Revitalizing Your Routine: Top Exfoliating Body Scrubs

Do you want smooth, clean, and healthy skin and thinking about what to do? Then, don’t worry, here you will find quick fixing ways to all the skin related problems.

You must have heard of exfoliating body scrub, right? But do you know everything about it?

If not, then don’t worry here you will learn everything you need to know about exfoliating body scrub and then we will discuss the best exfoliating body scrub for your skin.

Let us see what body scrubs, and exfoliators are, and what they do to our bodies. Why should we use them?

1. Body Scrubs

exfoliating body scrub
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Body scrubs are skin care products that are used to clean up dead skin cells and provide smooth skin, also known as exfoliating the skin. It contains particles that are cream-based basically.

The scrubs are the creamy particles that when rubbed onto your skin help remove all the dirt, product buildup, and dead cells. The scrubs can be either artificial grains or they might be crushed seeds of natural ingredients. This made a difference in the use. Some may find the artificial-grained scrubs irritating while some may find them amazing to their skin. Or vice versa.

Scrub massage results in energized skin as scrub when rubbed helps in improving blood circulation. Also, it removes sun tan.

Let us see now what body exfoliators are and how they are different than scrubs.

1.1. Body Exfoliator?

Body exfoliators are different from body scrubs in terms of their category because exfoliators can be chemical exfoliants or physical exfoliants.

1.1.1. Chemical Exfoliant

Exfoliating Body Scrub
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These are the certain acids that remove the top layer, that is, the dead skin cells from the top layer of the skin and bring out the new fresh regenerated skin. They penetrate the skin deeply and clean the clogged pores. Also, it helps in delaying aging by improving the efficiency of the regeneration of new skin cells.

They are three main types that differ in penetration level and gentleness:

  1. Alpha hydroxy acids (AHA) – these are the ones that can be manufactured in laboratories or can be derived from fruits such as glycolic, malic, lactic, and citric acid. But for skin care products glycolic and lactic acids are used mainly. They can dissolve in water and improve the skin texture by working on the outer skin layer. They are usually used in a range of 5-7% among the skincare products so that they can work effectively.
  2. Beta hydroxy acids (BHA) – these are the oil-soluble acids such as salicylic acid and tropic acid that can penetrate deeply into the skin benefitting your skin by unclogging the pores and effectively working upon the sebum, the natural oil, to control acne.
  3. Polyhydroxy acids (PHA) – these are somewhat similar to AHAs but these are less penetrative due to the large-sized molecules such as gluconolactone and lactobionic acid and hence, proved to be less irritating than the other two. Although they provide hydration and benefits of their antioxidant ability.

This basic information is quite enough for you to know about chemical exfoliants. Let us move forward and discuss how these are different from physical exfoliants.

1.1.2. Physical Exfoliant

exfoliating body scrub
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These are the ones that require physical or manual work to remove the dead skin cells from your skin through different techniques like dermabrasion using the mediums such as scrubs, pumice stones, and dry brushes. After applying the scrub to your whole body, you need to manually scrub your body with this equipment’s help.

The most common way is to use exfoliating gloves, just wear them and scrub your body in a circular motion to rub off all the dead skin from the outer skin surface and maintain blood circulation benefiting your body.

Although harsh scrubbing might result in skin damage or rashes so it is important to be very gentle while using these mediums such as brushes, stones, or more to prevent any damage. In comparison to chemical exfoliants, these are less penetrative and hence less effective sometimes. But works best for people who feel irritation using chemical exfoliants.

This was about physical exfoliants.

1.2. What Does Exfoliating Body Scrub Do?

Exfoliating body scrub
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Now let us see what exfoliating body scrub does to your skin and what benefits you and your skin gets using these regularly.

  • They remove all the dead skin cells.
  • Remove dull skin and gives glowing clean and clear skin.
  • They help in penetrating deeply into the skin pores and unclogging them.
  • Remove all the extra natural oil called sebum to prevent acne.
  • They help in absorbing moisture better.
  • They help in keeping the skin hydrated.
  • Unclogging of pores controls ingrown hairs.
  • Regular use provides a smooth, even tone, and improved textured skin.

See this is how much difference these exfoliating body scrubs can make to your body if used regularly. Adding them to your daily regime can be proven lot beneficial to your skin. Using body lotion after using scrub works best and this add-on can provide extra skin care.

2. Best Exfoliating Body Scrub

Exfoliating body scrub
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So you see what exfoliating body scrub is and how it works on your skin to give you a smoother skin feeling along with various benefits as we discussed so far. But which exfoliating body scrub should you choose? What options do you have? Don’t worry here you will find the best exfoliating body scrub that might work out for you and your skin type. Try these and choose the best suitable for you.

Here is the list for you… Let us start with the best exfoliating body scrub…

2.1. Coffee Body Scrub with Coconut – mCaffine

  • It has a blend of coconut and coffee which is apt for men and women both.
  • It is best in the tan removal and exfoliation category.
  • It works best with dry skin types by polishing it and removing all dead skin cells.
  • It provides super smooth skin by removing ingrown hairs and cellulite.
  • It is infused with the aroma of pure Arabica coffee beans.

2.2. Dead Sea Salts Body Scrub – Pure Scrubs

  • It is formulated with oils, vitamins, and nutrients.
  • The fine grains help in exfoliating and removing the dead skin cells build up.
  • It is chemical-free scrub with skin-repairing ability.
  • It is a four-in-one formula that exfoliates, cleanses, nourishes, and moisturizes your skin.
  • It is available in vast variations like lemongrass, coconut, lavender, citrus, and more.

2.3. Exfoliating Body Polish Scrub with Oatmeal & Calendula Oil – Dove

  • It is an exfoliating body polish for sensitive skin types.
  • It is formulated with moisturizing cream, naturally derived cleansers with no sulfate, and pH balanced.
  • It has a creamy texture that contains natural exfoliants.
  • It contains colloidal oatmeal and calendula oil that soothes the skin and gives a glowing skin tone.
  • It comes in a 100% recyclable jar bottle.
Exfoliating body scrub
Image by Monstera/ pexels/ Copyright 2021

2.4. Charcoal Scrub – M3 Naturals

  • It takes care of oily skin of your whole body.
  • It is filled with collagen and also stem cells.
  • It is a strong exfoliator that comprises coconut oil and charcoal grain.
  • The presence of charcoal granules helps minimize the pores and restores the skin.
  • It provides a spa-like experience with its deep cleansing and exfoliating.

2.5. KP Bump Eraser – First Aid Beauty Body Scrub

  • It helps in treating a condition known as keratosis pilaris.
  • It is consisted of the benefits of glycolic and lactic acids.
  • It can scrub off rough skin bumps, uneven skin, and chicken skin.
  • It comprises 10% of AHA (Alpha Hydroxy Acids) in it.
  • It is a dermatologist-tested and cruelty-free product.
exfoliating body scrub
Image by elenathewise/ unlimphotos/ Copyright

2.6. Coffee Sugar Body Scrub with Pomegranate – mCaffine

  • It is consisted of the benefits of pomegranate coffee aroma .
  • It helps remove body tanning, impurities, dead skin cells, and hyperpigmentation.
  • This exfoliating scrub helps in making skin texture better and removes all dirt, oil, and dead skin.
  • Regular use provides smooth, clean, and glowing skin without any dark spots.
  • Fine brown colored crystals remove all the body tan, and dirt, and leave the body hydrated.

2.7. Vanilla Vibes Sugar Body Scrub – Plum BodyLovin’

  • It is having aroma like a cupcake.
  • It consists of Kokum and shea butter with sugar crystals.
  • Basil nut oil helps improve dry patches and heals dry skin types.
  • Kokum butter unclogs the pores and does not let any dirt settle in the pores providing moisturization.
  • Vanilla extract helps soothe the skin and provides even tone skin because of its anti-inflammatory.
Exfoliating body scrub
Image by Monfocus/ pixabay/ Copyright 2020

2.8. Containing Crushed Almond and Mango Butter – Dove Exfoliating Body Polish Scrub

  • It is best suited for dry skin with the goodness of Almonds and Mango.
  • It has a fruity aroma and is sulfate-free.
  • Crushed almonds help nourish the skin and smooth it instantly.
  • It provides moisturized and glowing skin.
  • It provides new clean and clear skin removing all the dead skin cells.

2.9. Ayurvedic Body Scrub Hydrating Sea Salt Crystal Rose – Forest Essentials

  • It is a hydrating body scrub with the goodness of sea salt and rose.
  • This hydrating blend penetrates deeply and removes dead cells.
  • The cold-pressed almond oil present inside the scrub provides moisture to the skin.
  • It provides glowing skin.
  • Rose helps in rejuvenating the skin cells and prevents cell damage.
Exfoliating body scrub
Image by Victoria Emerson/ pexels/ Copyright 2020

2.10. Neem Body Scrub with Neem & Tulsi – Mama earth

  • Neem has anti-inflammatory properties hence; it purifies the skin deeply.
  • Also, the presence of Tulsi in the body scrub helps in soaking up the extra oil present on the skin.
  • It also gets benefitted from the goodness of walnut bread which helps in detoxification and bacteria removal.
  • It is a board-certified dermatologist tested for all skin types.
  • It is a chemical and paraben-free product.

Here ends the list of the exfoliating body scrubs along with their benefits.Try our these and choose the one that is best suitable to you! Let us also discuss what is the best way to apply exfoliating body scrub on your skin.

3. How to Apply?

exfoliating body scrub
Image by Anna Tarazevich/ pexels/ Copyright 2020

You have seen so far what are exfoliating body scrubs are and all the basic knowledge related to them. Also, we have discussed a list of the best exfoliating body scrub with their benefits. Let us see how to apply body scrubs correctly.

Follow the following steps to bring out all the benefits of exfoliating body scrub:

  1. Firstly, wet your body with water.
  2. Take a spoonful of body scrub and apply to your body.
  3. Now, scrub your body with a gentle circular motion throughout the body to exfoliate and polish the skin.
  4. Scrub properly on the darker area or the areas which are more prone to buildups such as underarms, knees, neck, elbow, and feet.
  5. Use warm water to rinse off the scrub from your body and then, dry your skin with a gentle cloth.
  6. Then, apply shea butter or any body lotion.

We are done with the steps. Moreover, now it is your turn to try out this way and see what difference you make.

Exfoliating body scrub
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4. Final Note

Skincare is a vital part of our lives and one should take care of one’s body and skin as much as they take care of their face. Various people use face scrubs or masks but do not think of using body scrubs as well to make whole body skin even tone and improve texture. It becomes crucial to use exfoliating body scrub because exfoliating is a very important process of removing the dead skin cells or product buildup from your body to provide glowing clean and clear skin.

It is not always enough to clean your body with just soap or body wash. In recent times, environmental where environmental factor such as pollution are damaging our skin with exposure to the outside world daily. The pile-up of dead skin cells and clogged skin pores are the reason for acne and other skin irritations which can be cured using body scrubs daily or at least twice a week.

Now you have knowledge of scrubs and exfoliators. Also, you know what benefits are there of using an exfoliating body scrub. The next step is to try and find out the best choice for your skin type and then add the body exfoliating scrub to your skincare regime. This minor change will prove to be major once you see the benefits your skin will feel. So, don’t wait to try your hands on body exfoliating scrub and just Get ready, Set, and Go!

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