What is Goat Yoga? 9 Best Benefits of Goat Yoga

Yoga originated as a mediative practice in the East thousands of years ago and now has developed into a modern lifestyle and global phenomenon in the last few decades. 

The yoga practitioner experiences peace, calm, balance, strength, flexibility, and relaxation in their body.

But have you guys ever heard of Goat Yoga? It is the latest craze arousing among people.

What is Goat Yoga? 9 Best Benefits of Goat Yoga
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It’s similar to the traditional yoga practice but with a little twist and that is performing yoga with cute little adorable goats.

Doesn’t it sound like it’s a lot of fun?

1. What is Goat Yoga?

So, What exactly is goat yoga or it is also known as baby goat yoga? This form of yoga practice got famous in 2016. The term itself explains the meaning of it. 

Goats roam around the yoga practitioners while they perform various yoga positions. It might sound a bit weird but people have found this way of yoga practicing quite fun and relaxing.   

I think goats are one of the cutest, and loveliest animals to do yoga with. 

In certain yoga studios, you are allowed to bring your cute little goats along with you to practice yoga poses while in some other studios, there will be a few baby goats that will roam around all the participants in the goat yoga class.

So, in a nutshell, Goat yoga is simply performing yoga poses while having fun, laughing, and smiling with cute goats. 

2. How Does Goat Yoga Work?

The next thing that might pop into your mind is how does it work? Well, it is a little unique from traditional yoga.

So, cute little goats are gonna roam around you while you are instructed to perform certain yoga postures.  

What is Goat Yoga? 9 Best Benefits of Goat Yoga
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It’s the same as regular yoga, only the goats are present. The instructors might ask you to put the goat on your back while doing certain yoga postures. Also, sometimes the goats just wander around and provide some extra cuteness and enjoyment.

In some classes, you also get to take a break to pet or cuddle with the lovely goats.

3. Who came up with the idea?

Who brings up this cute idea? Goat yoga is not as old as the traditional yoga. Numerous people have found this new way of yoga practice with goats unusual. 

Lainey Morse is the founder of Goat Yoga. She founded this way of yoga practice in 2016 when she decided to do yoga with her goats in Albany, Oregon.

She stated that she was going through a difficult moment in her life during this time. She had divorced, had a medical issue, and was emotionally drained. But she explained that whenever she gets around her goats, her life instantly brightens.

These cute animals have helped her to be calm and peaceful, which benefited her both mind and soul. And, this was the beginning of the Goat yoga.

What is Goat Yoga? 9 Best Benefits of Goat Yoga
Photo by: Valeria Ushakova / Pexels Copyright 2019

4. Why is Yoga combined with Goat?

The found, Lainey thought that everybody should experience this happiness, so she decided to share her concept and also began to give goats to the locals as “Goat Happy Hours” sessions. 

This goat therapy was well received by the locals. Then she shared her concept with one of her yoga instructor friends and her friend had a brilliant idea of combining goat therapy with yoga. This idea soon turns into an excellent combination of physical and mental treatment. 

As soon as they started the Goat Yoga classes, the idea quickly became popular throughout North America.  

5. 9 Best Benefits of Goat Yoga

There are various benefits of practicing yoga with goats and the following are the 9 best benefits of it:

5.1. Improves Mood:

The endorphins hormone gets released while doing yoga which gets combined with the happiness given by the adorable goats and these things help to improve your mood.

5.2. Stress Reduction:

Doing yoga and spending time with baby goats will certainly help you to reduce stress.

5.3. Improve Flexibility:

Yoga may certainly help you to improve your body’s flexibility and motion range.

5.4. Anxiety Relief:

Yoga and animal therapy have always helped to get relief from anxiety. If you are having anxiety or feeling depressed then cuddling and petting these cute goats might help you to lift your mood.

What is Goat Yoga? 9 Best Benefits of Goat Yoga
Photo by: Prasanth Inturi / Pexels Copyright 2018

5.5. Pain reduction:

Both Yoga and Goat therapy might help a yoga practitioner to reduce pain.

5.6. Positivity:

Both Goats and Yoga might help you to be positive towards your life.

5.7. Cardiovascular Workout:

Yoga helps to raise your heart rate and can help to decrease your blood pressure.

5.8. Improves Breathing:

Yoga improves your respiration and is very helpful for people who have asthma or other respiration issues.    

5.9. Improves Sleeping Habits:

In scientific studies, yoga has been found very helpful for improving sleeping habits.

6. Are there dangers of doing Goat Yoga? 

Most of you might be concerned about whether the Goat Yoga is safe or the goats are safe. Well, firstly don’t worry about the goats, they are always properly handled by the trainers. 

Goats are properly trained to be around humans and also before every session instructions are given by the trainers about how to treat and handle the goats.

Secondly, I think goats are the friendliest and calmest farm animals. This factor is very important since it enables those goats to grow acquainted with humans. 

7. Conclusion

Goat Yoga is a unique way of getting physical and mental treatment. Yoga will bring peace, flexibility, balance, and strength while these cute goats will bring smiles and lots of laughing to you.

Yoga practice with the Goat idea has grown famous in the entire North America. These unusual and unique yoga practice classes are popping up in all the cities and villages from coast to coast. 

Sophie Turner Tries Goat Yoga | Vogue

It’s now gaining popularity in other parts of the world too especially among animal lovers and also regular yoga students as it brings a lot of fun and excitement. 

So, what are your thoughts about Goat Yoga? Do you like it? Are you willing to give it a try? 

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