How to Tell if a Contact Lens is Still in the Eye?

Most people with eyesight problems have opted for contact lenses instead of glasses. But while you lose your glasses frequently, they don’t get stuck in your eyes. And a contact lens stuck in an eye can sound like a terrifying thing.

But no worries! There are plenty of simple, helpful, and effective tips and tricks to ensure that you do not have lenses stuck in your eyes.

1. Why Are So Many People Using Lenses in Place of Spectacles?

Many people are swapping their old glasses for a brand new set of contact lenses, and there are plenty of reasons.

The main factor behind this change is most likely the freedom and flexibility that comes when you start using contact lenses. This is more applicable to those who have an active lifestyle. They are lighter and much more compact compared to a heavy and huge pair of frames. And that way, contact lenses offer you more liberty and flexibility in terms of movement.

Moreover, you can get them in different shades! So contact lenses are the answer if you want to sport a new look with sparkly blue or deep green eyes.

And while spectacles come in various shades of colours, they cannot be compared to changing your eyes from brown to blue like magic.

They will not bounce around your face when you do any physical activity, nor will they painfully rub against your nose and ears all the time, leaving an unflattering outline.

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However, contact lenses are not without their set of cons as well. A lot of care and responsibility goes into maintaining the hygiene of these little things. They can cause discomfort and complications if they are not used in the right method and with proper care. You will need to clean them regularly with appropriate medical solutions and methods. And lastly, a stuck contact lens in your eyes is yet another unpleasant event that can happen.

2. How to Tell if a Contact Lens is Still in the Eye?

Despite all the benefits that you can get by using contact lenses, there are also various kinds of disadvantages as well. And among such drawbacks is getting a contact lens stuck in your eyes.

And even though that may sound scary and cause some discomfort, by knowing if a contact lens is still in the eye, you can also find some helpful tips and tricks to get it out.

2.1) Experiencing a Sharp Pain

Your eyes are among the most sensitive parts of your body, and if any object gets stuck there, the first symptom is pain and discomfort. And if a contact lens is stuck in your eye, you might feel a sharp or scratching pain.

Make sure not to rub your eyes in that case. If you do so, the stuck contact lens might get displaced and lodged somewhere more inaccessible. And if the pain or discomfort gets too much or keeps increasing, you should immediately contact medical emergency services.

2.2) Difficulty in Opening Your Eyes

Another common symptom of this situation is having trouble when you try to open your eyes. Human eyes are very sensitive, and the presence of any foreign object in there is bound to cause a problem.

Whenever any foreign thing gets in the eye – dirt or a single eyelash, you will find it difficult to open your eyes wide.

Difficulty in Opening Eye
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Similarly, opening your eyes with normal ease can prove difficult if something like a contact lens is stuck there. So if you find it difficult to open your eyes, check if anything is stuck there. You might find the contact lens you seem to have misplaced.

2.3) A Feeling That Something is Stuck in Your Eyes

Trust your gut feelings – if you think something is stuck in your eyes, do not ever ignore it. If your contact lenses get lodged in your eyes, it will result in a very irritating and painful sensation.

Eyes are extremely sensitive, and the slightest intrusions can be felt there. Having some dust in your eyes feels discomforting, so it is only natural to assume that something as substantial as a contact lens will feel much more distressing.

So if you ever feel like something is stuck in your eyes, do not ever ignore it. And if you cannot get the thing out by yourself, you must seek medical help immediately when you ever experience any such irritation or discomfort in your eyes.

2.4) Extreme Watering

If your eyes are watering uncontrollably, you should check if anything unusual is stuck there or if you are missing a contact lens.

Dryness in your eyes is one of the main reasons for getting something stuck in there. When your eyes blink and water, your body tries to fight any foreign object that is not supposed to be there – an eyelash, dirt, or a contact lens.

By moistening your eyes, your system tries to dislodge the stuck item and free your body from discomfort. But the eye drops or solutions can be beneficial if your eyes fail to produce enough moisture to dislodge a contact lens.

Eyes Watering
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Among the most common indications is severe watering.

So now you know all the signs and symptoms that might result from getting a contact lens stuck in your eyes.

3. How to Find and Remove the Contact Lens Stuck in Your Eyes in 4 Simple Steps

You need to remain calm and steady and go through the steps calmly. If the pain is too much, do not try anything yourself – seek immediate medical help.

3.1) Step 1: Wash Your Hands Thoroughly

Before you touch your eyes to feel where the contact lens is stuck, ask your hands with soap and water. It is vital to do the entire process hygienically to avoid any other complications.

The eyes are very sensitive, and you do not need the risk of infection on top of a stuck contact lens.

So before you put your hands in your eyes, thoroughly wash them with soap it a hand wash and rinse properly with water. After doing this, should you feel around your eyes and check for a contact lens?

Finding the Lens
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3.2) Step 2: Relax and Feel Your Eyelids

You must remain calm and relaxed for the next step of taking out a contact lens. Instead of directly putting your hands on the eyes, try to feel the position of the stuck contact lens by feeling your eyelid.

If the contact lens is truly stuck in your eyes, you will most likely feel the shape of the contact lens under your fingertips. And that way, you will get an idea of the position of the lost contact lens.

3.3) Add a Few Drops of Contact Lens Rewetting Drop to Your Eyes

The most probable cause for getting a contact lens stuck in your eyes is dryness. As mentioned earlier, you might get watery eyes if something is stuck in there. But if your eyes fail to produce the required amount of moisture, you can try something different to help.

Without any doubt, the most sensible and beneficial method to fix the dryness in your eyes is by using contact lens rewetting drops.

Contact Lens Rewetting Solution
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After adding three to four drops of the rewetting liquid, close your eyes and gently massage the area where the contact lens is lodged. Next, open your eyes to see if you can access the lens. You can also try blinking a few times to assist the movements of the lens.

For further assistance, you can attempt various tactics and manoeuvres, like looking in the opposing direction from where the lens is stuck or even trying to flip your eyelid inside out to see if it helps dislodge it.

Use your hand to find the edge of the contact lens and gently take it out once you locate it.

3.4) What If You Still Cannot Find the Contact Lens?

If you cannot find your contact lens after following all these steps, it is better to seek professional help.

Contact your eye doctor or optician; they can safely remove the stuck contact lens from your eyes using proper medical procedures.

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Do you still have more questions regarding safe ways to use contact lenses?

4.1) Why use contact lenses instead of wearing glasses?

Most spectacle wearers nowadays are swapping their old models for a new pair of contact lenses, and there are plenty of reasons for that upgrade.

Being so small and compact, contact lenses provide the wearer with much more freedom and flexibility of movement. And so, people with busy, active, and physical lifestyles naturally opt for this choice and become contact lens wearers. It allows you to carry yourself confidently, make direct eye contact, and move freely.

And with that, you can also avoid the chafing and discomfort of sporting a glass for long hours.

Plus, it comes in many fancy colours – green, blue, and violet. And that makes the whole thing way more fun!

4.2) What are the top challenges?

Even though the benefits of using contact lenses cannot be denied, there are a few hindrances for those wearing contact lenses that come with them as well. Lenses are less hygienic than glasses and require regular cleaning and maintenance.

They are also easy to lose and can get stuck in your eyes.

4.3) What steps are to dislodge a contact lens stuck in your eyes?

To get out a contact lens of your eyes safely, you must follow a few simple steps. Rinse your eyes with a saline solution, blink and gently massage the eye. Then, gently press on the stuck lens with the flat part of your finger.

Once you have determined that, the next thing you must do is wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water.

This is to avoid getting any germs or dirt in your eyes and causing any infection. After doing that, carefully feel around your eyes to see if you can feel the exact location of the contact lens. You can try that by closing your eyes and feeling the upper eyelid.

How to tell a contact lens is still in the eyeContact Lens Solution
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After determining the lens’s exact position, use three to four drops of contact lens solution to moisten your eyes. It is much easier to access and pull an object from the eyes when it is well, and a contact solution or a prescribed eye drop is the best way to do so.

Once you can reach and touch the edge of the stuck lens, gently pull it out. However, always remember that it is best to contact an eye care professional if you think there is even any slightest indication of complications.

4.4) Can you truly lose a contact lens in your eyes?

Simply put, a contact lens can never truly get lost in your eye – that is not physically possible. The theory that a contact lens can be forever lost inside your eyes is a complete myth and holds no truth.

The conjunctiva is why anything, let alone a contact lens, cannot be lost inside your eyes. The flimsy and wet layer in your eyes, known as the conjunctiva, is a perfect shield that protects your eyes from any foreign object.

This includes eyelashes, dust, and, undoubtedly, contact lenses. So while a contact lens may get stuck in your eye, but will never pass this protective barrier. And by that theory, it can clearly be stated that the contact lens cannot go behind your eye.

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5. Final Thoughts: Some Eye-Opening Tips

Keeping in place with today’s active and busy lifestyle, most spectacle wearers are taking the next step by swapping their old pair of glasses for a set of brand-new contact lenses.

How to tell if a Contact Lens is still in the eye : way to put a contact lens
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But while contacts have plenty of perks, there are a few downsides that a contact lens wearer has to face as well. Among them is losing one of them in your eyes.

It is a simple enough process to take out a contact lens stuck in your eye but keep in mind that if pain or discomfort persists, make sure to consult a professional optician. Most of the time, the steps are simple enough for anyone to follow and remove the compact lens alone.

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