rough and brittle. So, always use quality products.

1.1.4. Use Moisturizers or Lotions

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As we know, moisturizer helps make our skin soft and keeps it hydrated. Similarly, nail cuticles need that softness and care too. Use of moisturizers or lotions can help you increase your nail growth rate.

1.1.5. Lemon Nail Mask

Lemon is very beneficial for the human body. It is a rich source of Vitamin C but also, it has antifungal properties that keep your nails infection-free. Fresh lemon juice combined with honey’s hydrating properties makes a better combination to make your nails stronger and healthier.

1.1.6. Oiling Nails

Oil massage opens all your body pores and makes you feel so light and relaxed. So, why not oil your nails too? As oiling helps increase hair length it helps with your nail growth too. Moreover, to make sure that nails absorb all the beneficial components, wear thin cotton gloves overnight.

1.1.7. Apple Cider Vinegar

It is a calcium-rich component that works best mixed in warm water. Soaking your hand for not more than 10 minutes in this solution gives you shiny nails. The elements like iron and vitamins also help make nails stronger.

1.1.8. Fine Grain Sea Salts

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Sea salt keeps your nails brittle-free. So, to take advantage of this benefit, soak your hands in sea salt water for some time, that is, one minute or a maximum of two minutes to have soft and smooth cuticles.

1.2. Natural Oils for Nail Growth

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Now it’s time for natural oils that can be used for oiling the nails. So, that nails get shiny and healthy in no time.

Let’s start!

1.2.1. Olive Oil

It is a very beneficial oil for multiple purposes. One of those purposes includes nourishing cuticles and hydrated nails. Further, it increases the nail length and gives you long and strong nails.

1.2.2. Coconut Oil

how to make nails stronger home remedy
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Coconut oil has a hydrating property that keeps your cuticles hydrated and makes them soft. Along with that, its antifungal property keeps infections away. So, massage your nails into the warm coconut oil for half a minute before sleep.

1.2.3. Tea Tree Oil

It has a conditioning property that keeps your nails shiny and its antiseptic property prevents fungal and bacteria attacks. Such as the fungus Trichophyton rubrum, a bacterial infection that may affect you badly.

1.2.4. Garlic Oil

how to make nails stronger home remedy
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Selenium, an ingredient that increases your nail growth is found in garlic oil. To have the benefit of it you can either rub off the peeled garlic piece on your nails or can make your own garlic oil mask.

1.2.5. Wheat Germ Oil

The following oil contains vitamins and essential fatty acids which are beneficial in more than one way. It keeps your nails strong. It has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties too that keep your nails away from weakness. Also, prevent nail breakage.

1.2.6. Vitamin-E Oil

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The moisturizing property of vitamin E benefits in keeping your nails healthy. It not only makes your nails strong but also, but it also prevents yellow nail syndromewhich makes your nails yellowish and cuticles get peeled off.

These natural oils help keep your nails infection-free and strengthen brittle nails.

2. Do Not Perform the Following Things

2.1. Nail Biting

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Biting your nails is the worst habit that can damage your nails as well as your health. Because it causes fungal nail infections that can cause bacterial and fungal growth in your body as well. So make sure to never bite your nails. At last, they stop the nail growth.

2.2. Cutting-Off Cuticles

People who prefer going for manicures and pedicures usually cut off their nail cuticles. That’s why it’s a poor practice. Nourished cuticles help keep your nails intact and act as a nail bed. So, cutting them can be a damaging factor for nails.

2.3. Pulling-Off Hangnails

Usually, everyone does this thing often. But what they don’t consider is its side effects. The pulling-off hangnails can cause scratches or wounds to your nails causing fungal growth.

2.4. Use of Nails as a Tool

Sometimes, in the hustle, we use our nails for things we should never do. Such as opening a container cap, scratching a card, or more. These small things make your nails weak and brittle.

2.5. Avoid Harsh Nail Polish

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To make your nails look beautiful you use various nail polishes but do you think how harsh they can be? Always make sure you use a nail polish that is not made of harsh chemicals and is good for nails.

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3. Final Note

Nails are a very beautiful part of our body so always take good care of your nails. These how-to-make nails stronger home remedies will help you maintain your nails’ health. Do not ignore your nail health as they might lead to bigger issues.

The bacterial and fungal infections will not only affect your nails but also, your health. So, always be careful with your nail health. Growing them is not enough, proper care is also important.

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