11 Ways To Get Rid of Neck Fat

You looked in the mirror, and the first thing you noticed was your neck fat. It may be upsetting and often the most stubborn place where fat could deposit, but with some fundamental changes, this stubborn fat can be easily removed without much hassle. 

For many people, neck fat can be related to their self-esteem, and they will be desperate to change this. However, neck fat is often associated with health issues, so you might want to check up on your health when you are concerned about how to get rid of neck fat.

1. What Is Neck Fat?

This refers to the deposition of fat cells below the layer of the skin under your neck, particularly in the front of your neck, below the chin. Neck fat can happen to anyone regardless of their age or gender. 

Although this is nothing to be too concerned about, it is better to take care of it before it gets worse since neck fat is directly related to obesity, which causes other health issues as well.

2. Causes

Although weight gain is considered the main culprit behind your neck fat, there could also be other causes, some of which can be tackled with simple strategies, while others will require a bit of work to get the results.

2.1 Genetics

While weight gain is the leading cause of a fat neck, genetics can also play a major role. If you belong to a family that has pronounced neck fat, then you are also prone to have it. Even though there is not much you can do about your genetically inherited neck fat, surgeries may be of help. 

2.2 Age

As we age, the fat from our upper back that protects our muscles moves down to the front of our throat, causing neck fat. Moreover, the older we get, our metabolism slows down, as a result of which tiny abrasions are caused on the area with less fat percentage. Since our necks have less fat, these areas accumulate fluid and fat over time. 

2.3 Weight Gain

The more pounds you gain, the more pounds will increase on your neck. The easiest way to reduce neck fat caused by being overweight is through a healthy diet, regular exercise, and other healthy habits. 

2.4 Eating Habits

Eating habits also play a crucial role in the increase in neck fat. If you love snacking on junk food that is high in carbohydrates and low in nutrients, then it’s better that you cut back on those toxins and opt for more fruits and vegetables and lots of physical activity.

2.5 Slouching

Slouching for long hours and having a bad posture go hand in hand by giving a double chin. Slouching not only gives you neck fat but also weakens your muscles and restricts you from sitting upright restricting blood circulation in these areas as well. 

2.6 Hormone Imbalances

For women, hormonal imbalances play a vital role in getting a fat neck. Excessive consumption of junk food with the presence of high amounts of male hormones in the body causes PCOS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome), which can result in fatty deposits around the neck, skin tags, moles, cysts, and an irregular menstrual cycle. 

3. Ways to Prevent Neck Fat

Now that you have understood the causes of neck fat and are on your way to knowing how to get rid of neck fat, it has gotten pretty clear that the most basic way to get rid of neck fat is by getting yourself into a healthy and sustainable diet.

However, in some cases, diet may not be enough to get rid of neck fat, and this is where exercise comes into play. Even so, in some extreme cases, neither diet nor exercise is helpful. For such scenarios, you can go for surgeries. 

This section has been divided into three parts: Natural ways, exercises, and surgeries to reduce neck fat. Although you can go for surgeries to reduce neck fat, we definitely won’t judge you for that, but weigh the pros and cons of getting neck fat removed. 

3.1 Natural Ways To Reduce Neck Fat

Following are the natural ways through which you can easily get rid of neck fat.

3.1.1 Decrease your Daily Calorie Intake

The best way by which you can lose that stubborn neck fat is by remaining in a caloric deficit. Since neck fat is caused when you become overweight, beginning with a caloric deficit of around 400-500 calories will result in a 0.5 kg weekly reduction. 

However, always consult a dietician before getting on a calorie-deficit diet, and remember not to starve yourself, as it will lower your metabolism, making it harder to lose weight.  

3.1.2 Drink More Water

How to get rid of Neck Fat
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Try to stay hydrated throughout the day. You should drink at least 2 liters of water daily and more if your body requires so. 

Drinking more water not only helps with weight loss but also with appetite management, making your skin look moisturized and youthful, which prevents saginess and loose skin around the neck. 

3.1.3 Do More Cardio

How to get rid of Neck fat
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Cardio is a type of exercise that helps the body to shed fat quickly by sweating and releasing harmful toxins, making you look youthful, aiding weight loss, and looking less bloated, including your neck. 

You can do any type of exercise, from running, swimming, HIIT workouts, and bicycling are some of the few cardio exercises. Repeat these 2-3 times a week.

3.1.4 Follow a Healthy Diet

How to get rid of neck Fat
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Aim for a healthy and balanced diet, as it not only helps with weight loss which in turn gives you a slimmer neck but also helps with various diseases that come hand in hand with being overweight. Include a variety of nutrients in your diet, and stay away from processed food that is overall bad for your health. 

A list of foods to include in your weight loss journey is green tea, lemon juice, red bell pepper, flaxseed, carrots, sunflower seeds, and aloe vera. 

3.1.5 Eat More Lean Protein

How to get rid of neck fat
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Include more protein in your diet, even when you are snacking. Compared to carbohydrates, protein can keep you fuller for longer and help you build muscles. Always consume the recommended amount of protein for your body.

Include protein like lean beef, tofu, chicken, eggs, nuts, low-fat dairy, seaweed, etc.

3.1.6 Eat More Vegetables

How to get rid of neck fat
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Vegetables are nutrient-dense and low in calories, making them great for weight loss and helping you out. Incorporate vegetables in all your meals, either grilled or steamed. 

You can snack on some carrots or celery sticks if you feel hungry, or better get yourself a bowl of salad with vegetables, proteins, nuts, and more!

3.1.7 Eat More Fruit

How to get rid of neck fat
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You can still lose weight without having to compromise your sweet tooth by having more fruits in your diet.

Having a bowl of seasonal fruits daily will not only help you with your sweet tooth but also provide you with essential nutrients, vitamins, antioxidants, and anti-inflammatories. 

3.1.8 Chew Gum

How to get rid of Neck Fat
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Want to know the best way to get rid of neck fat? Then chew gum. Chewing gum not only gets rid of fat on the neck and face but also gives you a great jawline at the same time. Chewing gum also impacts the upper back in the long run.

Choose a sugar-free chewing gum to get a slim neck. Remember to only chew gum once a day, as more than that could be harmful. 

3.1.9 Use Sunscreen Daily

How to get rid of neck Fat
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Wear sunscreen, which reduces the chance of getting wrinkles and prevents sagginess and ageing. 

Wear sunscreen with at least SPF 30 protection and reapply every two hours. The earlier you start wearing sunscreen, the better, as it prevents you from getting neck fat and aged skin. You can also use an umbrella or a hat for extra protection when you are outdoors.

3.1.10 Decrease Alcohol Intake

Alcohol is bad for your health and a big no-no. Daily consumption of alcohol can lead to facial fat and skin swelling, including the neck. So avoid alcohol if you want to get a slimmer neck.

3.1.11 Practice Good Posture

Since bad posture is one of the reasons for neck fat, therefore practising good posture helps. Always say tall, even if you want to slouch while looking at your phone. 

 Maintaining a good posture not only helps with neck fat but also keeps your back muscles in good condition and relieves you from back pain. 

3.2 Exercises To Remove Neck Fat

Diet is great, but you also need to get moving to lose weight and lose neck fat. If you want to lose weight faster and gain some muscles, then hit the gym and get some exercises done. Although spot exercises are a myth, making the following list of exercises is great.

  • Look Left, Look Right
  • Look Up, Look Down
  • Out-and-Back
  • Pressure Tilts
  • Head Rolls
  • Pressure Tilts
  • Push and Pull
  • Weighted Shoulder Shrugs 
  • Chin Lift
  • Lip Pull
  • Blowing Air

3.3 Surgeries for Neck Fat

Sometimes we do everything to get rid of something, but things just don’t work out, and in such situations, surgeries are required.

  • Cool Sculpting
  • Liposuction
  • Endolift Treatment
  • Kybella

4. Final Words

Neck fat is extremely common among many people and can happen to anyone at any age. There is no shame in having a little bit of fat near your neck; you don’t have to be self-conscious about it.

5. FAQs

5.1. Difference Between Neck Fat and Double Chin?

Many people consider neck fat, double chin, and turkey neck the same. While all three of them do occur on certain parts of the neck, there are differences between the three of them. 

Neck fat refers to a thick neck. It can be due to genetics and is usually common among people who are suffering from obesity.

Double chin or submental fat is located in the folds under the jaw.

Finally, turkey neck, often known as “ gravitational face,” “dropping jowls,” or a “waddle,” is caused when skin loses elasticity, especially due to aging, and is hanging at the front and sides of the neck. This becomes more obvious when fat accumulates in these places. 

5.2 Do Neck Creams Work?

Skincare is generally great for everyone, aging being one of the main culprits behind neck fat, can make your neck skin look bulky. So choose a neck cream with retinol that helps in cell turnover and makes your skin look firm and youthful.

5.3 What Is the Best Exercise for Neck Fat?

No exercise targets a particular area. Neck fat is generally caused when people gain weight, and losing all those extra pounds will help with reducing neck fat. But if you want to make your neck look great, then there are exercises featured in this article that will help trim neck fat and make it look slim. 

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